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Now, where was I ! 

We’re all on some kind of journey with food… and cooking… and life.

We live the foodie life. We work every day exploring and researching, tasting, testing food, cooking and kitchen tools.

 We’ll share everything from our journey to yours, so that we can all eat well, cook better, and most importantly… live more.

Where are you on your journey, and what do you need most ? 

COOKS lacking experience or confidence

This blog is for you if you want to understand food and cooking more, and get a repertoire going !

That’s me (Aoibheann). I like to cook every day from scratch, and I like to experiment, so things can go astray !  I’m getting much more confident now but can also lose it again when it comes to a ‘performance’, a deadline, or the feeling of being judged. Maybe it’s self-sabotage, but it’s all downhill from there. So I look for simple tools and tips, to help give me confidence, and make kitchen life calmer.


Busy can do COOKS just lacking time

This blog is also for you if you desperately need to simplify a busy life.

We’ve been there a lot during our professional career life, and when busy parenting. I get it, you’ve run out of time, are done with going round in circles looking for real advice online. You just want to see the information … easily… right NOW!  Let’s save you some time so you can get that loving cooking feeling back.


Keen home COOKS, hobby cooks, and wish-I-was-A-CHEFs

This blog is for you if you want to know, or share, the tricks of the trade.

You’ll be more like Paul then !  Find out about the little tools, the professional style appliances, and the tips that we get, from the experts and trained chefs… they make a big difference.


COOKS and CHEFS, qualified… or still in training

This blog is here for you to stay connected.

We know how full and difficult life is for you. You spend your life working your way to the top, then maybe have your own restaurant… and that’s even tougher ! We do love tools like Bamix that straddle both professional and prosumer markets. We need your input too on this blog, and we love to spread the word about your work through your inspiring dishes, and tips. So feel free to get in touch, and share your own journey.

Smile !

There is so much photographic talent out there too – thank-you to Caju Gomes and Unsplash for this watermelon smile picture.

What we do for you

We will cut through all that chaotic, biased, or incorrect information we see online, and review things that we believe in, or that we love to use – with both obsession and passion. And, oh, we definitely obsess over detail. We can help you make that kitchen work better for you?

Check out our latest in-depth review here.

So we hope you are hungry…

For relevant, honest information to help you understand food and cooking more. We’re well down the road ourselves, so, with our added experience, let us spend the time doing the research for you, so you can have more time to use both your brain, and your Braun in the kitchen !

We learn it… We use it…We live it.

We don’t claim to be the cooking experts, just your expert messenger. You will see the products we have researched, reviewed, just love to use or wish to have. You’ll find our favourites, from little to large, fun or professional goodies on our foodies wishlist page.

We’ll do the hard work of researching, reviewing, resourcing, learning and testing.

We’ll share everything we learn through tips, techniques, stories, ingredients, useful equipment, time savers, and recipes.

Then it’s up to you … to reap the rewards, and live well. 

What do we get out of it ?

The satisfaction of helping others, The satisfaction of getting better and more detailed information to you, to try to counter all the incorrect or biassed information out there. The satisfaction of being such a small site that can beat the big companies on google. Maintaining this blog allows us to learn and practice digital marketing every day. We are not linked with any other companies – the opinions are our own. When we link you to buying sites, we may earn a small affiliate commission income if you buy after clicking through our links ( the price you pay is no different whether you go through us or not.) 

This is a passion, so we get a lot of satisfaction, a focus on living better, and few pennies… and a lot of happiness in our pocket.   

Our daily mantra


Eat well

Whilst we actually want to have great old fashioned home made food, we also want to have the best nutritional food, and great restaurant level food too. It’s not being too greedy any more to have it all  – from rustic street food, to home cooking, to restaurant level – in your home.

Cook better

There’s a lot you can do at home with good information, some tips and techniques, and great equipment. Chefs do a lot more than just cooking ! Chef means boss, so they can be in charge of everything starting with planning and prepping. Cooking better starts with the right ingredients, and equipment, and knowledge.

We will show you simply the best kitchen tools. We like simple, strong, and semi-professional ourselves. We’ll cover everything from basic and budget, to purist and professional to help you all on your own journey. You don’t have to have every tool or gadget out there. We’ll keep it simple and only cover the kitchen and cooking tools we think you need to cook better, ad throw in a few nice to haves we wouldn’t mind on our own wishlist too ! 

The 5 main areas are, * the essentials (knives, pans etc),  * blending & mixing ( starting with hand blenders ), * coffee making machines, * smart cooking ( starting with sous vide ), outdoor cooking (BBQ, pizza ovens ).

Live more

We want you to experience great food, and have time to enjoy it. There are so many people out there already blogging great recipes and meal plans and nutritional information. You’ll find them mentioned as inspiration in our posts.

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A little about us… and our cooking 


We ‘re a professional foodie couple, working and living together for over 30 yrs. Aoibheann loves to explore flavours, the unusual, and likes to keep it healthy. Paul is all about detail, and professional equipment and totally comfortable with his technical cooking skills. 

By chance, before the 2020 covid pandemic hit, we had just sold our top rated restaurant, boutique hotel, our home, car and most of our possessions. We decided a few years ago that wanted to live nomadically, with just a few suitcases ! So now we’re free in most ways…

We’ve taken a huge leap now in our 50’s and given up almost everything to make sure we are back in the driving seat, and not too busy to ‘live’.  We think of life as 10 year episodes or adventures. We never stop working and learning, and growing. This current life adventure is all about living nomadically and digitally. 

We also see the whole cook to chef journey as synonymous with the two of us ( who’s the boss then?) , and how we each like to cook, and with life’s journey itself.  Paul and I have really different approach to food and cooking. So together we make a full team. We learn a lot from each other, and from the many cooks and chefs we have come across in our long life so far 😉

We have a particular bee in our bonnet about biassed or misleading information that ends up wasting people’s time and money !

How our work is unfolding

We love opening the senses to experience life as it could be lived. We simply want everyone to feel great ! In our previous life adventures, we’ve loved showing people their own beauty in unique ways with special portraits, we got so much joy from making people feel special, or go gooey with exotic experiences and food when we owned maison mk & gastro mk. 

Now that we’ve simplified our lives to the maximum, physically, we feel free ! So we’re thinking… how can we still help to give you those feelings, without having a fixed place to receive you in a hotel, restaurant, spa, cooking class, or studio.  What little things can we do to give you a little joy and help you find your own happiest days. How can we help you live more… and find your own best life.

For us, the little things matter… and where everyone else stops, we’re only getting going. Now that we’re making time matter, and food and cooking are still a main focus of our living, we turned our attention to the detail online. We didn’t like what we found so we started to simplify that too.

As we delved deeper, we realised that biassed mis-informed marketing was distracting… even stealing our precious time. We care so much about the end user, crikey, now we are the end user too.

Everyone should be able to see and buy what they really need, not what someone else needs to sell them! 

We’ve always preferred to be behind the scenes working hard, and a little camera shy. But we decided to try to push out of our comfort zone and speak up ! We learned the digital skills we need to blog and reach out to you to tell you what we find.

In little ways, we hope we can make help.  In the end, we want to help you make better decisions faster, and give you the right information that will help you make cooking an easy and fun part of your lifestyle.


Paul & Aoibheann…  a work in progress !


 We are big believers in one life | many adventures.

We’ve been the demanding customer and the luxury hospitality provider.

We’ve seen the foodie world from both sides.

We love to learn, dig out the detail, and tell the truth.

Cooking better & eating well remain an important part of our lifestyle… living more is our aim. We want the same for you.


learn more about our journey

and our blog… 

and our beliefs…