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We’re all on some kind of a journey with food and cooking.

Do you order a simple espresso, or a grande capulata-skini-chini-thingy… and do you even care what a ‘dirty burger’ is?

Do you love to spend time playing your kitchen mandoline… or do you have a cupboard full of kitchen tools but never seem to have the right one for the job ?

Stressed COOKS

This blog is for you if you are done with going round and round in circles searching for real advice online, have run out of time, and desperately need to simplify a busy life.

Wanna-be CHEFS

This blog is for you if you want to know the tricks of the trade, what’s hot and what’s not, and need to channel your inner domestic god…ess !

We hope you are hungry for good honest information on all of this to help you understand food and cooking more.

Life is a journey, and we’re well down the road ourselves, so let us help you find time to use both your brain, and your Braun !

Let’s be clear !


We can help you make that kitchen work better for you? We will cut through all that chaotic, biased, or incorrect information we see online, and review things that we believe in, or that we love to use – with both obsession and passion. And, oh, we definitely obsess over detail.


We also want to help you all connect with each other and have some fun bringing the goodness of food back into all our lives. So, as well as the most nitty-gritty, honest equipment reviews, let us nourish and feed you through our blog,  and Instagram and Facebook


We’ll share juicy recipes we’ve tried……… interesting foodie experts we discover………innovations we find………and all the tips and techniques we gather from the cooks and chefs that have inspired us.

The food and drink we love…

is the simple, the innovative, the top quality, the authentic, the re-invented, the contrasts… and as much healthytarian as we can handle. Genuine service, honesty, and being the best of the best is what matters most.

So this is us, and this is our blog…
both a work in progress !

We are big believers in one life / many adventures.

We’ve been the demanding customer and the luxury hospitality provider. We’ve seen the foodie world from both sides.

High-end customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We always like to go further than the rest. ( gastro mk, the restaurant at our Marrakech boutique hotel, was consistently voted No. 1 on Tripadvisor for over eight years ! )

We are hugely grateful for all the awards, accolades and kind reviews but our new adventure came as we started to simplify life to the max.  We now have the time and space to put LIVING first… and this brings a huge sense of freedom. We laugh more, live well… and have time to feel lighter about everything. We want the same for you.

Come on in, join us on our journey, and we’ll share everything that we care about as we go along.

selfie picture of Paul and Aoibheann Hopkins, owners of

 Sorry about the selfie, we’re a little camera shy !  More about how we got here…coming soon.

Aoibheann and Paul xx

p.s. we’ve started here

with hand blenders because we’ve used them most of our lives, and with our new simplified life, it’s the one kitchen tool we couldn’t do without!  It’s probably most people’s first kitchen gadget, and a great present to buy a student or new home owner. But, for the more advanced, a powerful one can be the best multi-tasker.  Just keep adding accessories as you build up your portfolio of techniques!

Recipes, can be little inspired creative yumminess we just want to share, to big fail-safe winners we all want to know from the experts. 

How to, will include everything from little tips to big techniques. 

Final words… do keep refreshing your browser because we are tweaking and updating all the time to reveal what we are doing in a better way..

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