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We’re all on some kind of journey with food !

Do you order a simple espresso, or a grande capulata-skini-chini-thingy… and do you even care what a ‘dirty burger’ is?

Do you love to spend time playing your kitchen mandoline… or do you have a cupboard full of kitchen tools but never seem to have the right one for the job ?

We feel your pain, and we want to help. Paul and I are big foodies ( it kind of dictates our day, our jobs, and in a way, our life ). We have a lot in common of course ( we’re married for 30 years !), but also have really different approach in the way we cook, and approach food. We learn a lot from each other every day, as well as the many cooks and chefs we have come across ( in our long life so far ;). So we want to share everything we both learn, with you.


COOKS lacking experience or confidence

This blog is for you if you like to eat, and always want to cook better !

That’s me (Aoibheann). I’ve developed a lot… and I like to cook every day from scratch.  I’m not too bad now really. But I like to experiment, and that can go wrong. I can also run out of confidence when it comes to a ‘performance’, a deadline, or the feeling of being judged. Maybe it’s self-sabotage, but it’s all downhill from there. So I look for simple tools and tips, to help give me confidence and make kitchen life calmer. I want to do the same for you.


Busy can do COOKS just lacking time

This blog is also for you if you desperately need to simplify a busy life.

We’ve been there a lot during our professional career life, and when busy parenting. We still have lots of friends like you ! You’ve run out of time, and are done with going round in circles searching for real advice online. You just want the information … easy to see, right NOW!  You need the research on tools and recipes to be done for you – by someone you can trust – that’s where we come in 🙂


Keen COOKS and wanna-be CHEFS 

This blog is for you if you’re really into food and cooking and want to know or share the tricks of the trade.

You’ll be more like Paul then !  Find out about the little tools, the professional style appliances, and the tips that we get, from the experts and trained chefs… they make a big difference.


We hope you are hungry…

So we’ve been all of these types of cook, but now we have made more time, got more experience, and want to help feed you the good stuff.  We hope you’re hungry for relevant, honest information to help you understand food and cooking more. Life is a journey, and we’re well down that road ourselves, so let us spend the time doing the research for you, so you can have more time to use both your brain, and your Braun in the kitchen !

What we do for you

We will cut through all that chaotic, biased, or incorrect information we see online, and review things that we believe in, or that we love to use – with both obsession and passion. And, oh, we definitely obsess over detail. We can help you make that kitchen work better for you?

Check out our latest in-depth review here.


We learn it. We use it. We live it.


We don’t claim to be the cooking experts, just the messenger, living and loving the foodie journey ourselves. We want to be your expert messenger. We’ll simplify the best information, and introduce the best cooking expertise. It’s a hugely complex online world, so we’ll feed you what you need, so that you can get on with cooking more, and better.


Affiliate Disclosure : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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The life journey…  from cook to chef


What journey are you on – in life, in home cooking, and getting great food on the table for you and your loved ones ?

Are you on literally on that cook to chef journey in the catering industry ? We’d love you to connect so that your future guests understand what you’re going through. We really feel that the tough yet rewarding ‘actual’ journey from cook to chef really reflects life too. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all connect with each other on this important topic, and have some fun bringing the goodness and appreciation of both food, and the food givers, back into all your lives.


“eat well”, “cook better”, “live more”

This is our daily mantra. So as we journey ourselves, we’ll share the beauty and the great benefits that come from the ingredients we cook with. We’ll give you the most nitty-gritty, honest food preparation equipment reviews, so you can have tools to make you cook better. We’ll also share juicy recipes we’ve tried, innovations we find,  inspirational cook’s stories … and all the tips and techniques we gather from the cooks and chefs that have inspired us along the way. 


Learning from each other 

This isn’t meant to be all about us, so we want you to get involved too. Join us by email, and comment on the posts in our  blog, Like us on Facebook., join the Facebook community and follow us on Instagram. You can also now see our Instagram feed hidden here on this website !

Join us, like, follow us, and please share your own cooking journey with us, whether it’s domestic or commercial, and let’s see if we can all help each other make this the great big beautiful world we all want to live in !

p.s. where to start…

There is so much we want to share, but so much also to do in the engine room of the site.  We will write as fast as we can !


Kitchen equipment… food preparation tools

This is the main section, and we started with hand blenders because we’ve used them most of our lives, and with our new simplified life, it’s the one kitchen tool we couldn’t do without!  It’s probably most people’s first kitchen gadget, and a great present to buy a student or new home owner. But, for the more advanced, a powerful one can be the best multi-tasker.  Just keep adding accessories as you build up your portfolio of techniques.  Next, we got into sous vide, so we could have a little tool that gave technically perfect cooking results every time – no more under or over cooking. It’s very cheffy and has opened up a whole new area of cooking ideas for us. As it turns out… save us money too!!!  Finally, we get to share our love of coffee through our coffee machine section – we’ve always been into espresso coffee machines !


Recipes section

You’ll find little inspired creative yumminess recipes we just want to share, to big fail-safe winners we all want to know from the experts. Well show you the equipment need to in each recipe.


How to

We’ll include everything from little cooking tips and hacks, to good guides, scientific explanations, and chef techniques.



We love our food and try to get to know and then celebrate each ingredient we come across. Let us share our favourites so you can go straight to the celebrating part !


We like

Where we show you the foodie people that inspire, things we have liked, loved, tested or used all our lives. Plus some great deals we find, things we would love to have, or that just tickle our fancy and we wanted to share with you for fun.


Final words

Do keep refreshing your browser because we are tweaking and updating all the time to reveal everything to you in a better way..

About us… Paul & Aoibheann

( and our blog… both a work in progress !)


We are big believers in one life | many adventures

We’ve been the demanding customer and the luxury hospitality provider. We’ve seen the foodie world from both sides.

We love to learn, dig out the detail, and tell the truth.

Cooking better & eating well remain an important part of our lifestyle… living more is our aim. We want the same for you.

Click here to find out more about us, and our current adventure.