3 things we personally focus on…

every day. 


1. eat well

2. cook better

3. live more

And we need continuous inspiration. So we’re sharing three things that catch our own attention on Amazon, or elsewhere, that we feel help achieve these. 

We either use them ourselves, or would love to have them. ( We can’t have everything, all of the time, can we ! )

Curious ?

Just click through the red buttons below to see them on Amazon.

Choose the button that meets your own current needs today, and maybe you´ll find your own inspiration in there too.

We’ll keep updating them as time goes on, so be quick and check them out.

Affiliate Disclosure

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Inspired by readers buying this

Cooks, chefs, and our readers inspire us every day ! I’m on my on coffee journey already so I was intrigued by this product.

It looks like I’m also on a journey with mushrooms at the moment with new recipes, and I also take reiki / shiitake / maitake mushrooms in tablet form to boost my immunity.

I also love the Finns – both for their attitude to living, and for being the biggest coffee drinking nation in the world !

So, when I saw this magical product combining all 3 likes, I knew it had to be a winner. I haven’t tried this myself yet but I’ll link you to the low cost sample set where I can.

For me, I’d like to have the ground coffee version (check it out when you click through ) so I can use it in my Aeropress go, or Moka pot. But, I think the sachets might be a good introduction. They also do shroom hot chocolate, and protein drinks if you’re interested.

I´ve been waiting for this  ! 

I love sous vide cooking but, to be honest, I don’t do it as often as I would like because I don´t like to waste plastic so when I run out of re-usable zip lock bags I stop for a while !

I haven’t bought a vacuum sealer and rolls of plastic because I was waiting for a better solution. I re-use my Ziplock bags like a lot of people, but sometimes they leak a little the higher temperatures. I also like to use jars but not everything fits in a jar !

Finally there’s a reusable half gallon / 1.9 litre silicone bag out. It has great reviews for sous vide and you can also use it to boil in the bag or in the microwave or freezer. You can even clean it in the dishwasher.

These bags were already one of the best for sandwiches and storage and other uses so you may already know the brand. Stasher claim it can be used thousands of times so it works out a cost saving in the end too. Sous vide has been waiting for this. So I’m getting 2 ! How about you ???

Inspired by my own results.

I bought this handy little gadget after I’d had physiotherapy on my knees and hips – seeing as the physios used a tens machine on me. Funny, I thought that was only used in child birth !

Anyway, I noticed this little product in a local shop so when my physio sessions were over I bought this and a few ice/heat packs so I could manage any pain myself. It’s small enough to fit in your handbag or clip to your belt so I take it with me when I travel.

I used it for all sorts – when I get any back pain too. It’s brilliant for me ! Now I’m not a medical advisor in any shape or form so I have to tell you, you should get advice from a professional before you buy anything for medical purposes.

Then… I noticed it on Amazon for about half the price I paid here in a shop … ouch!) I also noticed the whole variety of little tens machines they have for men, women, mamas, sports use, pain relief, massage, kegal exercises etc etc etc. So click the button and check them out for yourself.

I’ve linked you to the one I have in every country except Australia – where I don’t see it available so I link to the version for perfect mamas !

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