Two favourite green lentil & carrot recipes

Sharing two really simple recipes that show how to make inexpensive everyday ingredients just zing with flavour!

How to make mayonnaise

The traditional way, and the foolproof way to make mayonnaise it just 10 seconds. Get your hand blender ready!

Caramalized onions

Sharing a very simple recipe to take caramelized onions to the next level.

Elderflower cordial recipe

It´s that time of year again ! Sun is coming out. Barbecue cover is off. And those elderflowers are just begging to be picked for this really simple Elderflower cordial recipe.

Easy peasy 10 minute pea soup recipe.

Save time… knock up a meal in just 10mins from freezer to table. Healthy and light and no oils or fats needed. Just your hand blender and a saucepan !