Warm orange breakfast bowl

Start, or end the day feeling good with this as a breakfast, dessert or supper. Get what you need, to feel healthy, and full ( No overnight oats involved ! )

Golden milk (version 2)

Without coconut oil. Sometimes you have to be limited to get creative, and it usually leads to the best results !

A hearty breakfast

Filling, warming, nutritious, very tasty. This oat based breakfast is perfect to set you up for the day, or, in my case to line my stomach ready for meds !

Red pepper dip and sauce

I found a brilliant vegan red pepper sauce recipe, but even though I didn’t follow it fully, it still makes a perfect dip or pasta sauce or potato topping.

Is this the easiest, fastest, tastiest soup in the world ?

Delicious, fast. Only 5 ingredients ( 2 are ‘water’ and ‘a stock cube’). The bonus is that you probably have the other ingredients in the cupboard ! ( Thanks Nigella 🙂