A foodie’s wish list

Little and big kitchen gifts for everyone. The kind of gifts that keep on giving back. Things we like, use, or would love to have. Just saying !

Red onion marmalade made easy

Discover how easy it is to make this savoury, sweet red onion marmalade with a sous vide machine. A great replacement for butter or sauces with meat or cheese.

How to make your food smell and taste better

Learn the secret to creating and maximising those distinctive smells and umami tastes when you fry onions or sear meat. What makes the crusty breads, golden roast potatoes and toasted marshmallows all so very tempting!

shortcut shopping links

A visual listing with buying links to the equipment that we recommend, for various reasons, in our reviews. A work in progress !

Sous Vide machine buying guide

An answer to all those questions we had when we were choosing our own sous vide machine ! The factors you need to consider and why they matter.