AeroPress coffee maker REVIEW

Free your mind with this unconventional coffee maker. So versatile that I´m still uncovering more coffee recipes and flavours with it. No wonder baristas love it, what a clever invention !

15 Best hand blenders to buy – 2021 update !

Revealed ! The best, most tested, reviewed, and awarded hand blenders worldwide ( from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019). Which one did we buy ?

Turkish eggs menemen

the cook, the local, the chef – 3 versions. Which would you choose. Click over to see the recipes, with tools, tips from Grandma, and how to cook ´by eye´ !

Tomato anchovy salad

A simple, delicious dish – 3 main ingredients. Inspired by a set of tapas starters for lunch, by the sea in Mallorca, Spain.