Tomato anchovy salad

A simple, delicious dish – 3 main ingredients. Inspired by a set of tapas starters for lunch, by the sea in Mallorca, Spain.

Need help choosing the best Bamix to buy today ?

The complete low down on the Bamix range. Product overview and key features explained. We’ll tell you the important criteria to consider… which model would we would buy today, and why !

Mushroom pasta … with a touch of fragrant spice

This journey started with a sore gum! I blitzed some cloves to powder in a mere second or 2 in in my Bamix hand blender. Then i had a bit left over – so searched for a recipe to use it up. A recipe to hide it a bit from Paul too scchhh. What a find !

Choosing a cordless hand blender

Discover what makes cordless hand blenders so great. Get advice from the experts on the best (USB, basic, value, all-round, prof. ) PLUS a new cordless mixer. There´s a reason we also want to show you a great new cordless mixer too.