How to fix burnt rice : the smell, the taste, the burnt pan.

Agh, you got distracted and now look… the rice has boiled over and burned. We’ve all done it, know all the hacks to save your dinner, and maybe even improve the taste of it. (and how to NEVER do it again ).

Tips from our sourdough making journey.

What it’s like living with a sourdough maker ! Our first challenges and resulting expert’s tips. If you’re thinking of starting… and see the guru Paul is following on video.

The A-Z of how to store your food

A little bit of know how can save you a lot of time. Not only will your food last longer, but it will also taste better too !

Top 10 tips to make your food to last longer

You can cut down on the shopping trips when you start using these 10 tips to make your food last longer. They´ll save you both time and money !