How to make your own beans.

Don’t you just love how beans and peas magically grow when you soak them in water overnight ! ( Jack & the Beanstalk memories !)

Easy home-made decoration

home made salt dough idea – a Christmas decoration for foodies !

What makes a great chef ?

This fromcooktochef journey really resonates ! A round of applause for this chef and his inspiring story.

How to make your food smell and taste better

Learn the secret to creating and maximising those distinctive smells and umami tastes when you fry onions or sear meat. What makes the crusty breads, golden roast potatoes and toasted marshmallows all so very tempting!

How to use a hand blender

10 tips on how to use a hand blender… all the jobs a hand blender can do… and over 20 yummy foods it can make for you.

How we use Cayenne Chili Pepper

The Cayenne Pepper – for some it’s hot, others it’s not ! Why we love it, and how we use it ? What’s in it and how can it affect our bodies !