There are 3 of us in this sourdough marriage !

The life of a sourdough making partner is one of mixed blessings. If you’re thinking of starting, I thought I’d share the main challenges… from all sides !

Local passion fruit

Teeny, tiny local fruit. Hand picked …down the street to give us a wee treat !

Making magic beans !

Don’t you just love how beans and peas magically grow when you soak them in water overnight ! ( Jack & the Beanstalk memories !)

The Cayenne Chili Pepper

The Cayenne Pepper – for some it’s hot, others it’s not ! Why we love it, and how we use it ? What’s in it and how can it affect our bodies !

Raw chocolate

Raw chocolate (cacao, cocoa) – probably the most nutrient dense ingredient on the planet. Find out what it is, where to get it, and how to get a free mini cookbook so you can start creating your own pure chocolate heaven.


The Almond seed… a handful a day keeps the doctor at bay ! One of the best sources of Vitamin E, and great for magnesium which is so good for controlling blood sugar and blood pressure.