Courgette, Zucchini low calorie lunch

No oil lunch, ready in 10 minutes if you don’t dilly dally ! Zucchinis or Courgettes as we call them, make a great salad or side dish, raw or cooked.

Easy, fast, red onion pickle

An unbelievably easy to make, pretty pickle. A no oil salad maker, a great topping for burgers, salads, cheese… anything. I could just eat it out of the jar !

Asian Slaw & Smoked Salmon

Fabulous recipe. Easy and very filling lunch too. Asian sauce with cabbage, carrot and onion slaw. Also brilliant as a marinade with smoked salmon.

85 calorie lunch !

Yes really. I’m not a calorie counter like Paul, but this still WOWs me !

A foodie’s wish list

Little and big kitchen gifts for everyone. The kind of gifts that keep on giving back. Things we like, use, or would love to have. Just saying !

Get your griddle out !

Easy griddled veggie lunch. Healthy, filling, and pretty !