Turkish eggs

Pumpkin spice mix and latté making. This spice mix is the key to so many great Autumn recipes. But which recipe is best for you ?

Mushroom pasta … with a touch of fragrant spice

This journey started with a sore gum! I blitzed some cloves to powder in a mere second or 2 in in my Bamix hand blender. Then i had a bit left over – so searched for a recipe to use it up. A recipe to hide it a bit from Paul too scchhh. What a find !

Mango Salmorejo soup

The best and easiest summer soup ! What a journey, mixing raw vegetables and balancing flavours. Makes a fabulous Autumn starter soup too with those colours.

Spanish Fish recipe

A simple, delicious fish stew, using simple typical ingredients. Looks like you’ve toiled for hours !