Watermelon gazpacho

This was part of a summer journey putting fruit in soups, salads, and tray bakes. The best thing about it is you just blend the ingredients together and its done !

Cheap as chips flash sale (famous chefs cookbook)

Time is money ! I do the research to save both. You just need take a minute and click through to the latest fabulous recipe book. It’ll be gone in a flash !

Perfect Spanish tomato bread (just 5 simple ingredients)

Such a simple, historical food idea, but how hard can it be to make the perfect tomato paste then put it together with the perfect bread ! Here’s what you need to know …

Fennel seed marinade and dip

Such a simple food idea, and a great way to use fennel seeds. From the Simple book by Otto Lenghi. A three part salad that we break up into parts and have in different ways… again and again and again !

Shakshuka – our spicy tomato Shakshuka low calorie lunch

We never tire of this lunch… so filling, and satisfying, and makes us look forward to ‘diet day’. Includes loads of variations if you want to add more calories.

Courgette, Zucchini low calorie lunch

No oil lunch, ready in 10 minutes if you don’t dilly dally ! Zucchinis or Courgettes as we call them, make a great salad or side dish, raw or cooked.