Courgette, Zucchini low calorie lunch

No oil lunch, ready in 10 minutes if you don’t dilly dally ! Zucchinis or Courgettes as we call them, make a great salad or side dish, raw or cooked.

Best guacamole – we did a poll !

How to have the best guacamole experience – the ingredients, the method, and the best way to serve it. Plus top tips how to make it last longer !

Tips from our sourdough making journey.

What it’s like living with a sourdough maker ! Our first challenges and resulting expert’s tips. If you’re thinking of starting… and see the guru Paul is following on video.

Easy, fast, red onion pickle

An unbelievably easy to make, pretty pickle. A no oil salad maker, a great topping for burgers, salads, cheese… anything. I could just eat it out of the jar !

Asian Slaw & Smoked Salmon

Fabulous recipe. Easy and very filling lunch too. Asian sauce with cabbage, carrot and onion slaw. Also brilliant as a marinade with smoked salmon.

85 calorie lunch !

Yes really. I’m not a calorie counter like Paul, but this still WOWs me !