Bamix Swissline

In the USA, it seems to be called ‘The Universal Companion’ and the blender is 150watts there. In Europe it’s called the Swissline 200watts (sometimes called Colorline or one of the Jamie Oliver Bamix sets.)

ESGE Hand Blenders

Did you know that ESGE make Bamix models too? Check these out!

Bamix multipurpose blade

This is the most commonly used blade on the Bamix. I use it every day, so it’s worth having a spare one just incase!

Bamix Whisk Blade

The second most used Bamix hand blender blade. I use mine mostly for smoothies, mashed potatoes, and more.

Snap on Lid for the Bamix 1Litre Jug

What a luxury to have the lid so your contents stay good when you leave it in the fridge. The Swissline / Colorline sets come without it, so I have to use tinfoil or something to cover the jug. I should just buy this now !!!