12 things you can do with your unwanted gifts

Christmas has come and gone, and the cupboards are stuffed with more kitchenware ! Do you really want it all, or need it. Here´s 12 things you can do with them – no. 12 is my favourite of course. Plus, the do´s and don´ts when you receive a gift you don´t want.

Cheap as chips flash sale (famous chefs cookbook)

Time is money ! I do the research to save both. You just need take a minute and click through to the latest fabulous recipe book. It’ll be gone in a flash !

Slow down Sunday

Slow living can simply be a feeling of giving enough time and space to everything you need to take care of… not forgetting of course, yourself.

Living the magic …

We don’t need to feel stressed anymore when we can’t sleep… now that we’ve discovered the beauty and the benefit of waking in the night.

Take time to care for yourself

Are you listening to your body’s needs and prioritising them ? It’ll save you time in the end if you do. I neglected my own needs and look where I ended up !

How to make your own beans.

Don’t you just love how beans and peas magically grow when you soak them in water overnight ! ( Jack & the Beanstalk memories !)