Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

With less, we feel we have more. Today we got a reminder how important this is … because we nearly lost it again ! Less stuff, money, stress. More time, fun, living.

Take some time off.

When we take a break and relax, we see so much more. So we’re ready to spot an opportunity, and reap even more benefits. It’s a pattern we’re noticing, and this is just one example.

Is this the easiest, fastest, tastiest soup in the world ?

Delicious, fast. Only 5 ingredients ( 2 are ‘water’ and ‘a stock cube’). The bonus is that you probably have the other ingredients in the cupboard ! ( Thanks Nigella 🙂

Easy peasy 10 minute pea soup recipe.

Save time… knock up a meal in just 10mins from freezer to table. Healthy and light and no oils or fats needed. Just your hand blender and a saucepan !