shortcut shopping links

A visual listing with buying links to the equipment that we recommend, for various reasons, in our reviews. A work in progress !

A foodie’s wish list

What we like, and we think you will love…see the latest on our foodie wish list here !

A true story… from cook to chef

This journey really resonates ! A round of applause for this chef and his inspiring story – beautifully interviewed and written for thriveglobal.

Banana Bag (stay fresh)

We love this because…
it does what it says. keeps bananas fresh for much longer… up to 2 weeks!
& you can store them in the fridge

Great deal !

A bargain price for the stylish Kmix sister to the Kenwood HDP406WH. If you like KitchenAid, you’ll love this.

La Pavoni Coffee Machine

It’s Italian of course we love it !!!
the beautiful manual lever operation.
the steam is always immediately available.