Free coffee masterclass… top service

A brilliant masterclass on how to make a perfect cappuccino. It’s free, so I checked it out for you… the pleasure was all mine ! I’ll pass on a few tips on which milks to use to get the perfect results… and link you to your own free class too.

In-depth review of the best home pizza oven

Super powerful. Super portable. Super clean. Koda or Koda16 – you choose. Best design, best results, best value for money. Read everything you need to know here.

Cheaper than chips (famous chefs cookbook flash sale)

I came across this incredible ( almost giveaway) deal when looking for traybake ideas. Have to share. Too good to miss ! (Don’t know how long a flash sale lasts)

Perfect Spanish tomato bread (just 5 simple ingredients)

Such a simple, historical food idea, but how hard can it be to make the perfect tomato paste then put it together with the perfect bread ! Here’s what you need to know …

Fennel seed marinade and dip

Such a simple food idea, and a great way to use fennel seeds. From the Simple book by Otto Lenghi. A three part salad that we break up into parts and have in different ways… again and again and again !