An E-book to kick start your healthy habits ! 

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Download it today to get it at for almost nothing !

the health habit book by Elizabeth Rider

We really like this lady and her attitude to food and a healthy lifestyle

The kindle ebook is on offer for almost nothing at the moment check it out. We really don’t know how long the offer on the ebook or hard back will last.


Here's a few excerpts...


“The best thing you can do for your well-being is focus on consistency, not perfection.”


“Supplements are well-named as they are meant to supplement your nutritional intake, not replace it”


“Just because something is natural, healing, or a superfood, doesn’t mean that it will jibe with your own biology”


“You have to find the best way of eating for you, then make that into a habit”

 “The Health Habit: 7 Easy Steps to Reach Your Goals and Dramatically Improve Your Life”

Do you know you can get e-books for nothing ! 

  • You don’t have to have a Kindle to buy or read Kindle e-books.
  • The Amazon Kindle store offers a top 100 free food and drink e-books. 
  • We’ve heard that on Amazon unlimited, authors have to offer their book for free for about 5 days. 
  • Free mini-books like the one above are often brought out to increase author exposure before bringing out a full version.

 So it’s worth knowing how to get these books, and keeping an eye on this store so you can build up your own free library.

How to get your FREE eBooks

First, you will need to set up two tabs in your web browser. The first one to search and buy the books. The second one to store and read them. The books you buy ( for £0.00) will be stored in your own library there. You can even set it up to download the books from the cloud to your own device and then read offline.

TAB 1: Go to your local Amazon store ( e.g. ) and open an account if you don’t already have one.  

TAB 2: You will also need to have a space on the kindle cloud reader so that you can read the books on your computer, tablet or smartphone. To get this,  go to your local site (e.g. )

    Step by Step guide…


    Step 1

    In the amazon store tab, go to the top search bar. On the left side, pull down menu, change it from “all’ to “Kindle store“.


    Step 2

    Just below the top search bar, you will see the menu going across the screen (home and garden etc). Click “KINDLE BOOKS“.


    Step 3

    Now you will see that the pull down menu above has changed to “Kindle eBooks“.


    Step 4

    On the main screen you will see that your left sidebar has all the sections of eBook choices available for you.  Go down to the kindle ebooks section and select  ‘FOOD and DRINK( If this isn’t available, choose “Kindle Best Sellers” and then after that you will be presented on the left again with the sections – choose food and drink.)


    Step 5

    If you were able to choose ‘food and drink’ first in step 3, then along the top of the page you will see (under the title Food and Drink Kindle Books) categories of books to browse…click “BEST SELLERS”.


    Step 6

    So now you should have arrived in best sellers books in the Food & Drink section. In Best sellers you get two options, top 100 Paid, or top 100 Free….guess which one to pick…TOP 100 FREE


    Step 7

    Finally, either browse through and take your pick from the top 100 free, we tend to go for ones with many reviews, or those higher up the top 100 list….OR…refine your search on the left. e.g. by food appliance, or by food ingredient.


    Step 8

    When you buy one of these books (at £0.00), you will see just below the buy button where it will be delivered to – your kindle cloud reader. Once you have clicked the buy now button, you will find that the book will appear in your second browser tab.


    Happy Shopping

    Click through on the books below to see if the first books we bought are still free.

    but be quick !! 

    Remember each book may only have a short period when its reduced to free. So, the ones we got may no longer be free on the day you click through. If so, just choose another free eBook

    Here’s a few we got ourselves on Amazon UK


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