Shroom Coffee !

Inspired by our readers buying this one

It looks like I’m also on a journey with mushrooms at the moment with new recipes, and I also take reiki / shiitake / maitake mushrooms in tablet form to boost my immunity.

I also love the Finns – both for their attitude to living, and for being the biggest coffee drinking nation in the world !

So, when I saw this magical product combining all 3 likes, I knew it had to be a winner. I haven’t tried this myself yet but I’ll link you to the low cost sample set where I can.

For me, I’d like to have the ground coffee version (check it out when you click through ) so I can use it in my Aeropress go, or Moka pot. But, I think the sachets might be a good introduction. They also do shroom hot chocolate, and protein drinks if you’re interested.

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