Our TOP Filter coffee machine buys for 2020

… with links to buying choices in UK, Europe, USA, and Canada.

Last updated Sep 9, 2020 at 9:07AM | Published on Sep 4, 2019

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How did we make our choices ?


We have to tell you that we have been particularly fussy in this category. Why? Because there were so many choices but we didn’t find many that we would recommend !  We tend to drink more espressos these days but I like a good long black coffee too. So we were being fussy about which ones we would buy.

As with every other category though, the best quality coffee still has to come from the best (or more suited ) beans, filter, water etc. We also examined the brand reputations worldwide, the expert and user reviews,  and the awards.

So we’ve ended up with the ones that fit our lifestyle most, and work best in our part of the world.  We have to tell you that we’re thinking from the perspective of a UK / European  / International user as opposed to only US. 

So we have two great choices for you. The best percolator style, and the best filter coffee to cup only.

If this isn’t your type of coffee machine, but you want the best bean to cup, or quick fix capsule Nespresso style, or even fancy being a bit of a barista yourself, head over to those blue links, or get a good overview first on  our main coffee machine page



BEST Filter and Pour coffee maker 2019


A great solution if you need to fill a lot of coffee mugs all at once, or all day ! We prefer a thermal carafe to keep it hot as the coffee doesn’t seem to go stale as easily. Also for the safety aspect, as we have been a bit too close for comfort with children,  when a glass carafe split ! Our choice here also goes to a model that has a burr grinder to grind the beans freshly before pouring through a great filter.


The Russell Hobbs 22241white (WH22241) hand blender. One of our best hand blender buys for 2018

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus, In N.America, we take you to the equivalent 12 cup Cuisinart DGB900.

A drip coffee maker, all the way from bean-to-cafetiere 

This model’s design has been around for years – so it’s well tried and tested and still most popular. Both the UK and the US model looks good in brushed chrome and black – so either version will fit in with most kitchen appliances.

It takes your favourite coffee beans and grinds them freshly before you brew. It uses a ceramic burr grinder ( so you get a nice consistent grind with no burn taste !), and it has a clock and timer control that allows you to pre-grind or pre-brew up to 24 hrs in advance. It also has a strength control option, so you can choose from strong, medium or mild coffee.

You can see the beans through a transparent lid on the top and if you are running out, you can even disable the grind function if you want to try some other pre-ground coffee out.

It has an integrated charcoal based water filter which should last a few months, so this also helps with the taste. This water is then sprayed nice and evenly over the grounds, on top of the filter before dripping through to a 12 cup thermal insulated carafe.

The filter is a gold tone type, and we love that you can also use paper filters if you prefer. However, a lot of people say paper filters are still the best but reading the user reviews it seems that some have tested this out on the Cuisinart machine and it’s not necessary as the gold tone filter is excellent.



If you’re in a hurry you can pour yourself a cup of coffee before the whole carafe & brew is finished ! The machine recognises that the pot has gone and holds for 30seconds till you put it back. You can also program the machine ( in 1 hour increments) to turn itself off too.


The thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for much longer than a glass one.


It’s pretty lightweight at 6.65kg / 15lbs



It’s meant to give 12 cups, but a lot of people say that in reality it’s 10 cups.


It’s pretty tall so make sure it will fit, if you’re putting it under kitchen cabinets, ( UK: 33 x 33 x 46 cm, US 7.86 x 12.7 x 15.86 in )


Some say it has lots of parts that need cleaning !

Conclusion: Why we think you should buy the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Plus

Something for big long coffee drinkers… so you can keep drinking it all morning – or share with the family or office mates. The quality of the coffee ( and the lovely smell !) comes from the instant grind before brewing process. One of the reasons we chose this model is the thermal carafe is that the thermal carafe keeps coffee fresh and hot for hours ( a lot longer than a glass one) ! It’s also safer to use than a glass one.


BEST “TO GO” coffee maker 2019



a set of coloured hand blenders

KitchenAid Personal Coffee Maker ( ground coffee to travel cup )

This is one of a kind, and a portable strong brew in its own way !

We love KitchenAid for its high quality and design. We have a few kitchen appliances from them ourselves so always interested in what they are offering. Their full blown espresso maker however didn’t make it into our top 20, but the unique personal coffee maker has. Why ?… because we love specialist pieces… done well.

It does one job, and does it simply and beautifully. It gives you a great mug of hot filter coffee to take with you in the morning. We love the simple shape too and it doesn’t take up too much counter space.

This machine will make your coffee  while you’re getting ready in the morning. Fill the reservoir up with water, add your favourite coffee grinds in the top part. Press go and it fills a travel mug in about 5 mins. Then just grab it and go. You just need to rinse the filter out between uses but you can do that later.



The travel cup seems to be a standard size so you can buy extra travel cups. If there is more than one of you rushing out in the morning, you can get colour coded cups for everyone !


The quality of the coffee is good, and it uses a gold tone conical filter so it works well for taste and aroma.



The only downside is probably the quality of the kitchenAid mug ! We’ve read reports of it being pretty basic and you can get much better – try the ceramic types. The good news is that other models also fit the machine so people have replaced it with ones like this that have a better seal or hot flask capability.

Conclusion: Why you should buy the KitchenAid Personal Coffee machine

If you’re not bothered about espressos or ristrettos and just need a good long kick of caffeine to get you going – then this is for you. It will save you money and time from stopping off to get a grande in the coffee shop en route !  I like a long coffee in the morning and have to make at least a few Nespresso lungos to make that work. So even though I don’t have a commute to work,  this would suit me even to just take it to my desk here.  I have no problem getting through a 500ml mug before I down a few litres of water for the morning while I work !


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