Which coffee capsules or pods are best for the environment ?

And what is the best way to recycle them

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who recycles . Nespresso, Tassimo
what the statistics mean,
how to do your bit,

making up your own coffee capsule with ground coffee and re-usable pods.
Pods vs. Pads

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Recycling your single use coffee capsules

Nespresso were the first to address the plastic issue with single use coffee capsules. They say that their capsules are mostly made from recyclable aluminium actually (88%) and they started by allowing you to drop them off at Nespresso offices for recycling. Since then they and Tassimo also have teamed up with recycling or courier companies and you can drop them off in some regions at other retail points, or send them off by courier for recycling.

Better still, you can now buy Nespresso machine organic bio-degradable compatible pods like these ones on Amazon UK, and even empty pods that you can refill yourself ! Lavazza make a modo mio Ricco coffee ( intensity 7, dark roast of a Brazillian arabica bean) in a bio-degradable pod, and Nespresso do an Ethiopian coffee bean variety in a compostable pod.

Truth be told… I’ve researched a lot on this subject and seem to have lost it in a corrupted file … boo! So, I’ll be writing more about this for you again… do come back again to check up !



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