The complete 101 guide to the best hand blender… also known as Stick or Immersion Blender.

Our 25 reviews, buying guidelines, and smart user tips… all summed up here for you.

( Our English guide with links to the best hand blender products in U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, India )

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Discover what a hand blender can do for you, and how to choose yours.

We looked in detail at 27 top hand blenders, covering all categories from basic and simple to specialist, and home cook sets, right up to professional or commercial grade hand blenders.

and our top hand blender and hand-held food processor buys for 2019.

We cut this down to our top 15 for 2019. Below you will find the key details on the 7 best buys overall, with links to their in-depth reviews.

What a hand blender can do… it can beat, mix, purée, chop, whisk, mash, & more.


Check the a-z of the kitchen tasks and foods that a hand blender will do.


Known as the Swiss knife of the kitchen, the hand blender can do almost anything (you will see, there are so many reasons to have one) !

Although you will find restaurant kitchens also use them, most people use it at home as a convenience too to make soups, purées, sauces, salsas, dips, healthy baby food, and smoothies. Some can even julienne vegetables, cut french fries, or knead dough ! The other most popular use of for soap making, face masks, candle making.

The thicker or harder the mix, the more power that you need. The more powerful stick blenders can crush ice, and purée fibrous fruit and vegetables (and even fish and meat).

Immersion Blender vs. Countertop Blender


Compare this kind of tool to the larger counter-top blenders, where you have to put the food into a stationary, fixed capacity container –  instead of the other way round.

A stick blender is so convenient, as well as being so portable. It’s more often used for small quantities, so it’s perfect for baby food blending when it’s time to start them on solid foods.

With a stick blender, you can also move around the kitchen and ‘stick’ it into pots, jars and jugs … there are even cordless versions to take out of the kitchen altogether !

A hand blender takes up less space, is much easier to clean. You’ll find once you have one, you tend to use it more than any other kitchen gadget !

Hand blender vs. Hand mixer


A lot of people think a hand blender is a hand mixer ( given that mixing and blending are similar ).  But, it isn’t anything remotely the same,  so have a look at one below. You can also discover all the jobs it can possibly do for you in our how to use a hand blender article.

video… see a hand blender in action !


What do you get when you buy a hand blender?



The OXA Smart Immersion Hand Blender – a powerful 4 in 1 set.

particularly well priced buy for 2019

(Click the image to check out the best price on Amazon)

Hand blender sets.

What attachments and accessories make up the 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 4-in-1, 5 or 6 piece stick blender sets.


First… the jug or beaker accessory… 

Usually the beaker is the first accessory you get, even when you buy a basic hand blender.  Usually the beaker is anything from 600 ml to 1 litre and is not just used to measure, but to blend in. Blending in a high narrow container creates less splashing and mess!  Less often, although it does happen, you get a whisk, or chopping bowl first instead as the first accessory.


then… the whisk attachment

Now you effectively also have a hand mixer for whipping and whisking eggs, and maybe batter preparation for baking tasks. Normally this attachment looks like a manual whisk, sometimes with a separate motor as in the Kenwood HDP406WH ( picture also below in our winners tables ). With the Bamix stick blenders however, the whisk is just a tiny little blade with holes in it ! Remarkably clever – check it out here.


or… the chopper / grinding bowl

This little attachment allows you to make sauces in the bowl, chop nuts, herbs, hard cheeses and maybe grind up spices if it is powerful enough. Typical sizes are 1.5 cups / 350ml or  2 cup / 500ml bowls.


 then… the masher attachment

The masher is now becoming a standard attachment, and most often the 5th addition, giving you a 5-in-1 hand blender set ! It is used for potato mashing mostly, but for vegetables or fruit mashing too. This attachment is most often made of plastic, not steel.The reason for the special mashing attachment is to mash in a way that avoids making simply a starchy paste. The holes in this attachment are designed to extrude the mash in a spaghetti style, and there is often a paddle inside the masher to stir the mix also.  As a result, it’s a great additional tool for making ultra smooth baby food too!

Specialist hand blender attachments and accessories


After the 5 main attachments, more specialist accessories are added. For-instance, the big soup foot you get with the Kenwood HDP406WH. With the Braun MQ 745 you get an extra Braun accessory (the MQ40 jug)  to crush ice (see it in our most awarded hand blenders post). We have it on good authority from Braun UK that the MQ40 is compatible with all of the MultiQuick3, MultiQuick5, and MultiQuick7 series so you can add it on as an extra !

It is more unusual to have a hand blender start with a speciality but it does exist ! The Dash Masha really specialises in making the perfect mashed potato and baby food puréeing. There is also a  Kenwood Triblade model with just an ice crushing attachment, only available in the U.S, Canada and India  to do both blending and powerful ice crushing only.

We’re addicted, and the research continues, we’re sure the sparilizer attachment must be next ! (* in fact watch our blog for updates because it’s been launched and we’re writing about it right now – update May 2019)

The final differentiators – Quality and Style

So, if all the hand blender sets can add the same attachments and accessories, how else will they differentiate themselves from their competitors, and show they are the best.   Simple, the simpler ones that cannot improve any more tend to either go downmarket and compete on price alone, and the rest show their prowess with better style, and quality – shown through the durability, power and speed. For example, the Kenwood HDP406 is already at the top of its own range, so to upgrade it we would go to the Triblade HDX754CR model from the more recently introduced kMix range, which is higher grade and more stylish whilst doing all the same tasks as the HDP406.

You can see a picture of the cream version here on our “we like” blog. We think it’s rather like a KitchenAid in style, with its beautifully presented pieces all one one stand. You don’t have to spend much more to get this model and we think it’s amazing value now on Amazon.  You can check it out on the UK price comparison quick search window when you get to the bottom of this page,  or head over to the bottom of the Kenwood in depth article for buttons to the UK and Australia. Sadly we aren’t seeing it in the U.S. at the moment.




Which are the most popular hand blender brands ?


The most popular brands are a mixture of great value for money ranges, specialist hand blenders, and brands with a long history in the kitchen appliance industry, and a great reputation for quality engineering and service. We personally believe that unless you have the luxury of being able to clutter up the cupboards with more and more specialist kitchen appliances, we feel it’s best to go with a great brand that will keep adding accessories to the range, rather than keep buying a restricted one off set. So, who are the top 10 hand blender brands ?

~ Braun, Bamix, Breville, KitchenAid, Kenwood, Cuisinart, Smeg, Dualit, Dualit, Dasha ~

You’ll see some of the these same names come up again and again in the world’s most awarded hand blenders over the last few years. Some are provided globally, others are country, or region specific.

The most well known brands have been developing lots of models over the decades so there are a lot around. More recently the various styles, features, upgrades and never-ending re-packaging of attachments & accessories has made it a really daunting task to find the best value hand held blender that suits your own specific needs.

We have explored the UK, U.S., Australia, Canada, India, France, Germany Spain and Italy to find the best ones available in your region. If we haven’t covered your area yet, just comment below if you need some direct help.


Country specific models

The U.S. has several popular brands like Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, All Clad, OXA, Epica etc. Outside the U.S. you will find our best known Kitchen specialists such as Kenwood, Russell Hobbs, KitchenAid, Dualit, Smeg, and Breville.  Breville by the way is most popular in Australia, but is represented by the brand Sage by Heston Blumenthal, in the UK ( and moving its way through Europe now too!) General electrical specialists who also produce great ranges of hand blenders are the European names we know well… Braun, Bosch, Morphy Richards, and Philipps. There are of course many many other lesser known names that come and go. We found some interesting U.K. brands new to us… like vonShef, and we will be checking these guys out more! Some brands take a break from this product line every now and then, and some re-badge for a while with chefs & celebrities, or even shop names.


Quality lasts !

We found our highest quality blender brand  in ‘Bamix of Switzerland ‘ – a niche immersion blender specialist which straddles both the cook and chef world. People quote having their immersion blenders for up to 40 years ! Bamix was the original inventor of the ‘immersion’ blender over 50 years ago, so we deservedly researched its products so that we could give you a separate guide on how to choose the right Bamix product for you!

How to decide which hand blender is the best one for you?

( click for full buying guide here )



1.  Ease of use

First, and most importantly it must feel good to hold, not too heavy or awkward to actually use. 

Be careful when looking at the listed weight of a hand blender before buying. If it comes with accessories, you quite often get give the whole product weight ( i.e. the stick blender, the chopper, the masher etc etc ), so just look out for the weight of the stick itself. In our posts we have used the weight of the stick only. We’d say anything under 1kg is light enough.   


2.  Price

Some things will push price up. Usually power, durability, the material ( e.g.metal hand blenders), ergonomics, design, colours, and extra attachments  that allow you to whisk, beat, chop, mash, mince, slice, grate. The expensive ones, and all their accessories, should last longer, and work better ( no plastic bits cracking, not horrendously noisy, doesn’t splash food everywhere, and the motor shouldn’t overheat easily!).


3.  Power

Don’t be fooled by power wattage. Some hand blender reviews state that you need over 500W to be great. The top pro hand blender models can be more powerful than those at just only 160Watts. It all comes down to design and efficiency of the motor.  Also it’s the revolutions per minute that count and you really only need two speeds, a fast one for tougher tasks, and a slow one for lighter foods.


4.  How it your hand blender help you in the kitchen ?

It’s best to know what you want to do with your hand blender, because you may not need to pay for all the multi-tasking it does! On the other hand, do you need it for a specific purpose? For crushing ice, mashing potatoes, blending baby food, grinding nuts, or just for smoothies or soup ? Maybe it’s simply something beautiful or vintage you are looking for ! Or does it have to be quiet, and not scratch your pans. So maybe you want your hand stick blender blades to be non metal, perhaps plastic !  Do you need your stick blender to be easy to hold and operate for arthritic hands, or for seniors or kids to use ? Read on then … we have just the one for you this year !


5.  Stick blender colours and material

The main colours for hand blenders are black, and white and the material plastic of some sort and stainless steel. Most hand blenders are white, often with an accent of colour, but there are many fully coloured ones available too. The Masha by Dash is essentially white with a black top and green accent on the shaft, and Bamix offers all the most popular kitchen accent colours such as red, lime green, silver and many many many more.

Coincidentally, our winner’s images below are all white machines.  The Russell Hobbs 22241, and the Kenwood HDP406 only come in white. If you like this Kenwood triblade system and want more colour, and style … and steel, then upgrade a little to its sister model, the kMix Triblade. You’ll find it in our in-depth Kenwood HDP406Wh Triblade review and also a quick summary of it in our  ‘great deal‘ blog post. 


This should get you started, but for more complete detail have a look at our 7 point detailed checklist.

Our 4 top hand blender buys

These have been chosen to cover the full spectrum – for the basic or starter cooks, something simple and specialist, and on to the main mid range model for the happy home cook. Finally, we head upstream to the cream of the crop, for the professional, commercial, or wanna-be chef model. 

Naturally, they also come with three very different price tags.  When you see our LIVE prices as in the table below, they actually come straight from Amazon UK ( live !) , so that you can see the current price for that item, in that country.

Check out how much you should spend, and other frequently asked questions here? Our top 15 hand blenders also gives the best buys in each of these sections – entry level basic and 3 in 1 sets, mid-range home hand blender sets, and commercial grade blenders.

Affiliate Disclosure : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

Basic and Cheap

hand blender

UK live price :£9.99

Russell Hobbs 22241

A cheap and cheerful, simple hand blender.

A fabulous first kitchen gadget to buy for someone that wants to start cooking (especially for simple soups, dips or smoothie making).

It’s chunky, and it comes in a simple glossy white finish. It has a plastic body and shaft, with a stainless steel blade.

The Russell Hobbs 22241 is powered by a 200 watt motor, and has two speeds.


The best back-to-basics blender that just does what it says on the tin… it hand blends… that´s food (not your hand !)



We take you to the best basic and cheap stick blender equivalent in the U.S. (by Hamilton Beach), and to the better Russell Hobbs 650W RHSM650 model in Australia.


Best Specialist

hand blender

UK live price :£38.95

Masha 2+ by Dash

(a.k.a. Masha 3 in 1).  The Masha is a real winner when it comes to smoothness & speed for potato mashing.

So it’s perfect for mashing vegetable and baby food blending.

The Masha 2+ is a masher, mini food processor, egg beater and whisker. The parts are also BPA free and dishwasher friendly.  

Extremely highly rated by users. The only thing it doesn’t seem to do is grind hard stuff !

It’s got a narrow top and so lightweight too, making it perfect for seniors or arthritic hands.


In Australia it´s called the Masha Rotor Cone Vegetable Masher.


Best Household

hand blender

UK live price : £67.87

Kenwood HDP406

The Kenwood Triblade system Pro HDP406 (or HDP406WH as it´s known, because its WHite). We found this to be the best value, highest quality, multi-functional hand-blender for the home cook. It was difficult to choose between this and the Braun Multi-Quick 5 series.

This particular Kenwood model, the HDP406 won because it does everything it promises incredibly well. It has a lot of performance improvements, and lots of attachments for the modest price.

So you can blend, mash and chop your way to the perfect meal… quickly and effortlessly. And… what a great price for all that great kit.




In the USA, if you find it, it will be for international use only, so we take you to the KitchenAid 5-speed hand blender we love, and at a brilliant price too !


Professional Grade

hand blender

UK live price : £176.13

Bamix hand blender

Gordon Ramsey & Jamie Oliver are both big fans of Bamix of Switzerland.  It’s small, power packed, fairly priced.

We love all models (preferably 160 Watts upward…see why here).  You can pick your blender and just add attachments and accessories. And… it would likely outlive most other hand blenders.

Best Commercial hand blender

The Bamix gastro 350 is the top of the range in one purist respect, the gastro 200 a more popular choice. Chefs talk about the it’s reliability a lot (they call it an immersion blender) ! On Amazon.

The SwissLine makes the most fabulous hand blender gift set. On Amazon.


In Australia… it´s called the Bamix SwissLine Cassette 200W White. In the USA, we take you to the popular Bamix Gastro 200 option


Hand Blender vs Blender vs Food Processor !

Now, how would you like to take your hand blender one stage further. There is one last upgrade available that can turn your hand blender into the ultimate, all in one, hand held food processing station… read on!

UPGRADE from hand blender to the best 3 hand held food processors


A few stick blenders go even further, by adding more accessories that take them into the food processing world.  The attachments are usually another container ( larger than the chopper bowl, and more like a food processing bowl),  and an abundance of chopping blades and disks.  So, if you don’t have a food processor already, and don’t want to do slicing, grating and perhaps heavier batter mixing by hand, you will need one of these mini food processors too !

Your little hand blender has now basically become the all encompassing, all-in-one, hand-held kitchen appliance!

Foodie all in one

hand-held food processor

UK live price : £108.00

Breville / Sage All In One Processing Station

In Australia, it´s called The All in One Stick Mixer. In the U.K., this Breville BSB530XL model is the same as the Sage Control Grip model (Breville owns Sage!).

Heston Blumenthal is behind the making of this wonderful foodie focussed all-in-one set. It´s not just about the upgrade in functions here, Sage likes to take each tool a little further. So a lot of thought has gone into how the tools will help you produce not just great food, but interesting, chef-quality food.


see in depth guide

Home cook all in one

hand-held food processor

UK live price : Check on Amazon

Braun MultiQuick 9

The MQ9087x in the U.K and Australia is our choice, and the MQ9097 (only available in the U.S., Canada and India) would be our ultimate package as it has an ice crusher included.

Our choice for the home cook goes deservedly to Braun.

Their MultiQuick series provides everything from the basic stick blender in series 1, to the series 3 which is great for young mums, the series 5 probably the most popular, and the latest series 7 and 9 with more power, pull, and other bells and whistles.

Pro grade all in one

hand-held food processor

UK live price : Check on Amazon

Bamix Superbox

In the USA… it’s a brilliant set with everything except the SliceSy, so be sure to buy the SliceSy separately.
Similarly, in Australia…buy the SliceSy separately, and add that to the Swissline.

The Bamix Swissline would upgrade to Bamix Superbox which is essentially the SwissLine plus accessories (a food processor and a few extras) to give you the complete Bamix set.

The ultimate hand held food processor. Lightweight, compact, powerful, and lasts a lifetime!



How we did our hand blender tests and research.


Daily use of a hand blender  – both work and pleasure !

It’s true, Aoibheann, in particular, is addicted. We have been using a basic stick blender since university days, and finally handed it on to a student last year. We’ve been using a mid range multi-tasking 3 in 1 set more often in our every day married lives for years ( and still use it !). Our latest investment ( well, Aoibheann’s birthday present last year )  was in the semi pro version for even more processing power. We were curious about the fact that some well reputed review sites were reporting test results that didn’t compare with our own experience or many users reviewing the products.

We realised that sometimes you need to practice, or know the technique, or simply read the manual to know what your hand blender claims it can do, and how to use it. Simply trying one after another in a simple one-off testing session just isn’t enough.

On top of our own experience at home, on training courses, and in our restaurant and bar,  we have researched every detail online and check them out in every shop we see ( is that sad or bad!) – making connections with shop staff, manufacturers and suppliers, restaurants and cafes.

We’re testing it out all the time, and will keep this blog updated as we go. If we’re not using it, or talking to users about it, we’re trawling through sites for information for hours on end every day…. like a truffle hound !

We find the hand blender helps us eat healthy food more easily.  It reduces wastage also, as we use up leftovers to knock up a soup, dip or smoothie in a jiffy. We hope you also find it gets the creative juices flowing, because it’s so easy to try new recipes out in small quantities. Follow us on Instagram to see what we do on the fly or check out some of our recipe posts. to be honest though, the research never ends and there is limited time to share everything we are doing, but please keep connected and we’ll get faster at it !


Detailed research on all the reviewers and testers

Over several months, we studied in great detail all the hand blender tests and blender reviews (UK and world-wide), and the customer comments on user forums, and the top award winning hand blenders of 2017 and 2016 as well as new ones introduced in 2018 / 9. We have detailed the top 15 most awarded hand blender brands and models here. We continue to keep updated with any news and try to fix errors we see on buying sites and even manufacturer’s own sites!

All the research inspired us to use our own stick blenders even more, and we have to admit we are now so smitten with this magic wand that we’ve passed our basic one to a teenager, and have bought the top commercial grade model to go along with our new simplified lifestyle.


Customer reviews and product information from brand sites

( + Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, YouTube, Tesco, and many more)

Customer feedback is also one of the things we valued most with the hotel and restaurant. Being no. 1  on Tripadvisor for 8 years we know how to read well between the lines! So we have trawled through 1000’s of online reviews, forums, and chats about people’s personal experiences with these submersible blenders. From this we also realised the most frequently asked questions, and put our answers here… Just to be thorough, for you.

No friend or acquaintance gets by without her asking if they have one too, and peeking into restaurant kitchens to chat to the chef is also now an ‘almost daily’ activity.

It’s Aoibheann’s favourite kitchen toy, and she’s become a hand blender geek! We want to know what all you cooks and chefs are using, so please get in touch on [email protected] and let us know your experiences too!

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25 helpful articles on buying & using a hand blender 


Why everyone should own a hand blender

Why everyone should own a hand blender

Tell the people…you heard it here!!! Instant, healthy, easy, no waste food AND save money at the same time. So many beautiful reasons why you should have one of these magic wands!

Bamix accessories and attachments

Bamix accessories and attachments

The tiny Bamix blades with the power of a jet engine ! Amazing Bamix quality – lasts a lifetime. The choice of the professionals.

shortcut shopping links

shortcut shopping links

A visual listing with buying links to the equipment that we recommend, for various reasons, in our reviews. A work in progress !

Cuisinart vs KitchenAid

Cuisinart vs KitchenAid

The two big giants kitchen gadget companies compete again. Let’s compare their hand blender offerings and see the most popular and why !

What exactly is a hand blender anyway ?

What exactly is a hand blender anyway ?

START HERE: Hand blender, Immersion Blender, Stick Blender, Handheld blender. A short definition, the history, how it works, and how do they all differ from one another.

Detailed hand blender buying guide

Detailed hand blender buying guide

Which one should you choose when they all look the same ! This detailed guide shows you how to find the hand blender to suit you. It gives a checklist of the main criteria to look at – including power, speeds, quality, design, use, price, functionality.

Hand blender FAQs

Hand blender FAQs

Enough of the hand blender tests and trials. Here are all the silly, (and frequently asked), questions about hand blenders. Answered here by our in house expert !

Celebrity hand blenders

Celebrity hand blenders

Celebrities and top chefs love their kitchen gadgets. They are happy to blend along with the rest of us. So which hand blender brands do they like?

How to clean a hand blender

How to clean a hand blender

Which parts can be washed by hand, or dishwasher. Maintenance tips to keep your hand blender as good as new.

How to use a hand blender

How to use a hand blender

10 tips on how to use a hand blender… all the jobs a hand blender can do… and over 20 yummy foods it can make for you.

Great deal !

Great deal !

A bargain price for the stylish Kmix sister to the Kenwood HDP406WH. If you like KitchenAid, you’ll love this.

Lunch… exotic pumpkin soup

Lunch… exotic pumpkin soup

An easy, healthy and filling soup recipe. More importantly you get all your goodness in a bowl, or take it to go in a flask. Lunch… sorted!

This handy little gadget is such fun to use, like an extension of your hand, and who knew it could be so good for a healthy lifestyle too. Check out some of our soups, smoothies and dips recipes, and follow us on our social media accounts to see what else we do with it!

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