Bamix blender attachments and accessories

A Bamix stick will probably last you a life-time.

You just need 7 attachments and 4 accessories to make a full set.



I’ve found the multipurpose Bamix C blade in stock again for you (August 2020)… even in Australia ! Click here for Bamix multi-purpose C blade, or , for the same product labelled as ESGE multifunction knife, click here to get it. ESGE is the company producing Bamix in Germany so it’s the same blade. By the way, if your Amazon region flag / name is not shown when you click our buttons, it just means we don’t have something to show in your region – sorry !


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 Bamix blender attachments

The attachments are the 4 blades and the food processing bowls  – the smaller mill for chopping, grinding and pulversing, and larger SliceSy bowl for chopping, slicing and grating.

Note: the blender leg ( the shaft) is part of the blender – unlike a lot of other blenders it is not an attachment on the Bamix.

Technically there are 8 attachments but 2 serve the same purpose so you just have to buy one or the other ( either the old dry ingredients only grinder, or the newer wet & dry ingredient grinding mill (a.k.a. the processor) . If you get the processor, make sure you also get the powder disk to use within the processor to pulverise ! It magically turns things into powder !  


 Bamix blender accessories

Bamix 1litre jug , accessory to use with the Bamix hand blender

The accessories are the other things you need to use with your Bamix as opposed to things actually attached to it.  For instance – the jug, or smaller beakers, and a stand to hang it on. 

The latest Bamix models are essentially packages targeted at specific uses like BBQ, Baking, Smoothie making, baby food making and more. So the more recent accessories are aprons, beakers, baby food jar etc. These are all detailed at the bottom of this page.

A Bamix hand blender should last you several decades by all accounts!

Each model comes with a different combination of attachments and accessories.

Only the Superbox, Baking, and BBQ packages have the full set.

So its nice to be able to easily add accessories for future birthday gifts or stocking fillers !

Superbox set in Red

Red Bamix Superbox set with the ultimate complete set of Bamix Swissline plus every other accessor and attachment that Bamix make

Bamix attachments and accessories are small and light.

Bamix blades size

So they make great gifts to give, or receive.

Wherever you are on your cook to chef journey, as a Bamix user , we’d love to have you join our email community. Direct access to us and the other users, get the news and any freebies we can pass on of course. Interested ?

If you’re in a hurry… here’s our top picks. 

bamix immersion blender multipurpose blade to attach to the Bamix hand blender stick

**The most popular and most useful blade is the multi-purpose (C) blade, but you do get this pretty much with every Bamix sold.

user TIP

I use this for most jobs. It’s also the one to use for ice crushing.


Whisk blade attachment for the Bamix Hand Blender

The whisk blade (the one with the holes in it) is the one we use most after the C blade – mostly to emulsify sauces, make juices, batters, or hard to mix powders with water.

user TIP

Makes mashed potatoes too, gently push down manually first, then blend.



Meat blade attachment for the Bamix hand blender. Also good for fibrous fruit and vegetables.**The meat blade is the one they don’t usually give you included with your Bamix, but boy is it handy.  It’s not just for burgers and patés, but fibrous vegetables like rhubarb.

user TIP

For a smoother pea soup, blend the peas before cooking with this first.


bamix beater blade

The beater blade is the flat disk that does amazing aerating  in a jiffy for milkshakes, smoothies, light lattes, batters, dressings, and make soups light and foamy before serving.

user TIP

Use for simple whipped cream in a jiffy,  or chef foams for fancy plating.



The powder disk which I couldn’t live without ! It rarely comes included in your processor ( wet & dry mill) but you must have it ! – Of the grinding mills, go for the latest wet/dry one, called the processor – I adore mine and use it at least once a day. By the way, it’s the only mill that can take the powder disk anyway. The powder disk does not fit in the older  wet mill.

The extra SliceSy blades set ( 3 slicers / graters ) you don’t get with the standard SliceSy processing set. If you haven’t got a counter-top food processor in your kitchen already, go ahead and get the Bamix equivalent – called the SliceSy. It’s great for cakes, breads, desserts, pies and puddings, preparing the veggies for casseroles, salads  etc… well all sorts really, but when you go through to buying links do check the minimum power blender you need to work with it in your country.


Bonus Accessories – inspired by you !


stainless steel accessories

This stainless steel malt cup that isn’t from Bamix but everyone is ordering it ( so we checked it out ) because it’s fabulous to make milkshakes and smoothing etc. This cup has a real practical retro feel and you can choose just 1 stainless steel malt cup or a set of 6 malt cups (which is much better value!).


silicone accessories

I’ve just seen this silicone ¨squeeze & pour ¨jug bought by a user – and have to have one ! I take my 1 Litre Bamix jug with me when I travel but always worry it might crack in the hold luggage. I’ve just seen this advertised with a hand blender in it too. What a cool idea. I’ve also just made my first cashew cream and then saw this new Bamix silicone cup spatula was bought. It’s available everywhere except US and Canada, where I take you the equivalent Oxo jar spatula. I’m sure I would have another 3 tablespoons out with that.


More !

For more non Bamix supplied items like this, that work with our Bamix, but not supplied by Bamix, jump down to the news section at the bottom of the page and you’ll find them there in the red text links too.


The best one-off Bamix accessory available today.

Before we go to all the individual sections for all the attachments, we have to show you anything new or unusual that we see online. When we see something – we’ll list it here. So if it’s of use to you, get it now whilst it’s available.

Right now there’s a one off Bamix hand blender stand that’s available in the UK and Europe only. Great price too. Click over and get it whilst there is still stock !

And,  finally, this new Bamix silicone cup spatula that we mentioned earlier is so useful to scrape out the last of a smoothie or creamy blend in your jug.

Bamix of Switzerland

It seems that everything Bamix says it can do, it does quietly, quickly, evenly, and expertly ! It’s no wonder that three of its products came at the tip top of our best hand blender recommendations for 2018, and again for 2019!

The Bamix models come with different accessories or attachments. The accessories and attachments are made to the same high standard as the main Bamix blenders. 

Check out our post on how to compare and decipher the Bamix hand blender model names.  We review all the accessories and attachments that they include, and the main buying criteria to help you choose the best one for you. Click over to see our thinking, and which one we bought as a result !


Bamix blender blades

You’ll be happy to know that the Bamix blades are made of food grade stainless steel but also feel quite blunt, so good for handling when the power is off of course !

Actually, I’d say all except the meat blade – that comes in a protective sleeve when you buy it so it definitely is sharper – it has to cut through fibrous meat, fish and veggies.

It’s really the Bamix engine that powers the blades that help it do such a good job.

Video… me beating egg whites is a cinch with my Bamix blender.

The Bamix feels great to handle !  It’s a nice shape to hold, has a balanced weight, and it’s quiet. It’s also super fast and seems to work miracles with very few ingredients.

Whipping up egg whites fast for meringues is one of its most popular tricks ! Faster than when I did it in front of Paul , and a camera !

Understanding the Bamix blade names and codes

In the beginning, we used to get a bit bamboozled with all the blade names and what they meant. What was the difference between them, and what do they all do? More importantly, we wanted to know what food can we make with each blade.

After a bit of research here is our guide on how to decipher the terms. It includes all the techniques you can apply with each blade, and also the resulting food it will help you create.

We also tell you what letter Bamix give it ( e.g. A blade) and what they look like by the way because some sales sites online mix the names up. That doesn’t help but if you know what it should look like and what it does then that’s 99% of what you need to know before choosing which one to buy.

Bamix multipurpose blade (C)

This is also known as the chopper blade or the C blade.

The Multi Purpose blade (on Amazon)  is great for pureeing soups and sauces, and ideal for baby food, chops and blends fruit and vegetables for juices, shakes and smoothies.

It can even mince meat (although the meat blade does this specifically, and better) or raw or cooked veg, and heavy batters.

So you can easily make shortcrust pastry, brioche, and bread ! You can also make amazing ice cream and flavoured butters, and its hard crushing action works wonders on ice or nuts.

If there is no availability when you click the Amazon button below, then you might find this Esge-c-blade available. It´s the same product with a different German manufacturer name !

Bamix whisk blade (B)

Also known as the blender blade or the B blade.

It’s a stirrer, a mixer, whipper or emulsifier. Think of it as ideal for mixtures that need a thick consistency like light batters.

Fabulous for emulsifying mayonnaise, making pancakes, crepes, waffles and omelettes. The whisk blade makes all sorts of drinks and cocktails, sauces & creams, dressings, and marinades.

It even mashes your potatoes, makes cakes, purées cooked fruit and vegetables, and wow and behold, it makes face-masks!

(Quick note: sometimes in Europe, (even in a Bamix office !), when they translate to English, they mix up the names between this and the beater / aerator blade. So, just always look at the pictures as well as words)

Bamix beater blade (A)

Also known as the aerator blade or the A blade. (Be careful as some sites also mistakenly call the Beater blade the B blade!)

Basically, it tilts a little which allows it to get air into the mixture, hence the name aerator. Think of using it for anything that needs beating with a light touch. So you can now see why the beater blade ( found here on Amazon) is also called a foamer, or a creamer, a sauce maker.

It’s fantastic for whipping egg whites or fresh cream and you will find it famous for turning skimmed milk into the consistency of cream (just add strawberries for a delicious drink!).

So what can you make?

How about meringues, sauces, soups, thick milk shakes and smoothies, whipped desserts, light sponge cakes, sabayons, milk foams, bernaise sauce, tiramisu, Chantilly cream, and hollandaise sauce. We could go on !

Note: A little heads up on this little blade. If you have eagle eyes like Aoibheann… the ‘disc’ can look like it’s not quite straight ( i.e not exactly 90 degrees to the stem). So don’t be alarmed if you think it’s damaged. It’s meant to be like that to work properly

Bamix meat blade (S)

Also known as the mincer or slicing blade or the S blade.

Basically it minces meats and creates pastes. It´s designed specifically to slice through, and mince and chop hard meat or fibrous vegetables, and even boned fish.

The meat blade ( on Amazon) is a very versatile blade so you can still use it to chop and puree the veggies for your baby food or to get the lumps out of mashed potatoes or a roux sauce.

Its good for fibrous ingredients so think of using this tool when you want to make a smoothie with difficult fruit and vegetables like rhubarb, leeks and asparagus.

Do bear in mind though that, even though it´s sharper,  it is not meant to be used to crush ice. The multi-purpose blade does that.

Bamix Blade troubleshooting tips

You do have to careful to line the shaft and the blade end up very well to get them to connect properly. Pulling the blades off can be a little difficult for some people, so just make sure the power is off when you’re concentrating on this bit ! 

It can also happen that the blade becomes loose. Ours did after a few years of constant use. It happened to our multipurpose C blade. We just tightened it a little with pliers. We contacted Bamix about it too and they said that was exactly what to do, but that you can also send it back to Bamix or one of their worldwide partners to fix too.

Other Bamix attachments – chopping and grinding bowls,  and food processing accessories

Bamix dry mill – the grinder

The grinder as it´s also known (a.k.a. the Grinding Mill on Amazon) is designed to grind dry herbs, spices and many other dry ingredients. We’re really not sure which came first.. the dry or the wet dry grinder, but it seems that the both wet and dry one is the supported one now to act as the catchall mini processor attached for Bamix hand blenders, and the powder disc only works with this one to provide the ultimate pulversing tool!

If you do end up with a dry grinder only, its not the end of the world as, although it is meant for dry ingredients only, most people say you can also use it to chop herbs (leaves that you have removed surface water from for example) or veggies (again, dry surface).  I also found an unusual use for the ‘dry’ grinder when a user reported it works well as a stand! Surprisingly stable it seems.

The blade in the “dry” grinder is like a short steak knife and is great for grinding spices to powder. The Bamix Wet and Dry Mill is a grinder mincer “processor” add on. Not very big at all and very like a coffee or spice grinder or miniprocessor size.

All components are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. This item is compatible with all Bamix models.

Bamix processor – the wet and dry mill for grinding and chopping

Also known as the Wet and Dry grinding mill or the ¨Processor¨ on Amazon. It has 5 elements: the lid, the base, the bowl, the stainless steel shaft and the blade. It´s realy a chopping bowl more than a food processor if you were to compare terms with other manufacturers like Braun for example. But it also does the job of a Braun nut / coffee grinder, and has the added value that you can use the powder disk with it. So it´s a pretty special little piece of kit.

It is designed to grind both wet and dry ingredients. So, like the dry grinder, it is brilliant at grinding dry spices like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom etc. It equally grinds nuts, grains, chocolate, coffee beans, and even ice. However it also grinds herbs, onions and tomatoes and much more. Actually its been developed for grinding, milling, blending and mincing!

It’s fantastic for making your own condiments like salsa, mustard, guacamole, harissa, tapenade, hummus, relish and curry pastes. It can also make your pates, nut butters, or just simple take the tears out of onion chopping!  It can be used to grind ice, hard or soft cheese, or for making crumbs out of dried bread, fish or mushroom, or for grinding herbs and citrus peels.

Its  fantastic for small portions of home-made baby food, spreads, or to make fast salad dressings.

It’s fast at mincing garlic, coconut, chilli, horse-radish, all kinds of herbs and small quantities of meat or fish. You will need the extra pulveriser powder disk piece below to do the sugar and salt to a very fine consistency.

What we love is that it fits neatly on the back of the stand – being just 12 x 12 x 9 cm. So a nice small size to hold in your one hand, whilst you have the blender in the other hand. Try not to fill it more than 2/3rds full. There’s also a reason you see people demonstrating it in mid air… it works best if you move and shake it about a bit whilst grinding. That way you get nice even grinding.

Officially,  its capacity is confirmed as 200ml, but really people have said that it can be 250ml max. I suppose it depends what foodstuff you’re talking about. A helpful foodie mentioned it takes a large slice of bread torn into bits to make breadcrumbs, a large handful of herbs, about 4 or 5 oz sugar ground down to caster sugar, or a handful of nuts to be chopped.

It’s easy to wash with warm soapy water, and all components are dishwasher safe and BPA free.

We have so much to write about this processor.  Can you tell we’re sold on it? We used to have a separate mini grinder / chopper in the past,  so we know how useful it is.


easy home-made healthy chocolate nuts and seeds mix made with the chopping bowl attachment of my hand blender

 grinding Chocolate, nuts, coffee beans, sugar, spices, cheese

The picture above is me grinding a chocolate nut combination.

For the freshest coffee grind your own fresh coffee beans, although, I have to admit that I miss a good conical burr grinder which is far superior to any coffee mill like this but so expensive and big on your counter-top you really need to be into manual coffee making in a big way to have one.

For sugar, start raw and do a fast refine yourself to castor sugar, and then, with the powder disk inserted, go further to icing sugar…in seconds. It’s also great for spice and nut grinding.. making flour from seeds. Try sunflower seed powder /  flour . We use that in place of breadcrumbs or just to thicken things !

This attachment is compatible with all Bamix models and we think this handy little attachment to the Bamix will save you time, money and effort!

( Note: the powder disk is included with the wet/dry processor in the U.S. link below).

top tip

We found that it does need enough moisture to form a paste and often this is more moisture ( water will do) than the recipe calls for. It’s also easy to reduce garlic & ginger to a paste simply by adding a little water. (No need for you to buy those tubes of garlic paste then !). Here’s a handy recipe we hung onto for some time !


garlic paste recipe

4 cloves of garlic with a 3 tablespoons water.. add the water a little at a time to get the paste you are looking for.  By the way, apparently any excess water goes away when you start cooking with the paste in hot oil. Neat!

Bamix powder disk – the pulverizing accessory for the processor ( i.e. chopping bowl )

The Powder Disc is an accessory to the Wet & Dry Grinding Mill and is not compatible with any other Bamix product. See it here on Amazon and be amazed ! It’s the best little extra we have ever bought !) It sits on top of the blade inside the Wet & Dry Grinding Mill and is designed to grind herbs and spices (e.g. pepper, coffee, sugar, cinnamon, etc.) to an extra fine powdery consistency. The Powder Disc is made of a transparent polycarbonate plastic, which is durable, shatterproof and dishwasher safe.

Bamix SliceSy – the large food processing bowl (with full or basic set of accessories )

You should have a Bamix that is at least 180Watts ( UK/Europe ) if you want to add the SliceSy. Add the SliceSy and you get the food processing unit that we would use most for little jobs like slicing and grating. It’s such a time saver and much safer to use than a mandolin. Personally, I (Aoibheann) do love chopping with a knife when I have time –  I find it so therapeutic. Many reviewers talk about having arthritic hands though, so the Bamix is a godsend for that. It’s also so perfectly engineered that it produces nice even slices, even for onions. I certainly can’t do that with a knife!

The Bamix SliceSy (click through to see lots of variations on Amazon) usually has a large main S blade for larger amounts of chopping ( or kneading !) . The full or complete Bamix SliceSy set as its known, has 5 extra accessories…. A thick and a thin slicer, and both a coarse, medium, and a fine shredder / grater.

So you can process vegetables, fruits and cheese to make simple easy salads. It can even slice olives, nut and grapes to top them off nicely. You can make a nice tartar or burgers from lean meat or fish, and short pastry or cake dough.

Washing the top part of the Slicesy seems to be a sore point though as this is one accessory that cannot be completely submerged in water. The rest can go in the dishwasher! The attachments are also sharper than the wand blades so be careful.

Watch the SliceSy in action making dough for baking…

Watch the SliceSy processor in action video here.

Additional Bamix SliceSy blades

 (if you purchased the basic SliceSy you need these)

The basic Bamix SliceSy set comes with just two blades – the coarse slice and coarse grater, so this a good set to add to it. This trio turns the  Bamix basic SliceSy food processor into the complete set. Three extra blades in durable stainless steel for the Bamix SliceSy.

So don’t worry if you didn’t start with the complete set. You can get this extra blade set here from Amazon to add to it. This includes the fine and medium graters, and the thin slicer. Ideal for helping chop, grate and slice fruit, vegetables and more. Dishwasher safe too.

Bamix blender accessories 


It’s important to know that the Blender leg / shaft / stick is not an attachment !


We feel it’s important to point out that the shaft is the main component that clicks or sticks… into the attachments.  It is not an attachment itself. So you can’t buy different legs for different purposes.

Unlike some other brands where the stick can be separated from the engine part in the body or handle, you cannot actually do this with the Bamix models.

This means you cannot just change your shaft ( or wand or stick if you like) to a longer or shorter one.


You need to choose your bamix stick model that has the length you want… before you look at attachments. Why… 

All the Bamix hand blenders are made of stainless steel and the motor is so well protected that you can even immerse the wand well past the end.. up to just under the buttons if you need to. There’s a reason for this.

There are several models, between them all, there are just 3 stick or leg lengths ( or Bamix like to call it shaft lengths). You can find more details on the main machine variations in our in depth article about which Bamix to choose here.

What we mean by accessories is… what Bamix make to work with the bamix blenders, as opposed to the pieces above that have to attach  to the blender shaft itself.

Bamix are starting to add even more new accessories to make up some neat packages for young families ( bamix babyline ) , foodies ( bamix jamie oliver ) etc. So moosey on down to the bottom of the page to check these out and also see some nice accessories we have searched out for you too, so that you can configure your very own customised Bamix blender and accessory package too !

You can even now get a cap with Bamix or #gastro on it !


Bamix stands and wall bracket


Depending on the model you buy, it can come with either nothing, or a wall bracket, or the countertop stand. The wall bracket is a simple soul, it fits all models but users say it is usually delivered without screws! So make sure you can buy these separately.

The three Bamix stands, shown above,  are also really a storage units for at least the blender blades, and sometimes the processor too ( at the back of the Swissline stand). They also look so cool on the counter-top, and hold the wand nicely at the front so you can grab it easily and put back when you’re finished.

1. The tall straight one that comes with the deluxe models – did you know that you can also mount this one on the wall !

2. The angled one that comes with the swissline or superbox sets – it’s just made up of two pieces so you can easily slide it apart to clean or pack when travelling. 

3. The triangular looking one that comes with the classic selection set.

You can’t usually buy them separately but click button below to see if we’ve found one for you in your region. We used to see the Swissline stand for sale but not recently, so if the stand is important to you, then choose the model with that stand when you first buy your blender. 

Bamix beakers and jugs

You usually don’t get given the 400ml or 600ml beakers unless you buy a big set anyway,  but they are so useful – especially with lids. The big beaker is a 1 Litre graduated jug, so if you want to pour this is the best.  So any, and as many as you can have are good because you need tall narrow beakers to get that vortex going well.

A 400ml small size and the 600ml medium size come with markings on the side, a pourer, and a snap on lid for better food storing. The measurements by the way don’t show the final limit. For example the 600ml beaker shows 500ml as its top measurement but if you fill it to the top it is probably 600ml when full.

The 400ml is a nice smokey-colour. They can come with, or without lids, and the lids can be in a neutral stone colour, or black. You can also get handy sets of both 400 and 600ml bamix beaker together.

The bamix beaker is made of Polycarbonate which is break and shock resistant . It’s suitable for use in fridges, freezers and microwave ovens, and is also dishwasher proof.

The 600 ml beaker shown here on Amazon is the most popular at 15.4 x 10 x 10 cm it is about a two person portion. It seems though that all sizes are very useful and a lot of people have talked about getting the lot ! 

Bamix 1 Litre jug / beaker

When you buy a Bamix blender it usually comes as a 1 litre jug, and depending on the country, it can be supplied with or without a lid ! Our Bamix 1L was with the Swissline set and we didn’t get the really useful lid, but you can buy the it separately  ( same goes for the 600ml and 400ml bamix jug lids  – just use this link to find them).

Users say that the jug with the lid is really 900ml not 1000ml. So at least when you are buying the jug separately you can see, and choose, what you are getting. The 900ml  /  1L jugs have a handle and measurement markings in both ml and oz. 

It is BPA-free, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Heat resistant up to 100℃. It also is nice and clear, and the inside design is nicely shaped to work with the Bamix blender. It also has a nice lip for pouring.

We have to say, we have plenty of jugs, including a 400ml one and the Braun 600ml blender jug, and we need them all ! We even found a Bamix Bar Mix glass measuring jug with silicone lid here in the USA. 

Our own experience using the Bamix accessories and attachments.

We have the Swissline / Colorline / Jamie Oliver set ( all the same thing !)


One of the reasons why we love Bamix is the sheer power that comes in such a small, neat, pretty lightweight package. Same goes for the accessories.

True to its roots as the inventor or the hand blender, the Bamix accessories are also small and neat and stay mostly in the hands when blending ( except the blades of course !)  The blades are sometimes reported to be hard to take off but in fact they just fit snugly so you just have to be firm with them – they are blunt edged and safe to handle.

Bamix blades are probably the smallest blender blades out there !

Bamix blades sizeHave you seen the actual size of the tiny blades ! So tiny that Aoibheann whisks up her concoction or juice and spices in the glass every morning, followed by a quick rinse under the tap et voila !



Use the Bamix chopping bowl attachment like it’s an extension of your hands ! Now that we have invested in a Bamix ourselves, we understand what top chef’s mean when they says to hold the stick in one hand and the bowl in the other hand and then work the chopper ( a.k.a. the processor or the wet / dry grinding mill)  by moving it around and shaking it a little.  We automatically do that, just like the lady in the video below.


bamix mill video still

Aoibheannn & Paul

The new Bamix blender packages

Bamix have started putting packages together for us all. Bamix Baking, bamix To Go, Bamix BBQ, Bamix Baby etc . The bright red links below take you to Amazon to show what they look like and what is actually included.  The blue links take you to other related articles on this website. They are really very clever marketing packages, and are worth looking at if you are giving a gift, or want the accessories anyway.  There are some good deals on Amazon because they are relatively new  (check them out at the bottom of the Bamix comparison page. )

But we thought… what if we already have these accessories ( e.g. a nice apron for BBQ-ing) then it would be a waste paying for them in a packaged up set. Or, better still , what if we could choose our own packages !

Also, what if you already have a Bamix for years and years already ! Why not give it some attention,  and add some other accessories so that you have even more fun when using it.

So why not choose your favourite machine, we give you the low-down on all the machines here, and then add some Bamix or other alternative high quality accessories to use with it.


Jump to these sections… and learn how to put your own packages together

We’ve had some fun searching out accessories worthy of working with the Bamix blenders. With these you can achieve the same, or maybe even better Bamix packages yourself.  Hope you enjoy them too.

JAMIE OLIVER Bamix box accessories

 Accessories included

Blender blades (multi-purpose, whisk, beater),  1000ml bamix beaker, deluxe model stand and baby food recipe booklet.

Alternative blender accessories

You don’t get any extra blender accessories with this package – just the signature, the cool colour and a recipe booklet by Jamie Oliver about the brand.  So, just as the orange was our signature in Marrakech, if you can’t get or don’t want the Jamie bamix model itself, then just go for the Anthracite grey colour line model and it will be instantly recognisable ! and treat yourself to a Jamie cookbook while you’re at it.  We have many but our latest favourite is Jamie’s 15-minute meals.


Bamix Babyline box accessories and attachments


The Babyline model is a 200Watt machine with a 400ml glass food container. So you could just choose a Deluxe, Swissline, gastro or colorline model for the main machine.

Babyline Blender accessories included:

You get 3 blender blades (multi-purpose, whisk, beater),  a 400ml bamix beaker with lid, and a 400ml glass baby food container with lid… and baby food recipe booklet. You might want to buy some extra beakers and storage bowls !


Alternative blender and accessories… create your own Bamix Baby !

The Deluxe bamix blender is what they use, but for the accessories, it doesn’t matter which model you have.  For baby food storage with leakproof lids – we think you might need more than one ! We love these – the colour coded BPA free 4oz (the dry erase marker makes it a winner !) silicone 10 pot food trays or jars from WeeSprout, KiddoFeedo or Insenso. All on Amazon, and we’ll guide you when you click through, to the links to each product that is available on Amazon in your country. Be aware though, in the U.S. and Canada you are spoiled by having both the jars and the silicone trays available, so have a ball, and get them all !

Whilst you’re browsing… for our best organic baby to toddler cookbook, we choose the big organic baby book by Stephanie Middleberg ( and almost anything by Annabel Karmel who we used even 22 years ago! )

Going more generally, and as our own baby is all grown up now, we would personally go for these these high quality ( but reasonably priced ) eco friendly Borosilicate glass containers with sealing and snap on lids (found on Amazon) . Stackable, and with a removable rubber gasket to ensure it’s airtight.  You can freeze, reheat, serve from, and clean in the dishwasher.

Bamix Colorline comes with…

The colorline is essentially the swissline, so comes with the same package as the Swissline.


Blender accessories

Blender blades (multi-purpose, whisk, beater),  1000ml bamix beaker with lid, swissline model stand, and recipe booklet.


Add some matching colourful accessories

Given that this model has the most colours, we would add some cool colourful accessories to our alternative package. Have a look at the Mira range suggested in the toGo section below, or we would go for the Amazon KAMOTO 4oz mason jars with coloured checkered lids. Ideal for storing those DIY spice blends, jams, sauces, and baby foods you’ve made with your Bamix.


Bamix Configurator

Well, actually, this section is doing that for you! We think this is a great idea, and that was the point anyway of this whole article… so that we could help you configure your own perfect Bamix blender set.


 Bamix Luxuryline 


A bit of bling luxury in terms of the blender body colours offered here. From white and black, to black beauty, carbon, copper, chrome, starlet and princess, gold crown, and the ultimate 24 carat gold queen model.



Blender accessories

blender blades (multi-purpose, whisk, beater, meat mincer), wet/dry mill processor, powder disc,  400 ml and 600 ml bamix beakers, 1000 ml jug and stand.



Additional luxuryline blender accessories… more is more when it comes to bling !

Of course, going a little over the top, in style,  we would add these from Amazon… the Alessi 24 carat gold plated bowl to hold your grapes,  or a Fitz and Floyd cake stand so you can have your cake and eat it.

Bamix toGo


This is a simple set aimed at the fit and busy bamix customer ! The idea is to make a smoothie, juice, soup etc in the beaker and run with it!


Blender accessories included

It comes with blender blades (multi-purpose, whisk, beater, mincer),  a 500ml thermo beaker and a recipe booklet.


Alternative accessory

You could go for the silver coloured thermos branded stainless steel jars, but we personally love the mira stainless steel powder-coated colour range. They’re so versatile, and you can probably choose a favourite colour , or even one to tone in with your own Bamix !

mira food jars

Bamix BBQ (Grill & Chill)


 They say the ideal gift for men and BBQ lovers  –  it comes in Black !


Blender accessories included

blender blades ( multi-purpose, whisk, beater, meat mincer), processor, power disc, 400ml and 600ml beakers, stand, bbq recipe booklet and apron.



Alternative blender accessory

Aprons are a bit personal don’t you think ? Sadly we also feel that maybe a branded one just looks like you got it for free. Personally, we like this one on Amazon in most countries “Under NY Sky” no tie, classic, split leg apron, adjustable for men or women ( women bbq too don’t they !)



Well this is the Superbox set really, in black or cream colours. So just buy the baking or superbox if you see it. Nothing to add or replace here as its pretty perfect don’t you think… ok then, you’ve twisted my arm.


Blender accessories included

blender blades ( multi-purpose, whisk, beater, meat mincer), processor, powder disc, 400ml and 600ml bamix beakers, 1000ml jug, stand, SliceSy and a baking recipe booklet ‘Happiness is Homemade’


Additional ‘pièce de résistence’ accessory

How about this gorgeous vintage looking cream cake tray with glass dome shown here on Amazon, to show off the final results!

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  1. Marsha Love

    Hello, Can you tell me if Barmix blades are universal across all models. Mine is old a M122 Thanks

    • aoibheann

      As far as I know, yes, I believe they are the same.

  2. Dimos

    Hello there! I was wondering if you could help me please with an info that I cannot verify: is SliceSy and Processor (dry and wet) compatible with Bamix Gastro 350W (G3)? Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • admin

      Hi there, as far as I am aware, you should be able to use all the attachments with this model. The design is the same on the end of all the shafts, and you just slot the shaft into the processor etc to power it. On top of that, the gastro model 350W has plenty of power to use the SliceSy and the Processor. I have also seen the gastro used with the processor in a video. So i say a confident YES.

  3. Sheila

    I need to update my kitchen electricals! Rarely use a ‘standard’ food processor as only 2 of us and it’s bulky and awkward. I make soups, and bases for soups and curries with spices etc. so need something that will do both. Also fine chopping of veg. I’ve looked at Bamix in the past but been slightly worried about buying as I want to get the right combination. Any advice appreciated.

    • admin

      Hi Sheila, sorry for the delay, we’ve been travelling in deepest rural France !
      Looks like you are in a similar position to us. I didn’t replace my old food processor as I rarely used it. However I did miss being able to slice and grate quantities with it. I use my hand blender every day and I got the Bamix Swissline as it is one of the comes with the wet/dry processor and that takes care of my chopping needs for small quantities and for nuts, spices, hard cheeses etc. I still chop veg a lot with a knife but I have to say that I still want to get the SliceSy though so that I can slice and grate more easily – for now I use a standard grater or the mandoline. The SliceSy is bigger than the chopper / processor so if you want something to do your veg i think you will need the SliceSy. So you need to go for the Superbox package or one of the new packages that contain the SliceSy and I would advise a min. 1600W to work with this ( that’s what the Bamix distributor told me).
      If you want to look at other products to do all these things have a look at the Sage / Breville All in one or the Braun MQ9087x. I have in depth posts on both of these and also a post on how to choose the best braun hand blender set for you. You might find something else like an MQ 7 suits your needs.
      Do get back to me and let me know if this helps get you closer to choosing the right one for you – and ask away if you have any other questions. I’m on my way back to the island now so will hopefully be able to reply more quickly.

  4. Louise

    Hi, have just received my new chopping blade, but have no idea how to get the old broken blade off the holder. This blade broke while I was chopping almonds. (been chopping almonds in my Bamix for years and years)

    • admin

      Hi Louise, that’s strange. The answer depends on a few things, so if you would be kind enough to let me know… Which chopping bowl did you have – the older dry mill, or the more recent wet/dry mill also known as the processor. Who did you buy it from originally, and by the way how old was it ? thank-you

  5. John Davies

    Hi there all…
    Have just been reading all this as been looking into making pastry using the C blade, as I have arthritis & now finding it harder using my hands. Am teenager at heart but machinery 70 this year!? Anyway, wanted to try this before buying sliceasy att. Bought Bamix at London Ideal Home Ex 9 yrs ago. At the time was hesitant as so costly-but, its worth its weight in gold. I use it so many times a week, could not do without it! I do all cooking & baking for myself & wife-totally in my element in the kitchen. Will try the C for pastry. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hello John, how lovely to hear from you. Good luck with the pastry. About the C blade – the multi purpose blade. This is the one that usually comes with the Bamix machine ( even if you only get one blade). Do you have this already? We use this blade most of the time ( although the whisk blade has been a new joyful discovery for mixing ground ginger and tumeric into orange juice perfectly!). Let us know how you get on. If young at heart means a facebook user, please do like the facebook page and join the private group where we can discuss lots and share interesting things.) or sign up to be an email subscriber for a direct link to Paul and me, and get the freebies.

      On the subject of the SliceSy… you would need that for more kneading jobs I feel. Also, do you travel a lot – or have a holiday home you travel to ? I ask because I’ve just been travelling with hand luggage only, and missed being able to take my Bamix with hand luggage only. I am very tempted by the Masha 2x list in mashing and batter making, and great for arthritic hands by all accounts. It’s just a alternative for you to look at as it’s less than half the price of the sliceSy at the moment.

      • John Davies

        Thank you for the comprehensive reply. Yes, I have the A,B,C & meat chopping blades as well as the wet/dry mill. I use the bamix almost more than anything in the kitchen. Apart from kettle & oven! The ease of cleaning, compared to our old liquidiser & blender/mixer, is fantastic. We do travel on hols, but its activity hols where I mountainbike, sail & windsurf but meals all provided. Though a ‘recycled teenager,’ I have not yet got into the realms of facebook, unlike my wife-a keen user who does show me things of interest. A medical ‘blip’ at the mo so baking is in hold…..for a short while. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks again!x

        • admin

          Nice 🙂 Get well soon #bamixbuddy

    • Spike

      Hi, I want to buy either slicesy or processor (dry and wet). Slicesy is more expensive than the processor. And I saw that in addition to cutting vegetables, slicesy can also make powder. Can slicesy be as delicate as processor when making powder? For example, grinding coffee beans into powder. If the end result is the same, can I just buy slicesy then enough? Thank you!

      • aoibheann

        Hi Spike, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been working my way back to my winter island so lots of travelling and unpacking! I’ve just (finally) bought a sliceSy myself and brought it back with me. I also have the processor and the powder disk that works with the processor, and I use it all the time to powder nuts and seeds. The SliceSy doesn’t come with a powder disk and you would need that to make the powder. I’ve actually never heard of the SliceSy being used to make powder but I will put that question to Bamix for you.

  6. Nicky

    How can I change the blade in my grinding mill?

    • admin

      Hi Nicky, thanks for writing. We bought the Swissline with the processor ourselves (the wet and dry mill), not the dry only grinder so can’t examine it right now. We are not a dealer or anything and we don’t sell them but we are huge Bamix enthusiasts and want to know everything about them too. So we will try to get the answer for you from all the contacts we have.
      Maybe also join our facebook group and ask there incase we have other users with a grinder on it. (
      or sign up through the blog here to get more insight to what we are doing, and the freebies we are collecting to share with our subscribed cooks and chefs ( Kitchen hacks, mini recipe book ( which you need your bamix for!) etc
      In any case, watch this space and we will be back as soon as we can get some info. for you. If you get an answer first, please do post it here for everyone 🙂 Have a great Sunday, Aoibheann and Paul

    • admin

      Hi Nicky – we have been talking to the Bamix distributor here in Holland and the grinding mill we are talking about (which is made of completely clear plastic, NOT with a black or white base) has a blade and a vertical stalk that are both moulded together. This blade / stalk just lifts out of the mill easily. There is nobody on Amazon stocking the replacement part at great prices, but you can still get them from Bamix UK directly at the standard MRP (Manufacturers Recommended Price). Thankfully the part is only 12.50 euros over here so should be about 10-15 pounds in the UK.
      The UK contact email at the bamix distributor is and they should be able to deliver it to you. Hope that helps… Aoibheann & Paul

  7. Sally A Hasselbrack

    I have to replace the 4 attachments for my Bamix immersion blender and the 5 attachments ( graters and slicing) attachments. Do you sell replacements only for these 2 Bamix products?

    • admin

      Hi Sally, we have done an in depth review of our two Bamix machines but the blades will be the same for all. That’s the beauty and simplicity of Bamix 🙂 If you click through any of the Buy Now on Amazon links you will be shown similar products and should find everything you need there. Good luck, and thanks for asking.

      • Helen

        Hi there. Thanks for all this info. Really useful. I have just received a bamix Swiss line as an early Christmas present. Whoop! I’m totally in love. But I would love to get my hands on one of the bamix recipe books. I prefer having a booklet as I find screens annoying when I’m cooking! I don’t suppose there is a pdf of any of them? I’ve looked and looked and they go for stupid money on eBay here in the UK. Not been able to find one. Any ideas much appreciated! Thanks

        • aoibheann

          Oh congratulations ! I don’t have a Bamix recipe book but let me look into that and I’ll get back to you with any info.

    • admin

      Hi Sally, how did you get on… Did you get everything you needed? Aoibheann

      • Steve

        Hi there, can you tell me the shaft length on the Baking model please?

        • admin

          Hello, the shaft length is the shortest one. The same as mine on the Swissline /Colorline / Deluxe / Superbox sets etc. You’ll find all three Bamix lengths on my ‘Which Bamix should I buy’ article. The shortest length is the standard shaft length = 5 ⅜” (5.8 inches) = approx. 14cm: can immerse up to 29.5cm
          The only time you get the longer shafts are in the gastro range


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