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NEWS: The latest Braun MultiQuick hand blender has arrived !

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Which Braun MQ blender is the best value, the latest, the most popular, or the most able ?

Introducing…… the latest, cool looking MQ5064 black and blue ( or MQ5060 white and blue) FIT range -to help us all deliver healthier meals ( you know, courgette spagetti, carrot ribbons, cucumber noodles and all that kind of thing ! )

It features an electric spiralizer which, by the way, is also part of the 1.25 Litre chopper jug attachment… strong enough even to chop ice !

The black model is aptly named SHAPE, and the white one TWIST. 


Bamix gastro white hand blender featuring wall holder and all four Bamix blades

Click through to Amazon to see this current favourite, and the latest entry to the Braun MultiQuick series hand blender range. 


MQ 5064 Specifications

1 hand speed control of 21 Speeds + turbo button

Powerful 750 Watts (UK and Europe) = 400 Watts (USA and Canada)



EasyClick action – to release and connect all attachments

Powerbell Plus  – extra knife on blender leg blade to cut bigger pieces

Splashcontrol – special shaped bell end to reduce splatter.




Our current ‘great buy’ product from Amazon UK

The new healthy Braun hand blender


We’ll tell you all the reasons why we love Braun hand blenders, but before we go there, we are finally so proud to see them introduce their latest new vegetable spiralizer model as part of Braun’s biggest and most popular multiquick range, the MQ 5 series.

  • So is it now the best spiraliser you can buy ? Braun claims it does its spiralizing 35% faster than any other stand-alone electric spiralizer.
  • It features the easyclick attach and detach system (just squeeze either side and the leg comes away from blender body), so you can go from spiralling to blending, chopping or pureeing in a matter of seconds.
  • You can also increase the functionality by adding the other accessories and attachments Braun offer for whisking, mashing and food processing.

So finally you can have the full set – you can have it all !

Which Braun hand blender is the best one to buy now ?


Apart from this new MQ 5 model, the MultiQuick 9 series is the most recent and technically advanced, and the MQ 7 series in between, introduced the best range of packages with its food processing bowl and ice crushing jug.

In our in depth review of the MultiQuick 9 series hand blenders, and the MQ 9097 and 9087x in particular, you can see of course that these are the highest end models from Braun. Of course we love the extra technology in the MQ 9 series that means you have more power and a much more active blade ( the blade on the end of the blender shaft literally bounces up and down to make mashing and chopping about 40% faster and easier).

However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you – the MQ 9087x isn’t the one we actually happen to have ourselves, probably because of timing, and we also have our own Bamix blender now so we have all the power we need.

So, it all depends on your current circumstances and your needs of course. Our own Braun hand blender is not that old, and from the popular MultiQuick 5 series. But we know from your feedback, that quite a few people still have an old Braun hand blender – even about 20 years old ! Still just about working ok but not very powerful, and we know some attachments have broken bits so maybe this the time to dive back into the hand blender world and upgrade to this latest healthy model.

Jump to Our top 3 reasons we would buy one 

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Jump to MultiQuick 3 series

Jump to MultiQuick 1 series

Our top 3 reasons to buy a MultiQuick hand blender


We really feel you should know, apart from Braun always producing a quality product, our top reasons for loving our own Braun hand blender are:

1. the soft grip slim body

2. the easyclick way to attach and detach the blender leg / shaft,

3.  the extra-light weight

The ultra light weight doesn’t apply to all the blenders in the multiquick range however, and we have scoured every single one available to buy anywhere we can find it online, all over the world ! Our own Bamix blender is also lighter than most, but the particular Braun MultiQuick 5 series one we have is one of the lightest and is about 200g even lighter than our Bamix ! A slim handle and light weight are so important to many users  – say with small, weak or arthritic hands, for seniors, or tired mums perhaps handling a baby in one arm and the hand blender in the other !

So right now and in the next section, let’s bring you some of our favourites on offer with these qualities -based on price and best value for money, attachments, and availability.

The most popular entry level Braun hand blenders.

The most favourite two MultiQuick 5 buys are at the entry level.

MQ 505

Still the best value entry level Braun in the USA and Canada – it comes with the 600ml jug and the whisk attachment. In Europe, this is not available so we will take you to the best entry level model for you, MQ 520 which comes with the jug and the small 350ml chopper attachment (instead of the whisk).

Bamix gastro white hand blender featuring wall holder and all four Bamix blades

Click through to Amazon to see the best deal in your country. 

MQ 523 Baby

The most ultra light Braun is the MQ 523 baby, ( about another 100g lighter than ours ! ) and as well as the 600ml beaker and the small 350ml / 1.5 cup chopping bowl. You also get a helpful 9 piece silicone freezer tray and spatula for preparing your baby food.


Bamix gastro white hand blender featuring wall holder and all four Bamix blades

Click through to Amazon to see the best deal in your country. 

Braun tout an amazing statistic in Europe that “98% of German mothers would recommend the MQ Baby to their best friend” !

MQ 735 Sauce

This MQ 7 series blender has the smart button that you squeeze for more speed, the child lock and the premium black finish. The chopping bowl with this set is the medium ( 500ml / 2 cup) one.   It has exactly the combination of attachments we have to make sauces, soups, dips, smoothies, mayonnaise & dressings, quick smooth ice creams etc.


Bamix gastro white hand blender featuring wall holder and all four Bamix blades

Click through to Amazon to see the best deal in your country. 

The models ending in 25 and 35 digits are very popular. We prefer the ‘Sauce’ models ending in 35 (e.g.  MQ735, MQ535, MQ5035 (vario)). You can get this in the MQ 9 series but if you are going with MultiQuick9 , we still prefer the full package MQ9097 or almost full MQ9087x. 

*** Our Current Top Pick ***

 Are the Braun MultiQuick hand blenders the best, and the most popular ?

Braun say their hand blenders give maximum versatility and the range has developed over decades. They seemed to leave the hand blender scene for almost a decade but came back in 2016 with the new product lines.

Does Braun have the biggest range of hand blenders?


We haven’t counted them but the feeling here is that the winner of that title lies either with Cuisinart or Braun. Both have so many models, and it’s difficult to find them all everywhere or understand the differences. Cuisinart is an American brand with most of its sales there. Braun, now also owned by De Longhi is truly a global brand in its manufacturing and sales. read on …


Reviewing the Braun hand blender brand


Braun like to offer so much to its users and we have to work hard to keep on top of it in all the countries. They have told us personally…

‘ALL models should be the same specification world-wide, but it’s just that not ALL models are available in every country’.

So this adds to the confusion because when users look online they see everything Braun has ever offered online, and, expect it to be offered everywhere ! On top,  there is some mis-representation where the pictures and what’s included don’t match.  Support staff also don’t always have the right answers, so this is why we are doing this ourselves.

It has been a labour of love to decipher the Braun range itself, and wade through all the errors on the internet, the names and the model numbers, the attachments and colours, what’s discontinued, out of stock etc. Dog with a bone would be another way to describe it ! We have built a huge table of offerings offline to keep us straight, and now that it has become so much clearer to us, it’s time to share.

Bit by bit, we’ll bring you the favourites, and the little tricks to understanding the range. We have a lot to write, so keep refreshing your page as we update. Also please do comment or email us directly if you would like to contribute, discuss, or ask any questions.

Understanding the Braun hand blender range.


With the MultiQuick range, you have several product lines – MQ 1, 3, 5 ,7 and 9 Series.

Within the MQ 3 and MQ 5 series, they are also subdivided into Braun MQ3 VARIO with an 11 speed wheel and MQ5 VARIO series with a 22 speed wheel, on the top of the handle. There are even a few MultiQuick 5 hand blenders that start with MR not MQ  e.g. the MR 5555 MCA model.

So the complication comes to a peak in the MQ 5 range, because this was a changing time with Braun’s offerings.  It is the largest, most popular, and most complicated range to decipher. (… but it was worth it !) . It’s interesting that the new Spiralizer model was added to this range too.



The colours started with white, with a grey or green button on the one speed one button MQ 1 series. Then on to white, with a blue or grey button covering on the 2 speed MQ3 series.

The MQ 5 series shows the greatest range of colours – from an almost full grey top to the new all black look body and steel shaft (leg), followed by an offering of some models in both colours ( black on black, and grey on white). Now to the latest offering in either black or white, with a bright blue button area and accent line lower down at the easy click spot.

The black colour is carried on into the MQ7 series, but with a bright green accent on the button, to show off the new smart speed technology when you press the button. The MQ 9 series continues the black with green accent theme by adding a green line at the bottom of the body to show off the new active blade area.



The MQ 1 and MQ 3 series use mainly plastic as the main material, with a stainless steel blade of course. The MQ 3 series moves at some points from the plastic shaft to a steel one. The plastic top and steel leg or shaft as we know it, then continue as the main materials in the MQ 5, 7 and 9 series. The 600ml jug or beaker and other such parts are made of BPA free material, and are dishwasher proof.



Braun start with one speed on the MQ 1 series, 2 speeds on the MQ 3 series. The 11 speed variable speed wheel is introduced on the top of the MQ 3 VARIO series, and the two buttons still used on the handle – one for turning the speed on or off and one for turbo pulsing action.

The MQ 5 continues with this 2 button 2 speed style on the MQ 5 and 2 button turbo + variable speed wheel on top of the MQ 5 VARIO series – this time with 22 speeds. Still some of the most popular models – the MQ 523 baby and MQ 505 shown above have the 2 speed option.

The variable speed wheel disappears on the MQ 7 and 9 series and is replaced with a variator button for speeds. This is the new smartspeed button where you just squeeze more to increase the speed.



Here is what we found for power – we’re listing UK / European power below but you’ll find it can vary around the world.

For instance,  600 Watts UK is usually 350 Watts USA, 750 Watts UK usually 400 Watts USA, and 1000 Watts UK usually 700 Watts USA.

We have seen that sometimes you will find UK / European models for sale in the USA / Canada but read the user comments – it seems a simple convertor or transformer works perfectly. So with Amazon you can access more than just the models made only for the U.S. market.

The MQ 1 series has a power of 450 Watts (UK), the MQ 3 series started with 550Watts ( UK) , moving on to 700 Watts (UK) for most of the variable speed models, but the more recent ones… the 4 digit ones beginning with ’31’ , i.e. the MQ 3100 Vario Smoothie +, MQ3126 spice, and MQ3137 sauce all have 750 Watts (UK).

The MQ 5 series 2 speed models have a power of 600 Watts (UK), and the 22 variable speed models have 750 Watts (UK).

All the MQ 7 series have 750 Watts (UK) ,  and the MQ 9 series models have 1000 Watts (UK).


Understanding the Model numbers and names

We have so much to tell you on these but for here’s a little summary. They all start with MQ followed by the number of the series e.g. MQ 5. There will be either 3 numbers altogether, or 4 more numbers. The MQ 1 series has 3 numbers ( e.g. MQ 100), the MQ 3 and MQ 5 series both have both either 3 and 4 digits – usually the 4 digit models belong to the variable speed VARIO ranges. The MQ 7 series has 3 digits, and the MQ 9 series has 4 !

We’re trying to work out a pattern for these numbers and so far we have come up with a few interesting observations e.g. models with a 25 on the end include the small chopper ( 1.5 cup / 350 ml),  and 35 means the medium one ( 2 cup / 500 ml) is included e.g. MQ 525 and MQ 535. If this 5 then changes to 7 on the end ( e.g. MQ 725, MQ 727 )  then a masher is added to that package.

We saw earlier that in the MQ 3 series, the 1 as the second digit went with models that had the highest 750 W power in that range. In the MQ 5 series, for models where  both white and black colours are offered, we see the 4 digit code has the second digit as 0 for white, and 1 for black  e.g MQ 5037 and MQ 5137. Let’s see if Braun keep these patterns up !

We haven’t figured out why some models have an X on the end, but will let you know when we do. If you see a + on the end, it usually means another attachment or accessory has been thrown into the package for you. Sometimes the colours are denoted with a BK for black or WH for white at the end of the model name.


Which attachments go with which Braun MQ hand blender series ?

Ah now this is a new research… starting right now. Don’t you ever wonder why you can’t just buy the hand blender body you want, and then add attachments as you go. Well I want to find out for each series, which attachments you can keep adding. Trouble is, what is ‘offered’ or allowed to be purchased seems to vary in different parts of the world. The great thing about Amazon though is that you could buy what you want, see what works and send it back immediately if it doesn’t work ! If you get any ‘on the ground’ information on this, please please do comment and let us all know.

So, there are probably 2 reasons why attachments will or will not be offered with the different models.

1. It could just be a marketing decision in that region ( it seems each Braun region is autonomous)

2. Technical reasons why it won’t work. one technical reason being that the connecting parts are different. We did have a user in Australia tell us that the MQ 7 and MQ9 are different.

Braun MQ9, MQ7, MQ5 body connector for attachmentHere’s a picture of what I can buy in Spain. Mq9 on the left, MQ7 in the middle, MQ5 on the right.    

What can you do with each Braun hand blender ?

Along with the model numbers come names – which seem to represent what you may be able to make with each Braun hand blender. For example,

SOUP, DIP, CURRY ( yes really –  a steel shaft so you don’t get turmeric stains ! ) for the basic model

SMOOTHIE for a variable speed basic model

CREAM if you have the whisk attachment

PESTO or PASTA if you have the small chopper bowl

BABY with the spatula and silicone freezer tray to store your blended baby food

PUREE if you add the masher attachment

OMELETTE ( or OMELET ) or SPAGETTI if you have the small chopper and whisk

and SAUCE if you have the medium chopper bowl

Then SPICE if you have the spice / coffee grinder

APERITIVE ( or APERITIF ) or COCKTAIL if you have that same large jug with ice chopping blade

FIT if you have the large 1.25L spiralizer jug and attachments

PATISSERIE (or BUFFET ) if you have the food processor

and perhaps…

GOURMET if you have the lot !


MQ 9 Series – a summary


9 models found online: MQ 9005(X), MQ 9027x, MQ 9035, MQ 9037(X), MQ 9038 (A/X), MQ9045(X), MQ9047, MQ9087x, MQ9097.

The MQ 930cc and MQ940cc are the cordless versions. and The MQ940cc is the most recent, and the highest specification. We’ve covered that also in a review of the best cordless hand blenders to buy now.

We have another post on the MQ 9087x and the Braun MQ 9 series in general, so, for the moment we’ll let you skip over there to read about it whilst we fill you in on all the other series below. We’ll work our way down the series, starting with the MultiQuick 7 range.

MultiQuick 7 – the best range of packages


MQ 7 hand blenders

The MQ 7 series is where the sleek premium black / stainless steel design starts,  and the smart speed technology where you only have to squeeze one button to get all those speeds. Additionally, it adds a safety element with the child lock ! The first cordless model also came out in the MQ 7 series and then improved in the MQ 9 series. Check that out in our separate post about cordless hand blenders – it came in our top 4 cordless hand blender models there. 

The multiquick 7 series is easier to understand. All models have the higher power of 750Watts (13300rpm) in the UK and Europe, and 400Watts in the USA and Canada. The multiquick 7 introduces the new SMARTSPEED technology with that green line around the big speed button near the top of the blender. Note that it doesn’t have the green line on the body at the end near the leg / shaft, that represents the active blade of the MQ 9 series.  The harder you press the faster the speed. This, by the way, replaces the VARIO ( variable speed ) wheel on the top of the multiquick 5 series blender handle. It’s a great addition for arthritic, seniors or small hands. For children, or safety in general, braun also introduce an on/off safety lock too.

It continues to feature the great easyclick system for attachments, and the nice softgrip handle, plus the anti-splash, quiet operation, and the ultra hard stainless steel knife /  blade.


MQ 7 packages

From the MultiQuick 7 series, the most popular entry level is the 4 in 1 package of MQ735 sauce with its 500ml chopping bowl, whisk and jug – or the little sister MQ725 version of the same package with the smaller 350ml bowl. We are seeing great prices for these packages. It makes a perfect sleek black starter set and you can add more attachments later.

The MQ7 series has always been reported to have the ‘best range’ of packages ( we have 10 listed packages).

MQ700 soup, MQ 725 Omelette, MQ 727 Omelette, MQ 735 Sauce, MQ745 Aperitive, MQ 757, MQ 775 Patisserie, MQ 777 gourmet,  MQ 775 Patisserie Plus, MQ 787 gourmet, oh plus the two cordless varieties but these seem to have been upgraded in the MQ 9 series.

This series takes Braun to new levels, and on up from the usual 3-in-1  / 4-in-1 sets. It begins to complete with stand alone blenders and food processors, by introducing a  1.25 L MQ 40 ice crushing jug and the MQ 70 1.5 Litre food processor attachment.

It’s interesting however that in this last year Braun is introduce some of these higher end attachments from the MQ 7 series and the spice grinder also, into some of the MQ 5 and MQ 3 range now too.

For example, in the UK, the MQ3126 VARIO includes the MQ 60 spice and coffee grinder. In Australia, the 700W MQ 3045 Aperitive includes the 1.25 litre ice crusher, and in the USA and Canada it is the MQ545 and MQ 5045 Aperitive has this large chopper. In the UK the MQ5077 / MQ5177, and in S. Africa, the MQ5177 Buffet,  includes the food processor attachment. So it seems that Braun are continuing to look after its customers loyal to each multiquick range.

The latest 2019 spirilizer attachment was in some ways a surprise to be introduced to the MQ 5 series instead of the MQ7. However, the MQ 5 series has been the most popular and loyal range so Braun knows its users well !

Braun MultiQuick 5 series – the most popular range

This series includes the MQ5,  MQ5 Vario, and MR series. It has been the most popular, and leading loyalty range. It’s also the largest and probably the most affordable range. So all those old Braun users that had their hand blender for about 20 years could then easily buy a new replacement from this range. It was the first range to really start pushing the boundaries and has the largest number of packages ( we have about 25 listed !) .

All the MQ 5 series have the stainless steel shaft that was introduced during the MQ 3 range development. It was introduced to be lighter ( they say 30% lighter than other hand blenders) , with the softgrip handle and slim design. All models also have the easyclick for attachments.

The MQ 5 series has a power of 600W in the UK and Europe and 350Watts in the US and Canada, the MQ 5 Vario series is mostly 750 Watts ( UK and Europe) and 400Watts in other parts of the world including USA and Canada . It introduces the powerbell plus blender shaft with ultra hard blades.

MultiQuick 5

Braun MQ 5 range basic hand blender style

Braun MQ 5 range basic hand blender style

 Braun MQ 5 range basic hand blender style

Colours – all grey

You will see the all grey top on the MQ 500 and all models with 3 digits after the MQ. The exception is the MQ 505 in the USA and Canada, it has the same style but is all black on top.

By the way, the white bottom part is attached to the steel shaft ( the blender leg) not the top body part.

MultiQuick 5 VARIO

Colours – grey on white, all black, and now blue on white or black !

You will see this grey and white top on the MQ 5 Vario models. They will all have the variable speed wheel on top and 4 digits after the MQ letters.

Like the MQ 5 series, there is an all black exception ! The MQ 5025 BK is the same style but all black top.

Now with the new MQ 5060 and MQ 5064 Fit models, we have this style in Black with blue buttons, and white with blue buttons.


MQ Vario 5137 and MQ Vario 5177

Colours – black or white

So, this range is where Braun start to introduce the black top hand blender. Usually, within the 4 digit model number of the MQ 5 series Vario range, the second digit represents the colour: 0 for white, 1 for black. The MQ 5077 is white with grey buttons, the MQ 5177 is black with black buttons. The MQ5037 is white with grey buttons and the MQ5137 should be an all black blender with steel shaft. Notice that the leg is also the new style of the MQ 7 and MQ 9 series.

They are also part of the Braun Identity range where you can match different Braun household (kitchen) products to make a matching set !





Braun MultiQuick 3 series – the beginning of the change

MQ 3, MQ 3 Vario series hand blenders

This series has three different looking models. The  MQ3 with 2 speeds – there are two types – the 3 digit models and the 4 digit models. And the later developed MQ3 Vario with 11 variable speeds You’d be forgiven if you were most confused by this range because there were so many changes suddenly. It’s where the super EasyClick system, the second turbo speed button, and the variable speed wheel were all introduced. Just a note, we don’t see the Braun MQ 3 ranges made for American voltage, just UK / European). Although you may see them available to buy in the US.

MQ 3 ( 3 digit models)

5 models: MQ 300 soup, MQ300 curry ( steel leg) MQ 320 pasta, MQ 320 pesto (steel leg), MQ325 Omelette, MQ 325 Spagetti (Steel leg).

The 3 digit MQ3 range is usually white with a grey button. All have plastic legs except those indicated. Power is usually 550 Watts, with the two speed button and softgrip handle. The powerbell plus blade and splashproof technology are all employed and the attachments come off with an easy twist. Braun themselves don’t seem to promote the 3 digit models any more.

Image: MQ 300 soup model ( without attachments shown )


MQ 3 (4 digit models)

9 models: MQ 3000 Smoothie, MQ 3005 Cream, MQ 3020 pasta / pesto (plastic and steel leg), MQ 3025 spagetti/Omelette (plastic and steel leg), MQ 3035 Sauce, MQ 3045 Aperitive, MQ 3038 Spice.Image: Blue MQ 3000 2 speed, and the dark Grey MQ VARIO models ( without attachments shown )


3 models: MQ 3100 Smoothie, MQ 3126 Spice, MQ 3137 Sauce.

The MQ 3 Vario range offers a variable speed wheel on the top of the blender, with 11 speeds. They are usually all white, with a dark grey button. The power is 750 Watts, 11 speeds,  plus the turbo button still. The legs are all steel, and the EasyClick system, Powerbell blade, and Splashproof technology are all used.

 MultiQuick 1 – the original basic range


The MQ 1 series is a basic model and comes in 3 models – the MQ100 soup, dip or curry variety.   The idea behind the names is essentially what Braun think you could be making with your blender. The clever curry model has a steel leg instead of a plastic one so that you don’t have to worry about staining it with spices like turmeric. Nice one Braun ! 
They should all come with the 600ml jug,  450Watts power ( UK) and one speed.

The MQ100 soup is all white with a green button, and the MQ 100 dip is all white with a grey button. The MQ 100 curry is white plastic top with a grey button. The shaft or leg of the soup and dip versions are all plastic, the MQ100 curry has a stainless steel leg so is a little more expensive, or less cheap would be more fair to say !



Braun hand blender attachments and accessories

The attachments also have an MQ code. So here are the codes if you want to add one to your set.


MQ10 = whisk

for whipping cream, beating eggs, making egg whites, whisking light batter eg pancakes.

The whisk accessory comes with the whisk gearbox and quite a light whisk !


MQ20 = the small 350 ml chopping bowl

 to chop carrots, herbs, etc

The 350 ml chopper accessory comes with the chopping bowl, and an anti-slip rubber ring under the bowl, the bowl lid which includes the gear, and of course a chopping blade. 


MQ30 = the medium 500 ml chopper:

500 ml chopper to chop carrots, meat, onions, etc. to make salsas and sauces.

The 350 ml chopper accessory comes with the chopping bowl, and an anti-slip rubber ring under the bowl, the bowl lid which includes the gear, and of course a chopping blade. 


MQ40 = the large 1250 ml jug  which we refer to as the ice chopping jug !

It can chop, mix, blend and crush ice. It has 2 knives 1 for chopping, 1 for ice crushing.


MQ50 = the masher leg attachment

for potato and vegetable mashing and puréeing cooked fruit & vegetables. The puree accessory comes with a gearbox, puree shaft, and  paddle ( the plastic blade that fits in the end of the shaft).


MQ60 = the spice grinder / coffee grinder.

Braun USA they say this is to work with the MQ5 and 7 series)


MQ70 = 1500 ml food processor bowl 

to chop, mix, slice and shred.


Appendix – a few helpful measurement conversions.


When we use cups and ounces ( oz), or litres and millilitres (ml), the following guide will help you to understand exactly what you are getting in different areas of the world.

For the food processor attachment: 1.5 Litres = 6 cups

For the ice crushing chopper jug: 1.25L = 5 cups

For the chopping bowls you get: 500ml = 2 cups; 350ml = 1.5cups

For the beaker that comes with all models: 600ml approximately = 20 fluid oz





  1. Anne

    Love your full review thanks! Can you clarify if you know; I know the 9 series have different attachments completely, but does the series 3 vario fit accessories of seres 5/7?

    • Aoibheann

      Hello Anne, and huge apologies for the wait. Your message has only just appeared for us to see, but I can see you posted it on the 22nd…strange! You’ve asked a question I’m afraid I don’t know the exact answer to and the accessories are something I want to tackle this year ! I do personally think that all easyclick attachments will fit the blenders with the easyclick feature, but I’d like Braun to confirm that to me. I say that because I notice that they are now referring to the mq9 series attachments as ‘Easyclick plus’.
      However, I will ask braun for you. That should get me started ! Do you have a model number that you can give me ( I know they might ask me for it ). I’ll also put it out on our facebook and instagram and Amazon incase another user has a comment. Which region are you based in, and which region did you buy your vario series 3 ? N. America, UK , Europe? It might matter!


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