Rechargeable battery operated handblenders

The best cordless hand blenders to buy today

and and in-depth cordless hand blender review for the KitchenAid Artisan ( Pro line ) 5 speed immersion blender

The 4 top brands that made it into our final set of 6, for the best cordless stick blender, ranging from entry level up to pro-grade. (click on the name to jump to that section)


KitchenAid (1)


Waring (1)


Braun (1)


Cuisinart (3)


We detail the top 6 battery operated sticks in this article. You will still see many more online but be aware that they may not even be manufactured or supported any more.

You will also see a lot of cordless hand held mixers, and these 2 top cordless whisks (one has a lifetime guarantee ! , the other charged via USB port ). These are usually just strong enough for frothing coffee, or beating an egg. Brilliant at what they do, but not covered in detail here so click over here to see our favourite few across the globe .

Our research also brought us cordless hand blenders from Bosch, Phillips and Breville but …sadly,  the user reviews,  availability or support, means they didn’t make it into our final list. Breville however is a total star on our latest star product review (open it up in a new window here)



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The 6 best rechargeable (cordless) hand blenders

A hand blender is convenient, with all the blending, puréeing, chopping and whisking tasks it can do for you, without having to take up counter space. A cordless hand blender is even more convenient, without even a lead ( an electric cord) to worry about. The cord can be a real pain as it dips into food, drags things with it. You’d be surprised how often kitchens are designed without a convenient outlet near the stove too ! So sometimes you can’t even reach your food. This is where the cordless versions come into their own. You charge the battery up, attach it to the stick, and start using it – without the need to be tied to electricity with a cord. It’s not so easy to find them, and you pay a bit more for the privilege of being free from the cord, so we’ve made it easy by choosing and reviewing the best 6 with links to where you can buy them.

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1. Kitchenaid

The KitchenAid Cordless Handblenders

KitchenAid make the well known Kitchenaid Artisan Cordless in the UK, Ireland, Germany in fact all of Europe! . In the USA and Canada , the same product is called the the KitchenAid Pro-line immersion blender.

For all countries, click the Amazon buttons shown below to find the best deal for where you live, as prices can vary country to country.

The KitchenAid cordless hand blender is our top prosumer choice !

Let’s cut to the chase first. Honestly, we love the brand and it’s a brilliant brand in every way, but it isn’t cheap to buy and it falls in between the our annual winners of the best pro grade and best home cook hand blender set. So, whilst KitchenAid cordless didn’t actually make it as our top prosumer hand blender for 2020 ( Bamix took that spot) , the Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender comes a close second ( electric or cordless ). If we had a cordless category, it would be our number 1.

The cordless model is a quiet and efficient multitasking master of a machine, and is essentially the same specification as the corded 5-speed version from Kitchenaid (on Amazon). It is an award winner anyway even against electric models. John Whaite, Telegraph food writer and former Great British Bake Off champion voted the cordless version his first choice blender out of all hand-blenders.

Click through to see the correct version for your country  – use the flags under each picture to guide you.


NEWS April 2020

It looks like most of the stock in the U.K. has run out. You have two options. The Cuisinart model is still in stock right now, so click UK Cuisinart to see it. Or if you only wanted the higher end KitchenAid, we would advise going or this equivalent corded KitchenAid blender – click UK KitchenAid to see it.

We’ll keep checking and update the links. Sorry about that – thanks for your patience !

The “Pro Line series 5-speed” immersion blender

(U.S. & Canada version)

Frosted Pearl KitchenAid 12V battery operated cordless hand blender box set with accessories

The “Artisan Cordless” hand blender

(U.K. & Europe version)

Empire Red KitchenAid 12V battery operated cordless hand blender box set with accessories

Key features of the KitchenAid blenders

In the U.S., it is called the Pro Line series cordless hand blender. In the U.K. it is called the Artisan Cordless. They are essentially the same model number.


Color (or Colour !)

The Pro line (US / Canada) comes in a candy apple red, an onyx black, and a sugar pearl silver. The Artisan (UK & Europe) comes in an Empire red.


Height 36cm x Width 18.2cm x Depth 14.2cm (19″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″)

No. of speeds

5 speeds (From 610 rpm up to 11,000 rpm)


1.3kg (5 lbs)

The Box

What´s included in the KitchenAid Cordless Box


12V rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, and battery charger


Removable pan guard to snap on your blades when in use, so no saucepan damage


3 bell guards to protect your blades when they aren’t being used


A graduated 1 Litre BPA-free pitcher jug


Chopper bowl with a non-slip base, a good size at ( 600ml / 2.5cup ) for herbs, nuts, veg.


Whisk for whipping, aerating & emulsifying (e.g. egg whites, mayonnaise, vinaigrettes and mousses, whipped cream, hollandaise sauce, puddings / desserts)

2 easy twist and lock in stainless steel blending arms for blending, crushing, or puréeing. (2 lengths – 20cm and 33cm / 8 inch and 13 inch)

Three interchangeable stainless steel bell blades. S blade: the main blade to blend, crush, puree: use it for smoothies, milkshakes, soups, sauces, baby food, cake icing, and crushed ice. Star blade: to shred or mince cooked meats: use it for making meatballs and burgers. Frothing/beating blade: for all the light things like frothing milk for your Latte and Cappuccinos, making batter for cakes, pancakes, crepes or muffin batter.


And… the lovely storage case to hold everything ♥

Hand blender specifications

our personal pros and cons


It´s high end, professional grade spec.


Battery-powered blender..so obviously… no annoying cord!


Easy to clean with a number of dishwasher safe parts.


Cool design, and the KitchenAid Artisan (on Amazon) comes in two gorgeous colours of red or silver.


5 speed settings that light up so you know where you are… love that feature.


An amazing multi-tasker with all the accessories included, that seem to tackle any task you could think of from frothing milk to ice crushing.


It will automatically power down after 60 seconds of not operating or being manually unlocked.


A handy hook at the back to hang it up when not in use ( we like this kind of detail).


Maybe just the price..but worth it we feel for all those accessories, the plus points above,  and the freedom it gives you to move around.


If we are being picky the colours are described a little differently on some sites and its hard to know if the colours have changed or the silver and metallic red is just displayed a little differently. On the official site they are called candy apple red and metallion silver.. sugar pearl silver, a lighter colour appears sometimes online but we love this too!

 2. Waring

 Waring Bolt Cordless

Have a look at the WARING BOLT cordless model WSB38X on Amazon, and if you see this model number with an extra ‘2’ on the end it just means it comes with an second 10.8V lithium ion battery pack.

***Please click the Amazon button below for todays deal in your country, as prices can vary ***

Waring is an American company, and it’s probably the most popular commercial stick blender company for chefs in the U.S.. Now it also makes powerful household models like the QUICK STIX, and the BOLT models for the residential  / pro home cook market. The Bolt It comes as a set with the battery charging/docking station with its quick-charging circuit ( 1.5 hrs no less!) ,  and a soft storage case for transporting.

The “Waring WSB38X” immersion blender

Key features of the Waring blender


178 mm / 7 inch removable dishwasher safe blending shaft for mixing up to 15 Ltrs ( Wow! )


10.8V lithium ion battery pack 


battery charging/docking station with 1.5-hour quick-charging circuit – that´s fast! 


LED indicator lights for speed and power status


Variable speed settings from 5,000 to 13,000 RPM


Colour: Black


Dimensions: 438(H) x 70(W) x 102(D)mm


Capacity: 15 litres

 3. Braun

 Braun Multiquick 7 & multiquick 9 Cordless

Our latest find on cordless models is from Braun. As usual though with Braun, it takes a long time to investigate the models, which are still made, supported, and sold all over the world. We love Braun, it’s an excellent brand so we plod on and will bring you the results when we are happy with our findings. Braun appear to make a cordless model in both the MultiQuick 7 series and the MultiQuick 9 series. There are two corresponding model names – the MR730cc or 740cc, and the MQ930cc or 940cc models. They’re quite elusive!

It’s hard to find them to buy… but you can click through and check what’s available on Amazon US here.  The 730cc / 930cc seems to come with a small charging base and 500ml chopper only, and some Braun sites state it is no longer available. So the MR 740cc and MQ 940cc seem to be the more comprehensive model to buy in our opinion.

The MQ940cc is the most recent and the highest specification that is available in the UK, Europe, US and Canada.
It’s a cool black stick blender on a sleek looking charger which also functions as a stand for the blender. The set includes a tall chopper ice crushing jug (1.25ml), the 500ml chopper and the beaker. The MQ40 tall chopper jug alone is an ideal 3 in 1 machine with its chopper, ice crusher and jug blender !

The best things about this Braun for sale is that users report that although it seems to come with a European plug, it  works great with a simple US plug convertor. You’ll still have to use your hand whisk though unless you can add the Braun MQ10 accessory to the set. From user reviews it sounds like it works with all the attachments from the MultiQuick 7  / 9 series! There is a  very long and interesting review on the MQ 904cc on Amazon U.S. that is well worth reading, it talks about the user getting both the MQ 777 and the MQ 940cc together to build the most comprehensive hand blender set EVER !

The same MQ 940cc model is listed in all countries too –   I wish we had seen this before now ! Click over here to Amazon to find yours.

The Braun cordless

Sadly, this Braun cordless model is quite elusive, and you might find it’s unavailable when you click through. In fact, we’re finding it more unavailable than available – and Amazon is the best site to check this. So our advice is… if it’s available – GET IT – and you won’t regret it.


Key features of the Braun cordless blender


Comes with a charging unit you can use to both recharge & store your hand blender


The 1250ml big chopper accessory is a real 3 in 1: it acts as a chopper, ice crusher and jug blender


Includes the Braun PowerBell for fast and perfect results


220-240 Volts (Not for use in USA)…see user reviews on Amazon about easy conversions


Colour: Black


Dimensions: 32 x 19.56 x 29.97 cm


Power: 1000 Watts


Capacity: 1 litre

4. Cuisinart

The Cuisinart Cordless Handblenders

Our winner for always delivering choices, and always great value

Cuisinart are always producing more models, to meet customer needs, where they want it most !  So you may find different models in different regions of the world. They’re all based on the smartstick model, but have 5 speeds, and an extra-long stainless steel shaft so that you can blend easily in hot liquids.


How many Cuisinart cordless handblenders are there ?

The short answer is – we found four. But not all available in every region.

Until October 2018, KitchenAid was the only cordless choice easily available in the UK. Now Cuisinart have developed their most popular model for the UK and Europe. The Cuisinart CSB300U 3 in 1 Cordless Hand Blender, Silver Finish  (includes the blender leg, masher leg, whisk and the charger/stand.)

The CSB300U is a fabulous mid- range model that does all the traditional tasks you’d want a hand blender to do. Like the KitchenAid it has 5 speeds, and 3 attachments for chopping/pureeing/mixing, whisking/frothing and mashing. The masher is also plastic so that you won’t scrape your pots.

The CSB300 sold in N. America is Cuisinart’s their top of the range cordless immersion blender and great value too, and the CSB300U would be the best value cordless hand blender UK.  Outside the UK, you will find similar sets based on the Smart Stick Cuisinart immersion blender.

The CSB400CD is a simpler package that serves as a good solid entry level model with the blending stick and just one extra attachment – the stainless steel fine but strong whisk . You might also find another very similar entry level model in N. America, which has a storage bag and variable speed wheel – it’s called the HB-600PC.


Cuisinart vs. KitchenAid

The  Cuisinart CSB-300 (shown on Amazon U.S) variable speed smartstick competes well with the Kitchenaid Pro-Line series. Both 5 speed, have a storage case, and

It is extremely competitively priced given all the attachments that come with it – including an electric knife attachment ( which KitchenAid don’t provide) !

Cuisinart smart stick CSB-300

Cuisinart cordless stick blender, CSB-300 stainless steel pro model with 3 attachments


Cuisinart smart stick CSB-300 variable speed cordless Stainless Steel rechargeable hand blender set (with electric knife !)

CSB 300 key features


8.0 volt lithium ion battery with quick charge feature


20 minutes of run time on each charge 


5 speed settings


Long, slim 9.5” stainless steel shaft with large 3” commercial designed blade


New Power automatic Lock/Unlock feature


electric knife attachment (carve a roast or slice a loaf of bread !)


Includes: 4 cup chopper for onions and vegetables, nuts, cheese and garlic, 4 cup measuring cup, whisk for meringue and whipped cream


Power handle with stainless steel deco plate


stainless steel blade


pouch type protective bag with zipper to safely store blender and attachments and carry them around with you


Limited 3 year warranty


BPA-free parts

Cuisinart smart stick CSB-300U

Cuisinart cordless smartstick blender, CSB-300, entry level model with 3 attachments

Mid-level, home cook 3 in 1 cordless hand blender set

CSB300U key features

Outside the regions we show, you may find options with beaker, whisk, and sometimes masher


(2) 3.9 volt lithium ion batteries (7.8 total volts) with quick-charge feature


compact charging stand


extra-long 8 3/4″ stainless steel blending arm


provides 20 minutes of continuous use


five adjustable speeds


Fully charged in 2.5 hours


Includes: whisk, masher,  4-cup measuring beaker


indicator light shows the battery level


5 year guarantee

Cuisinart smart stick CSB-400CD

Cuisinart cordless stick blender, CSB-400CD entry level model with 1 attachment


Entry level 1 size, 1 attachment cordless hand blender set

CSB-400CD key features


Long, slim 8¾” stainless steel shaft with large 3″ commercial – style blade guard


20 minutes of runtime per charge


Power Lock/Unlock feature


Includes: whisk and 4-cup measuring beaker


3″ commercial style blade guard


5 speed settings

See our Cuisinart cordless winner in your country

Cord or no cord

What cordless means

cordless handblender image

Rechargeable, battery operated

Cordless ( sometimes known as wireless in the U.S.) , rechargeable battery operated models do the same jobs as the corded electric ones – they’re just more portable… indoors, outdoors, abroad !


Do cordless hand blenders do the same job as electric hand blenders

They are all hand held blenders or processors used to mix and stir, blend and purée, mash and beat. They produce the same results from smoothies, juices, baby foods and soups. Do be though aware that some cordless ( not the ones covered in this article ) hand held blenders such as the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 are essentially only electric whisks. 


Are cordless hand blenders better ?

They’re definitely a little easier to use, because you don’t have to have a socket nearby to plug in, and if you are moving internationally you don’t need to worry about the electric supply. However, they can sometime be a little heavier because of the attached battery pack of course – but we think it’s worth it.  It’s on our wish-list !

5 great reasons to go with a cordless, rechargeable stick blender


For safety's sake

… or you´re a messy cook !

Who likes having to wipe the soup off the cord? Or have it mess up your apron or worse still your pale trousers as you move it around! Worse still, you could burn it over the hob. (If you continually find soup splatter on your ceiling, or a lightly browned hand blender cord it might be worth looking at our post on how to use a hand blender )

You like to travel

… or you’re so addicted to using your immersion blender

that it will cross your mind to take it on holiday with you, and why not! It´s so handy. Even better if you are travelling by car,  as it won’t be an extra burden in packing the hand luggage.


You're camping !

… you don’t have access to electricity

A cordless immersion blender would be a great asset if you are camping, or in a caravan. Even in our little holiday bungalow, electricity is restricted so we can’t have everything on at the same time – oven, and more than 1 ring on the hob ! Having a cordless handblender, pre-charged would help a lot. 


Power's out

… storms have brought the cables down but you can still have your coffee !


Being cordless is such a blessing in this case ! We used to have large inglenook fires and a wood burning stove to cook on in our old UK country home to be ready for power outages. But having a portable BBQ or pizza maker to cook or heat things helps too. 


One of our readers is suffering the frequent power outages this year due to summer storms in the Philadelphia region.


She told us she couldn’t do without her BBQ to heat water, and this double wall insulated Bodum. I checked it out for you so sharing the love for this cordless gem too – click here to see it either in matt or shiny. 




You have a small kitchen

… or maybe you’re a tidy cook, and just have a need to be self contained.

If you have a small kitchen like us, we can constantly bump into each other. Cooking at the same time is difficult ! We do a kind of dance around food and equipment we need. Just think, if we had a cordless blender, it would be so much easier… we could even blend outside ! We’d love this but but we’ve already invested and can’t just have every piece of equipment we love (it’s time to simplify!)

Which ones would we recommend buying today ?



It is true to say that there aren’t too many on the market… and going cordless is not the top priority for everyone. So, in 2018, we found just three main contenders. In 2019, the numbers we are finding have just about doubled ! By 2020, it’s getting pared back again to the KitchenAid vs Cuisinart choice.



In 2018, KitchenAid was our clear winner, but now … although it still pips the others to the winning post as the most popular, pretty, and professional cordless stick blender… now there are more great battery operated, cordless blenders to choose from!

There are now choices to suit varying budgets, styles, and even your brand loyalty !

We’re going to rule out Waring, as a domestic cook’s machine, because whilst the Bolt hand bender its amazing – it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you might want at home. Looking at the reviews, it looks like you can’t get extra attachments – not even a whisk ! It’s more a commercial beast, a purist’s blender.

However, whilst Waring had introduced a new higher end competitor with the powerful professional angle, we discovered that Cuisinart, the big old competitor to KitchenAid in the U.S. , launched another well priced home cook model in the UK. Now it’s also available in the US and Canada. 

It’s a really good looking set which competes well with KitchenAid and other corded models too in the domestic, or household market. It’s neatly packed in a countertop stand. Of course, it has less attachments (notably missing a chopper bowl) than the KitchenAid , but is offered at a much lower price point, so seems to be tackling a different market altogether. This is in line with the conclusions we reached in our corded hand blender Cuisinart vs Kitchenaid post.

We’re also great fans of Braun, but are going to rule it out, sadly, because the availability is so variable and so low. As a consumer I’d be wondering if they’re still manufacturing it !

So move over KitchenAid 5 speed cordless…
our wonderful winner for pro level blender with consistent quality, functionality and support.It is might powerful, just like the KitchenAid corded 5 speed model. It has lots of extra bells and whistles like 2 blender legs of different lengths, blender ends for all the different tasks, chopper bowl, and it can crush ice.

The first place is now tied with the Cuisinart 
Filling a long awaited gap in the UK market, and serving it’s loyal users in the US. This great value for money, sleek silver 5 speed model has everything you need at each level, except maybe a chopping bowl in the mid level, but it has a very long shaft, a safety lock like the KitchenAid, and a better plastic masher leg so your pots won’t get hurt, not to mention the 5 year guarantee !


Paul & Aoibheann

Still not decided ? 

then you might also like to browse these posts by clicking the pictures below…

cuisinart vs kitchenaid, which is better

Find out here, what else Cuisinart and KitchenAid make when it comes to hand blenders – and who we think does it best.

Gordon Ramsey holding a whisk and shouting jokingly at James Corden, comedy style

Celebrities, and TV cooks and chefs use hand blenders too of course … see what they use, and which cordless hand blender one uses !

Bamix Swissline Hand blender set with 200W blender stick, processor, jug, 3 blades and stand.

We also debated about cordless vs. corded –  we ended up buying this Bamix model with a tight curly cable instead of completely cordless. See why here.

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  1. Fawad

    Excellent post, very well presented.

    • admin


      • DollyG

        I am trying to decide between kitchen aid cordless / cuisine art cordless or bamix swissline. If you were buying one now – which one would you get? D

        • aoibheann

          Ooooh what a question ! I’d like all three Dolly, for different reasons. So I’ll tell you mine and see if you identify with any – then you’ll know your choice. I have all three brands in my own kitchen but not all for the hand blender ! I just happened to have decided on each at different times in the past… before I started this blog and learned all about the brands.
          The Cuisinart is most budget friendly I feel, and the top version has the electric carver. ( My parents used to have one for Sunday roasts and frozen things ). I have just been trying to cut a sourdough loaf this morning and I’m useless – I’m one of those people that can’t cut straight so I’d use it for that !
          So Cuisinart I personally buy for convenience and budget ! They’re worth it, and they work. I have a Cuisinart chopping bowl from the past and its brilliant, budget, but very noisy. I love their latest cordless models, so if Cordless is your priority I’d go for that. It will take you so far … ie you can’t add to it with the attachments. I was just looking at the UK model yesterday and loving the midnight blue version, that’s pretty much the colour I have in the Bamix ( the Jamie Oliver colour).
          KitchenAid I find ‘beautiful’ and high quality, and they are specialists in what they do. They don’t confuse with too many models. The 5 speed will do everything you need forever I think. Everything reeks quality and well though through design ( to look at and to hold ). With that I usually find they are heavier and will probably be heirlooms ! They hold their value for me. When I think KitchenAid I also think Smeg. I’d go for the 5 speed or cordless version. Paul loves the KitchenAid I think even more than me. I love Bamix more than him.
          Bamix… is my latest ‘forever’ love! I’m the engineer /artist by background. For me Bamix is quite minimalist. Bamix are the hand blender specialists whilst the other two makes are kitchen appliance specialists. It’s top notch like the KitchenAid, but easy and more lightweight than KitchenAid to hold. I like the models with the curly cable as I don’t like cables dangling into food ! So I feel halfway toward a cordless. I have a small kitchen and I am very tempted by cordless but I also don’t want my device to be too cumbersome. The Bamix works for me. You HAVE to have a stand as i find it so important to be in the habit of hanging it up to avoid damaging it.
          What I love about the Bamix is the little disks that work as mixer, whisk and aerator. They are so much smaller than the extra blending legs that all other brands use. Cute and easy to use. you have to line them up right when you put them on though, it’s a seroius too. You get used to using them, and the power of the Swissline is amazing. The chopping bowl ( the processor ) is also small. I like to grind spices so the powder disk that works with it is my favourite piece. So Bamix are the total specialist for me. Sadly Bamix don’t do cordless though – I’d be in heaven if they did !
          So can you decide your priority ?
          If it’s cordless, than Bamix is not an option. Cuisinart is a great value machine and KitchenAid is the highest quality that will do everything for you in the long run but perhaps a little heavier to hold.
          If it’s budget, I would go for Cuisinart or the highest quality Bamix you can get for your money ( 160w minimum if you can eg deluxe model that way you can add to it ).Check out my ‘bamix bargain’ button on the bamix range page to see if that fits.
          Gosh, that’s an essay , but I hope it helps.


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