How to clean a hand blender

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We mentioned a bit about cleaning an immersion blender on the main equipment page, but then we saw how many questions there were all over the internet on this subject, and we thought the world might benefit from a little step by step guide on how to clean your hand blender !

our best advice on how to clean an immersion blender…

…do it straight away!

General cleaning instructions


  • let the blender cool down ( unless it’s a Bamix – they are so powerful that we have never known these to ever heat up!)
  • Put some washing up liquid (or vinegar or lemon) in the jug that came with the blender, or another container that it fits nicely into.
  • Fill with some lukewarm water. Not too much so it doesn’t splash when blended.
  • Blend at high speed for 30-60secs depending on how dirty it is!
  • Then UNPLUG from electricity and detach the wand and rinse it off under the tap.
  • Alternatively, just unplug first and run the tap over it till clean – that’s usually enough for us !
  • Pat dry with tissue or a cloth.
  • Use the moist cloth or tissue to then clean the body or handle part of the blender.  Be careful to not over wet,  as this is the motor part.

10 tricks & tips you should know when cleaning your immersion blender


Tip 1: When cleaning your hand blender just remember the same rule for the cleaning as for blending… take your blender to the cleaning mix, just like you take it to the food mix!


Tip 2: Do it straight away, after using. The last thing you want is to have food stuck in little crevices so wash it as soon as possible after use. Why? Because it will get harder to clean as the food dries on it! And you also don’t want to create a breeding ground for bacteria.


Tip 3: With what should you clean it with dear Henry? Luke warm water, and some dishwashing liquid.Use luke warm water, rather than hot. Check with the user manual what the manufacturer advises also on this.


Tip 4: NEVER immerse the motor part in water dear Liza!


Tip 5: If its extra greasy, use white vinegar or lemon juice instead of washing up liquid. The lemon / vinegar also serves to disinfect.


Tip 6: Make sure it’s nice and dry before plugging in again to avoid any electrical shocks.


Tip 7: Hand washing vs Dishwasher machine?

Read the instruction manual about which parts can be immersed in water, and if any can be put in the dishwasher if you prefer to use that. We prefer the hand washing method just to be safe and also we feel that dishwashing things continually ( given that our hand blender gets used every day) can lead to rust or damage. Also its best to clean the hand blender straight away after use. IF you leave it until you have a full dishwasher load, the food may have dried and will be harder to shift.


Tip 8: Read the instruction manual that came with your hand blender. The more complicated the blender, the more instructions you may have. Check which parts can be immersed in water and which cannot. Check which can go in the dishwasher and which cannot.


Tip 9: For stubborn stains around buttons, dip a cotton bud ( Q tip) in rubbing alcohol and use it to wipe around the edges to get tough dried on stains off.


Tip 10:  Stains on the wand itself can often be shifted with vegetable oil… a little less harsh than vinegar! Remember vinegar to remove smells, and oil to remove stains.


That’s it….

Happy Cleaning !

For other frequently asked questions about hand blenders (including cleaning!), see our FAQ section.


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