Cuisinart vs KitchenAid

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We noticed so much talk online about choosing between the brands Cuisinart and KitchenAid. It´s worth noting that the online discussions are not just about small hand blenders, as the two companies make so many competing products for the kitchen! But we just had to look into the detail for you.


Having ploughed through the many discussions, we formed our own view and have a few facts to share about each company and their hand blender products. We hope this will help you. It´s just our opinion, and the relevance depends on what you want / where you live / and how much you want to spend.


When to choose a KitchenAid hand blender


KitchenAid the world-wide winner… quiet, powerful, reliable.


KitchenAid appears to have a more international reach with its customers, and is viewed as a solid, workhorse with great customer service. The 3 speed model is the most popular in the U.S.,  whilst both the 5 speed electric and the cordless models are most popular in the U.K. and Europe.


So, for us it’s the winner for the reliability overall, and the product we like best is the higher end 5 speed model – both electric and cordless models the world over.

Have a look at our top 15 best hand blenders blog, kitchenAid get two places there!


When to choose a Cuisinart hand blender


Cuisinart the U.S. winner… beautiful, popular, affordable.


The 2 speed one CSB-75BC is most popular in the U.S.  A solid, no-frills type of stick blender. Great value for price, maybe not for use on heavy jobs, but good durability… and comes in lots of cheerful colours.


Cuisinart also compete with KitchenAid in the cordless market, but reviewers find it a bit awkward and heavy to use unless just for quick jobs. We loved that this cordless model has a unique electric knife attachment for carving the roast dinner at the table. Cool!
Overall, it’s our winner for the best budget version, and seems to be more well known and bought in the U.S.

This 2 speed version also got a place in our own top 10 best hand blenders blog,  In that blog, the Cuisinart model numbers are explained in more detail too. One problem we noticed for UK users is that you will be lucky to find it on !

If you go to you should find it ore easily, along with over 6,000 reviews for this popular American company!

The lovely Nigella ( Lawson) has loved using a Cuisinart hand blender in the past ( see our blog on celebrity chefs), I wonder what she is using now?


Overall verdict: KitchenAid is our winner


So, Cuisinart does best at being popular in the budget range, or for offering something quirky, and KitchenAid boasts power and quality the world over. What is really interesting is that although these brands were given a lot of awards world-wide, neither made it into our top 3 recommended hand blenders for professional, home, or beginner cook. However, KitchenAid’s 3 speed model competed well with the Braun, Sage and Kenwood in high quality mid range sets. The 5 speed model also was a contender with the Bamix for the professional hand blender award. The KitchenAid Artisan is the best cordless model we have found, and in every other category (except the budget category!),  we would say it was the best runner-up!


So overall we say KitchenAid beats Cuisinart when it comes to world-wide quality hand blenders, pleasing some of the people all of the time BUT Cuisinart wins for U.S. popularity… pleasing most of the people, most of the time!



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