In depth review of Bamix SwissLine Immersion blender 


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 The Bamix Swissline is made for serious cooks. It’s simple, professional, fast… and made to last.

Bamix Swissline Hand blender set with 200W blender stick, processor, jug, 3 blades and stand.

Bamix SwissLine immersion blender model number 100.298 (white).
(For information: model no. 100.299 is silver, 100.305 is black)

Note: Bamix SwissLine, ColorLine, and Superbox all use the 200W Bamix blender stick (M200 model)

If you are looking for information on the Bamix Swissline, Colorline, or Superbox, you will also have been sent here ! This is because the Superbox is essentially the SwissLine + ( see more details below and in the Bamix accessories post). The Colorline is simply a product line of … colours (you guessed it !) The most common and most popular package you will see for the 200W Bamix immersion blender is the Bamix Swissline Blender. It gets a place in our top 3 hand blenders, as our professional grade hand blender, and is the one we bought for ourselves and use every single day ! The Superbox gets a place in our top 3 hand-held food processors… an upgrade really of the 3 top hand (held) blenders on our main hand blender page.  Of the 3 winners, it´s probably the smallest, yet most powerful set.

This leads us on to …

The Superbox – our mostly highly rated hand-held food processor.


Now, if you can spend even more money, and  want to go further into the food processing domain then go straight to Amazon for the Swissline SuperBox set. It’s the highest quality of the top 3 for 2019 that we chose on our main hand blender page. (Braun MQ 9 series and Breville (Sage) All In One processing stations, both also on Amazon,  got the other two places. )

The Superbox set is made up of the Bamix SwissLine blender plus the SliceSy grater / slicer processor, and the final meat blade. Sometimes, but not usually, you might see a few more beakers and the powder disk added to make the absolutely complete set.  So if you see it costing a little more this will be the reason why!

With the Superbox you get more value for money than buying everything individually. With the Bamix Superbox, we’d say you have probably the best and the smallest hand held food processor in the world.

You might be limited in colour choices with the Superbox, so again this is another reason to go with the Swissline or Colorline 200W version to get the colour you like, and then just add the extra accessories to make your own customised Superbox set. Now here’s the latest for you all – at the bottom of the page we talk about the new marketing from Bamix where they are packaging things up for specific purposes – bakers, babies, smoothie makers etc. Well, we think you should look at the new bamix baking gift set because it has everything that the Superbox has, plus a recipe book. Or, it can even offer more than the superbox set (sometimes all beakers included for example) .

If you don’t find the Superbox in your country, look for the Bamix Baking box set.

(It’s the same thing plus a baking cookbook ! ) Or, get the next best: Bamix Classic Selection Immersion blender.

Bamix SwissLine Blender Features & Technical Specification




Multi functionality

With four blades available Bamix allows you to prepare a variety of things: from beating eggs and mincing meat to making mayonnaise, sauces, cake mixes, purees, juices, ice cream, smoothies, milk shakes, crushed ice, soup, or even fabulous at making foams, cocktails and pet food!  I’ve even read a customer review that says that compared to many other models, the tiny size of the blade ends mean that you can blend your mayonnaise or salad dressing directly into a mason jar! You can also use your Bamix to smooth out lumpy sauce in a jiffy, so no-one will ever know you didn’t make a perfect sauce first time round! The Swissline comes with 3 blades, the SuperBox with 4 – both are on Amazon. We wouldn’t sweat though, buying a blade won’t break the bank!




Bamix has an alternating current and balanced motor which makes it particularly quiet.



Efficient Operation

It’s open safety guard allows for optimal movement of the food being processed, and no repetitive movements are needed, no matter what you are preparing.

The shaft is made of strong chromated brass so its strong, durable and heat resistant and can be totally immersed even in boiling. Total length: 49.5cm Shaft length: 25cm

This extra long shaft reaches far and can blend ingredients down to 35cm.  So makes it an ideal tool, with an extra time-saving bonus, when cooking for families in large pans like pressure cookers.




This hand blender is very energy efficient. It has a power of 200 Watts,  without compromising its unequalled speeds. It has two-speed settings. The slower setting is perfect for small batches and softer materials whereas the higher setting is great for tougher ingredients and larger batches.

Use the low speed for small amounts of liquid ( e.g. if it does not entirely cover the safety guard ), and also for all food that you want to be light and fluffy. Use the high speed for power on hard food and big volumes.




The Bamix hand blender is so simple to turn on and off, as well as change between settings. It comes with several interchangeable blades which are simple to clip into place. We have to say though, that after trawling every single review on the internet, we noticed a few people do say that the blades are difficult to change, most say its easy!

It also goes without saying, on this and any other blender, to be ultra careful when changing attachments at the end of the wand… just make sure the appliance is NOT live. Don’t touch the switches towards the top of the wand when changing the tips if you do change the attachments whilst it is live. Better to turn the power off at the power socket or unplug the blender first!

Finally what we also love about the SwissLine is the curly cable. So it looks neat and stores nicely.



Easy cleaning

It washes easily. Just stick the blades into some warm water and it virtually cleans itself when you turn it on for a few seconds. The shaft doesn’t come off but its totally sealed and is also super easy to clean and dry. Do check the product manual to know which parts that only need to be rinsed in soapy water, and which are dishwasher proof. The only possible snag we came across on one of the attachments is that the top of the SliceSy attachment cannot be immersed in water…  so we still have some investigating to do here!




All parts that come into contact with food are made of top-quality materials. It has an official tested safety certificate for various countries.

With a special coating made of PA6 safety rated nylon, this makes the Bamix corrosion resistant, odour resistant,  grease repellant and fully sealed. So, it not only means it is built to last but also that it won’t leave residues, or unwanted tastes or smells in your food.

This hand blender also has a lovely ergonomic design that includes a rubber membrane to cover the buttons and stop liquid getting inside.
The curled cord keeps your workspace safer – and it’s a whopping 2.5m long!


Warranty and maintenance

One wonderful customer commented… “You can break it by dropping it on the floor, but I have never heard of one wearing out.” We wouldn’t recommend testing that out! A little t.l.c. from you will keep it going a long way!

Do read the product manual about how to take care of your new best kitchen friend!  The two top tips we found for maintaining your Bamix hand blender were:  a gentle squeeze with the pliers when the attachments get lose, and a few drops of vegetable oil up the shaft every now and then to keep the motor running at its best.

The main blender sticks come with a 1 Year Commercial Warranty or a whopping 10 years domestic warranty ! The plastic accessories tend to have a 1 year warranty.  In the first year it seems that you just need to return anything not working to the retailer. Between yr 1 and 10, they will fix free of charge, and after 10 years you can access a paid for repair service. You do need to know this because it looks like this is a lifetime tool !  Some Bamix units have been in use for more than 30 or even 40 years and they can still be repaired!
We have noticed that some other suppliers only offer a 5 year warranty. Click over to the Amazon suppliers below and you should find 10 year warranties there.




Everything about the Bamix reeks high quality workmanship that will last a very long time. The solid stainless steel and sturdy plastics. Even the cable is nicely curled and feels high quality. If you need any more convincing on top of everything mentioned above, the shear weight and finish on it shouts quality engineering! (It only weighs 0.94kg by the way .)

Technical Details

 colours: silver, white, black, baby pink, mint green, cream, mango.

3 blades (multi-purpose, whisk, beater, wet/dry mill processor, jug 1Litre, stand, 5 ⅜” shaft length

200 W heavy-duty AC motor
Voltage 220-240 V/50-60 Hz

Two-fold insulation
twin Safety switch with Softgrip
Spiral cable
2 speed settings (relates to the wattage): 200W = speed 1: 12000rpm, speed2: 17000rpm

dimensions: L34.5cm x W6.5cm x H7.7cm

Weight ( light!) 940 g ( 2lbs 1 oz )

setting 1: 12000 – 13000 rpm
setting 2: 17000 – 18000 rpm


Accessories Included: Multi-Purpose Blade, Whisk Blade, Beater Blade, Countertop Blender Stand, Wet and Dry Grinder Mill ( a.k.a. mini processor) and 1-litre plastic graduated jug.

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Buyers Advice

You do get what you pay for in our opinion, and we’d rather cut straight to the best of the best if it can be afforded. If the price point really is too high,  do go back and see our other winners in the top 10 article which you can link to from the main hand blender page.  We’ve seen some great prices for the Bamix Swissline Blender set on Amazon recently  (sometimes it can look more expensive but more accessories are included). The standard set should include the 1L jug, the processor, the stand and 3 blades.

Ok, it is expensive compared to other blenders but if you want a professional tool this is the one for you.  It´s made to last,  so worth investing.  Many people have realised that they were just throwing good money after bad, buying replacement machines or parts for other more popularly known household brands that seem to just last beyond the warranty date!  SO we advise going straight for the versatile professional Bamix.

You won’t find the Bamix brand everywhere we guarantee you, and there is usually only one main distributor in major countries. Quite often it´s from a less known name.  Online generally, you can easily get old stock or the wrong country spec. on some sites. So our advice is to go to your local Amazon site and it should direct you to the ones that will work best for where you live.



What’s included with the Bamix SwissLine blender

Bamix Swissline Stand

The most swish and sleek of all the stands Bamix do. It comes in either a dark (black /graphite), or light neutral (white / silver) colour. There is a place round the back to store the blades and the processor. Its the most expensive of the three stand styles Bamix do, and not also not available to buy on its own. We didn’t realise how important the stand was until we started using the Bamix.Here’s how I use it.  I take the stick blender off the stand, add the blade, use the blender, unplug, rinse under the tap, take off the blade and replace on the stand. Lots of times mid blend I also find myself setting the blender back on the stand whilst i do something. I find it sooo useful and easy. You don’t want to stand the blender on its end incase it falls over, and its more natural to set it on the stand then lay it on the countertop. With the blender sitting out on the work surface on its stand all the time, I find I use it more often too!

The Bamix Blades

Three blades are included in the Swissline. Click over to our detailed bamix accessories post for lots more information on each of the blades, what they can do for you,  and how to purchase them. 

The main we tend to use is called the multipurpose blade ( also known as the chopper blade or the C blade). Next the whisk blade (also known as the blender or B blade). The beater blade ( aka aerator or A blade).

There is only one blade left, the meat blade, and that comes with the full Bamix set – the Superbox.

The 1 litre jug

You’d think there was nothing to say but it is a bamix jug after all – so click over to the accessories post for more information, and also to see the other beakers you can get.

The Bamix Processor

Again , have a look on the accessories post for more details. What you need to know here is that the processor is one step up from the dry grinder that was available with lower watt models. One stop up again is the powder disk that you can use with this mill to absolutely pulverize things like cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise, chocolate, sugar etc. It doesn’t cost much extra and worth getting – we love it. It comes included with the Superbox by the way.

Amazon UK search box 

Reviews / Users of the Bamix Swissline

See Bamix Swissline Customer Reviews on Amazon in your country. 



  1. We will take you to the HDP406 product page on Amazon
  2. Click on REVIEWS and enjoy the read !

Jamie Oliver hand blender


Jamie Oliver video promoting the Bamix 200W range.

Jamie is sporting the anthracite grey model here. We have the same model but bought it as a Colorline / Swissline package.  We love Jamie, but we prefer our Bamix with just the classy Bamix logo and not a larger Jamie Oliver splashed all over it. The beautiful classic ‘Bamix’ signature is enough for us.

Lets hope that at 1:40 the power cable is not connected… ouch !


P.S. When Jamie Oliver made his programme “Jamie does Marrakech” at our boutique hotel maison mk, we didn’t splash our name all over his work either 😉 Well truth be known,  our guests recognised the unique rooftop with its distinctive orange voiles anyway. 


Why do we recommend this particular Bamix blender ?


We were hard pressed to choose which Bamix was the best because they all are fabulous. We have explained the whole Bamix range in another post if you click here.  The main design was so good originally that it hasn’t really changed for 60 years. Other brands make it so confusing having to change the technology of their sticks as they work their way bit by bit toward the finer engineering of a commercial stick blender.

The Swissline / Superbox and Gastro models (all on Amazon) have the more powerful motor than the others.  What this means is that these models are stronger, but on top of that, the Gastro is the range that has the longer shafts. Being a little bit purist, and on our simplifying mission, we initially wanted the gastro 200 or gastro 350 to win… thinking that it was necessary to have the longer length shafts to work with deeper pans.

After a lot of researching with users, and thanks mostly to Rachel in Bamix Netherlands, we discovered that the shorter shaft (which most of the Bamix machines have), is all that you need. The stick is so powerful that it doesn’t have to go to the bottom of the pan because it doesn’t need to! See the technical details listed below. The power of this immersion blender just sucks everything up from well below the blade, so no need to be scraping it around the pan. What a revelation.

This opened up the whole SwissLine world again to us. With the Bamix Swissline Blender range onAmazon, you get a top power and speed range (it comes in 200 or 250W but you only need the 200Watt, the 250W was really just a celebration model) . It has a fabulous selection of classic, vintage and bright colours, you can even get the red with a white Swiss cross on it!. We could have chosen a different Bamix 200W machine but, apart from the colours,  the reason we chose it as best value was because of the accessories set that comes with it. The set makes it complete – a fabulous gift set for anyone ( and its my birthday soon PAUL;).

My new bamix  swissline that Paul bought meUPDATE: I got it … in anthracite grey which is a great modern and practical colour. Check out the baby pink version, I love that too but it would be greedy to have two!

By the way, in Australia, look out for the Swissline Cassette model, sometimes in 200 or 240 watts. This is the only region that we hear the words ‘cassette’ so are looking into the meaning of this. Maybe it’s just to identify the machines that are made to an Asia Pacific specification.

Treat yourself

Why the Bamix is the most brilliant immersion blender?


Firstly, lets not forget that Bamix are pioneers in this business. Their tools just ooze power and durability, multi-purpose and convenience. By all accounts from the way professionals talk about its reliability, and how chefs like Gordon Ramsay endorse it, it seems that this blender was made for the gods! Did you know that Bamix even produced the first ever immersion hand blender back in the 1950s! The Bamix of Switzerland, of course, is also made entirely… in Switzerland.


This Bamix Swissline Blender is all about quality, not just the power watts. The versatility of this hand held food processor makes for light and fast work of pretty much any task in the kitchen. It quickly chops, purees, beats, mixes, froths, stirs and emulsifies. (These techniques are covered in our blog post How to Use a Hand Blender.)

It looks like a magic wand and certainly is! The machine is fully insulated so you can immerse it beyond the shaft itself. Its a lovely size, the smallest and most powerful we have come across, and the blades are so tiny! They claim it can be safely used in small containers and fragile glassware as well as in hot saucepans with their hot contents. We think this Bamix handheld blender (with all its nice accessories) will probably replace all your other kitchen appliances, be it blenders, processors, graters, slicers, mixers, liquidisers, cocktail makers, grinders, choppers, mincers, whisks, or even ice cream machines.

Well that´s all we can tell you about the Bamix Swissline blender and its accessories and similar products. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments box below. If we have excited you about the Swissline, please go onto Amazon and check the prices and buy it !!


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