Review of the Braun MultiQuick 9 hand blender series

( In-depth the MQ 9087X and MQ 9097 hand held blender sets)

Last updated Jan 27, 2021 at 12:34PM | Published on Apr 2, 2019

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Braun Immersion hand blender MQ 9087X

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories: braun MQ 9 series blender stick, whisk, masher, 1.5L food processor, 350ml ( 1.5 cup ) chopping bowl

The 9087x model is available in all regions except the U.S., Canada and India (and sometimes Germany) where you get the MQ 9097 set, which is essentially the MQ 9087x PLUS additional 1.25 Litre jug blender / ice crushing jug.

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Click the button below to see which we recommend in your  country  MQ 9087x ,   …….or MQ9097

The MQ9 series gives you… EASIER and FASTER blending

This is a very high end set of equipment. The MultiQuick 9087x on Amazon) is family friendly,  and pretty much every kind of food or drink preparation is catered for. This Braun is also very safe to have around, easy to put together and with its new technology its blending is easier and faster. It has innovative ways of achieving this, with the active blade moving up and down continually,  and the simple one squeeze speed button control.

Nice and lightweight, and looks cool too in black and silver, with just a little green accent. The green line isn’t just pretty, it serves as the line up to which you can immerse the blender leg too.


An all round cooking aid, great for families.

We voted it in our top 3 hand held food processors category in 2019… a step up from the best 3 hand blenders in 2018. We think of this as a hybrid category because it´s not all hand held or as portable as a hand blender was meant to be.

It´s more than a hand blender, it´s more than the 3 in 1 hand blender sets out there… it’s an all in one kitchen appliance. It won equally for us with the Breville All in One / Sage Control Grip All in One as the best all round hand held processor set. We loved them both so much, and for different reasons but felt that whilst Braun makes things with families needs in mind, Heston Blumenthal has designed the Control grip all in one more for his foodie restaurant goers.


Which model is best ?

We are going to discuss the most popular and available MultiQuick 9 series models but here is a low down of the 7 official models we have found all over the world, incase you come across them and need confidence to know they are real ( starting with the most basic 9005x, 9027x, 9037x, 9045x, 9097x, 9038x, 9047) .

By the way, Braun is a premium German brand, owned now (like Kenwood is) by the De Longhi group.


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Braun MultiQuick hand blender MQ 9 series

The 2 most popular MQ9 series blenders are the MQ 9087x  /  MQ 9097,  and the MQ 9037x / MQ 9038A

 … but you won’t find all of them in all countries !

The MQ9087x and the MQ9037 are the most widely available highest end Braun immersion hand blenders world-wide.

The MQ9097 is then like an upgrade. i.e. the  9087x PLUS the ice crushing jug accessory.

Similarly, the MQ9038A, is essentially the 9037 PLUS the braun spice grinder attachment. ( Some countries sell it as the MQ9038 Spice or MQ9038x )

We will show you the other sets below so that you can see what they include. However, whether it´s called 8097 / 8097x / 9097  on Amazon, It´s our winning set because this includes the food processing bowl to give the most powerful Braun home cooking set. (note: some countries also call it MQ9087 Gourmet ! ).

* note: we have just been told about an MQ 9078x in another part of the world ( see comments at the bottom) – it includes the spice grinder not the ice crusher… so watch this space and we’ll see if that becomes available elsewhere. 

Braun MultiQuick 9 series MQ9037X


braun MQ9087x hand blender set

(MQ9037 without the ‘x’ in Canada)

0.6 L beaker, masher, whisk,

2 cup / 500ml chopper

Note: this is the larger chopper

Braun MultiQuick 9 series MQ9038A


braun MQ9087x hand blender set

(MQ9038 Spice in Europe, 9038X in the U.K.)

0.6 L beaker,  whisk,

2 cup / 500ml chopper

spice grinder

Check out the 8097 / 9097  customer reviews also on Amazon in your country.

Click HERE to see customer reviews of the Braun multiquick 9 mq 9087x on Amazon UK

We love the MQ9087x

 …but ” CAN IT CRUSH ICE ? ” we hear you ask !


Our first queries with Braun last year led us to believe we could add an accessory in to do just that. Now we know that we cannot. In the U.S., it’s open for debate ! Read on… The US ice crusher jug (model number is MQ 40 as seen on Amazon UK) and our first conversations with Braun UK led us to believe that we could just add this to the MQ 9087x set to make it the ultimate Braun set. After that the U.S. actually made it happen and made a complete set with this piece already included . It’s called the MQ9097 and it´s on Amazon USA and Canada ,  so we would recommend you get this version if you are in the U.S.  It’s a nicer size for smoothie making so, to complete the set, we would get this all in one ice and meat chopping blender accessory too. We have given some more background information on the MQ 745 and the whole Braun series in our post about the most globally awarded brands in the last year !


Our conversation with Braun UK


As a result of the comment below, received 15 Jan 2019, we wrote to Braun U.K. (more formally just to be sure this time ). It took a while to get clarification on this. Each week we would get an answer to an email, but slowly and surely everything became clear thanks to their patience and clear answers !  The upshot is… they say the U.K. MultiQuick 9087x (available on Amazon) does not support the MQ 40 ice crushing jug. And… the MQ9097 is not a UK model and is not available in the UK. However, they stated that the MQ40 is compatible with the Multiquick3, MultiQuick5, MultiQuick 7 series UK models.

However, we then had a eureka moment and asked if this new, better ACTIVEblade technology would mean that we didn’t need the extra jug if the MQ 9 series blender leg would tackle the tougher job of blending ice anyway !  They replied promptly to say that if there is a small amount of ice incorporated into a milkshake or a smoothie this will be fine, however it won’t be able to blend ice on its own.  Not perfect, but nice.

Feb 2019



…and our conversation with Braun USA


 In the U.S. we had an online conversation with Braun to see if the MQ 40 would work with any MQ 9 series machines… just incase you already have one of these. They first said no, only and that it only worked in the US with the MQ 5 and MQ 7, then literally a few minutes later corrected that to say it is now available separately, and is compatible with the 5, 7 and 9 series – that makes sense really since the U.S. set MQ 9097 has the jug included in the U.S. and this would mean you could buy the 9037 in the U.S. and add the ice jug to that set too ! However, given that this is how we started with the U.K. enquires on this subject last year, we took a screenshot this time of the response. But just to be absolutely sure again, we will be checking this again directly with Braun U.S. by email. … and will update you asap. 

March 2019


If you just want the ice crushing jug, and not the food processing bowl

If you see anything called the Aperitive ( or Aperitif) it’s because it has this jug 1.25 litre jug.  This jug was first shown with the MQ 7 models only (MQ745 & MQ757) , and it now also comes with the MQ 9097 series in the U.S. only.

More recently, the new Spiralizer MQ 5064 has the jug, and rather unusually, you might find it on the  MQ 3 model  MQ 3045 Aperitive (shown in the picture below). So take advantage where you can !

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Braun Multiquick 9 hand blender video

check how it works

Look at 30 seconds in – the stone too – really !  Must try this smoothie. We love it.

Then read on to get the full features and spec. before you decide to buy.

What are the key features of the Braun MQ9087X ?


The new Activeblade technology

The main addition is Braun’s ActiveBlade technology which means the blades move up and down to make it less effort for you when doing tough jobs (40% less effort they say!)

So blending is easier and faster.

It also gives you the all the new features added in from multiquick 7, multiquick 5 and multiquick 3 series stick blenders, as follows…


Smartspeed Technology

From the MQ series 7 you get this one speed button to press. It starts soft, then you just intuitively push for more power and speeds on tougher food, or if you want finer results.


SPLASHControl technology

Prevents splashing – to keep you and your kitchen spotless.



Extra milling blade delivers more cutting per rotation which makes for finer blending.


EasyClick system Plus

Makes for fast and easy release and attaching of the accessories.


Dishwasher safe

For almost all parts, except the blender body, gearboxes of course and the food processor lid because it includes a gearbox too.



It has a pilot light and safety button on the top of the blender body, and a smart speed switch on the side. ( The pilot light flashes red when ready for use; solid green when its safely released so it can be switched on;  and solid red as an early warning about overheating. When it overheats the motor cleverly slows down, step by step, till shut off . It is ready for use again when the pilot light flashes red.

What´s included in the 9087x box

3 gearboxes – the food processor, whisk and masher all have their own gearbox

Blender body and stainless steel blending leg

350 ml Chopper bowl and anti-slip ring for chopping meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs carrots etc

600 ml plastic beaker, BPA free, and features ml and fl oz measurement markings.

Stainless steel fine whisk & gearbox

Purée / masher shaft and paddle ( plastic blade) and gearbox

1.5 Litre Food processor and anti-slip disk. Includes a chopping S-blade tool, a Kneading hook , a French fry making disc., a second disc with 5 metal inserts for slicing ( fine and coarse), shredding ( fine & coarse), and a julienne insert.


U.K. = 1000W, 220–240 Volts. 

U.S. and Canada = 700W, 110 Volts

2 speed settings. Adjustable with the SmartSpeed technology by just squeezing the handle.

Stainless Steel Blending Shaft

UK Guarantee is two years

PROS : apart from the best bits – the much more powerful blade , one squeeze speed button and easy click on and off attachments !


It has a French fry making disc ! (as well as the thin / thick slicing, grating, julienning, it has a kneading blade.)


Users report happily using the masher to make biscuit dough !


The MQ9087x is easy to put together and use.


It’s nice and quiet.

The attachments (most) are dishwasher safe

The Braun stick blender a great safety lock for when children are around


Like the Bamix SwissLine, it’s nice and light at just over 2 lb  ( less than a Kilo ) in weight. 


Love the pilot light on top that tells you when its released and safe to use.



Not sure if this is a con, but it seems obvious really as all mashers are plastic ! The manual says “Never use the puree accessory in a saucepan over direct heat.  Always remove the saucepan from the heat and allow to cool slightly.” Maybe it’s a pro then and all manuals should say this.


You have to need or want to use all the attachments, otherwise the mq9087x is an expensive waste of money and cupboard space!


As you may have noticed, we wished the ActiveBlade technology was powerful enough to cut through fresh ice cubes.


Some users report that the food processor plastic accessories can get stained with food like carrots. Just head over to our post on how to clean a hand blender to solve this one.

Well that´s all we can tell you about the Braun 9087X and its accessories and similar products. If you have any questions from this Braun multiquick 9 hand-blender review, please put them in the comments box below. If we have excited you about the MQ9087, please go on and check the prices and buy it !!


  1. Abdurrehman Farooq

    Thanks for the deep review of the Braun hand blender set.

  2. Thelin

    I’ve seen different versions of the Braun MultiQuick 9 that is 1200 Watt and some that are 1000 Watt. What is the diffrence of these and pro/con?

  3. Alvin Dizer

    Thanks for the review, i just wanted to buy this multi quick 9 Blender, thanks again dude

  4. Audrey Swistchew

    Hi. Read lots of positives though now a bit confused. Trying to work out which hand blender to buy. Need it to cope well with frozen fruits especially bananas.

    • aoibheann

      Hi Audrey,

      Personally I think the braun mq9087 should be fine for frozen fruits but the braun staff weren’t so forthcoming about ice.

      Blending frozen fruit with a hand blender is much easier than blending ice. I use my bamix for frozen fruits and bananas.
      Also the kitchenAid 5 speed hand blender boasts being able to crush ice.
      If you’re looking at Braun, the absolute best option is to get a model which has the 1litre blending jug too , if blending for frozen smoothies & ice is going to be Your main thing. The jug comes with the mq7 series And also with the mq9097 .

      You can see the kitchenAid link on my kitchenAid vs. Cuisinart page, and the Braun links on this page.

      Does that help?
      If you prefer Braun to kitchenAid I can dig out the models that would work for you and let you know tomorrow. But I need to know what country you’re in in order to do that.

      Thanks for writing, and yes I think I need to tidy up the page you were commenting on! Time to update it 🙂
      All the best

      • Audrey Swistchew

        Hi Aoibheann
        Thanks so much for your quick reply. Hope you didn’t think it was your page which was confusing me ….. just the fact that I’d read about lots of brands and models on various websites. I found your page very helpful but will take you up on your offer of further advice re brands and models as I have no preference.
        I am in the UK. I will be using the blender for blending homemade soups, chopping onions – basic things like that but keen to try a recipe where I’ve got to blend frozen blueberries and frozen bananas which are amazingly hard! Being able to crush ice not important.
        Had looked at the Bamix website and Kenwood too but couldn’t work out if any of the models would cope with frozen bananas.
        Any pointers you can give me would be great.

        • aoibheann

          Ah that´s sweet. But I do need to update too, and I write in a longwinded way because I don´t want to miss anything out for anyone. I started doing this research for the same reasons as you´re finding – so much confusing info because some starts like that, some is biassed, and some is just old.
          In my opinion the top models for you to choose from would be the Bamix swissline or superbox, the KitchenAid 5 speed, and the Braun 9087x

          You say to chop onions. So, what you have to consider ( because I didn´t !) is if you need a food processor element or if a chopping bowl is enough. You´ll need the Bamix superbox if you want the larger food processor ( called the SliceSy).
          Also consider the size you need – ie how many people are you cooking for. I´m usually cooking for a maximum 4 so the Bamix chopping bowl is enough.
          Do you already use a mandoline ? If so then you have half the functions of a food processor already there. That´s why i haven´t bought it. I´m really trying to simplify life so not get nore than i really need.
          Crushing bananas:
          Bamix says it crushs ice but I find it tricky as the ice cubes here are the size of golf balls, however I don´t have any problem crushing bananas and I do it often – I have the Bamix Swissline. The power is amazing. Most things are in seconds, some take longer – like making nut butter.
          KitchenAid boast their blenders crush ice – it´s in their spec and I haven´t heard any issues with it.
          Braun blenders do not cut ice unless you use the ice chopping blade in the tall liquidiser looking 1L jug. But I´m sure from what they have told me that it would be fine with frozen fruits.

          Finally, it comes down to preference for the style and number of attachments.
          I love that the KitchenAid and Bamix rarely change because they´re already brilliant, and I don´t like that Braun keeps changing their ranges and the attachments then won´t always work. However I do love that Braun are thinking of what the customer wants by giving more attachments with their blenders. It´s just a little confusing though. I write a lot about coffee machines too, and Delonghi is also really confusing for people. It figures… they own Braun !

          Style and feel. Weight etc.
          I´ve held them all and that´s why I personally prefer the Bamix. It´s lighter and easier to hold. I have average size hands, not small at all. I love that it all takes up less space too. However Bamix is a little more commercial – a bit of a chef´s tool, in that you have to pull the blades off and that can take come pulling sometimes. Or I have to have my glasses on to out it on correctly. It´s the blade that you put on not the blender leg. It doesn´t have a safety button like the Braun blenders, so do you have children around that would make that a useful feature ? I am rigorous about using it the same way – blade on, power on, power off, blade off. So it´s easy and I absolutely love what it can do. But whilst it´s a powerhouse and will last decades, if that annoys you then go for one of the others.

          Here´s some quick links for you.
          Which Braun to buy – I show you also what the different model numbers mean so if you´re looking for one with a food processor attachment for example , you can zone in on the number with that in it.
          Bamix Swissline ( & superbox) review
          Braun MQ 8097x review
          KitcenAid 5 speed – you´ll find it on this page ¨KitchenAid vs Cuisinart¨ blenders. They´re big competitors in the US

          Feel free to join join our little email group to keep in touch on email when you want, and for an update from us every now and then.
          All the best,
          Aoibheann & Paul

  5. Mark

    Is there any way to get a spiralizing attachment to work with the MQ9?

    • aoibheann

      Ah, Mark, that would be my own wish too – it would be the ultimate tool then. But alas, I don’t believe so, unless something has changed very recently Braun tell me no. Do you have the MQ9 already? to be honest, if you have the funds and space I would consider just having the spiralizer as a stand alone appliance then you also have a back-up hand blender. I use my mandoline and a hand spiralizer to do the job but I would love one attached to the hand blender. In my new simple life I can’t have everything and as I have the Bamix and my landlord has provided a Braun MQ5 I can’t really justify getting another. I have the same wish for Bamix to add a spiralizer attachment ! Do let me know if you hear any news before me 🙂 thanks for writing.

      • Mark Hennyey

        Thanks, buddy! I don’t have the MQ9 yet, been trying to get the 9097 on sale for ages. But… if I don’t get it for my birthday (tomorrow!) I’ll be buying it soon. I do have the original hand-crank Spiralizer but it’s just not worth the effort anymore. I’ll have to live without. Thanks for all your hard work on this site, your insights have been very helpful!

        • aoibheann

          Oh thanks Mark, means the world to know you´re reading and appreciating. i too ten to give up with the old hand spiralizer feeling, but tbh I´m loving my mandoline more and more and am getting more and more spiralizer style fixes with it… if you know what I mean.

    • Mark Hennyey

      I only just now found out there was a dicing blade for the big (“XL”?) MQ9 food processor jug. I saw a couple of videos on YouTube and Braun but have never seen that blade option before. Do you know anything about it? I’m having a hard time locating it or even confirming whether or not it’s included in the 9097 kit. I’m just about to buy the 9097 so this is pretty exciting. (I’ll make due instead of overspending on the Dicing attachments/conversions for my Breville Sous Chef 16. What a rip!) Thanks again!

      • aoibheann

        Not sure what you mean by the last comment about the Breville, and also re the videos for the dicing blade. Can you email any links to me on and I´ll have a look. thanks.

        • aoibheann

          WOw, thanks for all that on the email. I´ll cut and paste so it can help others if that´s ok.
          ¨Hi! First of all thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into your site! It’s been an incredible help for me and my decision to go with the Braun Multiquick 9.

          From Mark…I did some further searching after my last comment about the dicing attachment and I learned that there is not just a new “XL Food Processor attachment” but that there’s a new, more powerful 1200-watt (Euro measurement) MQ9 model available only in Europe (Germany only?) in 4 sets: MQ9187XLI; MQ9195XL ; MQ9147X ; MQ9135XI; I’ve been looking at the first two ‘big’ packs because they’re the closest to the 9097 that I was going to buy. The -95 has the dicing blade but not the pure wand….. That lead me to find out about the new MQ9X kits. I was hoping I could just hunt down the attachment but unfortunately I suspect it wouldn’t be compatible with the 9097 food processor. Maybe due to the increased power of the new MQ9X @ 1200 watts.

          From Aoibheann… I would just say a couple of things. Be careful buying from a different country incase they don´t work, and Braun seems to be autonomous in each region. Each region also does not offer the same products, so you won´t get support easily. However, I have found support to be less available this year with the pandemic.
          If you were able to get the one with dicing blade ( the 9195), then I would have thought that adding a separate masher would work. I would look into a separate masher / purée leg that fits the 90 or 91 series – are the connections the same. I would think that would be easier to get on it´s own than the new dicing blade.

          • Audrey

            Thanks so much for all your advice.
            Enjoying reading your informative website and love your direct links to Amazon which I will certainly use.
            Best wishes

  6. DavidD

    Hi. Thank you for the very indepth review of the MQ9087x.

    I have had mine (1000W version) for almost 2 years now, and would like to know if there is a way of sharpenig the blade of the activeshaft? The motor is still performing like new but the mashed product just doesn’t seem as smooth/fine as when it was it fresh out the box, hence why I suspect the blade is not as sharp as before. I saw the activeshaft assembly by itself costs around $42 excluding shipping so its not pocket change we talking about, plus the machine still works great, so there is no real justification to replace the shaft.

    This is where I think the Bamix has a true one up on the competition. I can source local stock of the C blade for only $15. The fact that you can replace just the blade instead of an entire assembly should be a standard for all high end hand blenders.

    • aoibheann

      Hi David, that’s the first I’ve heard of someone wanting to sharpen the blade. But I can imagine that could happen. Though I’m wondering how much use would take me there. Can I ask how much you use it on average? once a day, 3 times a week, or less, like once a week. As I was reading through your comment, I too was thinking though about the Bamix and how easy the wee blades are. So does that mean you have a Bamix too? I have the Bamix and prefer to use that , as the Braun I had been given to use was a MQ 5 – brilliant but the Bamix is better than the MQ 5. THe MQ 9097 / 8097x give extras that I don’t have for the same price with the Bamix so at the end of the day it’s a choice. I love both ! and wish I had both so I let a gift giver decide and I was given the Bamix. Suits me better in a simple small lifestyle but I do wish I had the Braun processor too ! On the blade sharpening question – I’ll ask Braun for you and get back when I get an answer.

      • DavidD

        To be honest I use it almost every day, and sometimes multiple times a day. Yep, I do love this thing. I mostly use it for smoothies and sometimes frozen fruit (never used it for solid ice cubes though as I know they dont recommend it). I first discovered the issue when I was mashing some soup that I never had an issue with before. I now find that I can still get a somewhat smooth mix but I have to run the blender longer than I normally would. Thing is the motor is full throttle and is not struggling with the mix at all so the only thing I can think of is the blades are dulling down.

        Unfortunately I do not have the Bamix as I got the Braun on a Black Friday special back in 2018. The Bamix is still out of my price range at normal retail prices but I am eyeing any black friday 2020 specials that might come up where I am thinking of getting the Gastro350 (with a couple of spare blades) which will function as my primary hand blender and will just use the Braun with its accessories which are still 100%.

        Thank you for forwarding the question to Braun. Their response will determine how seriously I hunt down a Bamix replacement.

        • aoibheann

          no reply yet David. I’ll check tomorrow ( monday ) incase there was a problem with the email.

  7. Raphael

    In my previous post I stated the two models sold without the grinder .what I meant was the 9087(x) and 9097 !!
    Furthermore the grinder model is the mq60 and not as stated mq40 which is the ice crusher jar

    • admin

      Hi again Raphael. Thanks for the update. I’m following you. If you look at the connecting part of the hand blender you’ll see that they differ. As someone pointed out to me one is square and another round. I have a photo and I will endeavour to get that up on the blog too to show this. That’s why not all attachments fit with all MQ series. However I am totally with you about why can it not be sold separately within the same series. I had this very question with the US Braun support team ( see the conversation reported in the post above) about the ice crushing jug being available separately for the MQ 9 series – in the middle of my questioning they changed their mind and said it could be bought separately.
      Now, that didn’t instill 100% confidence in me, and to this day I want to research and write about which braun attachments work with which. If I could make that easy I would buy a few more myself !
      I think there are a few reasons maybe why we can’t get all the answers easily ( and why I am determined to get to the bottom of it) 1.

      Each region is autonomous so if you find something in one region of the world, it won’t necessarily be sold in another. What I’m not sure about is if that’s for technical or simply for marketing reasons! By the way i don’t see it here in Spain – only on .ae sites.
      I’ve sometimes seen in the comments section of Amazon, users explain what extra attachments they have made work so that they could add to their own Braun hand blender set. That’s one of the reasons I support links to Amazon through our site. Secondly Amazon have such an easy refund policy that it would make sense to buy what you think will work, and if it doesn’t then send it back immediately !
      I haven’t seen Amazon in Israel though, and not where you can ship from. Do you know? If you do get to order it from Amazon and deliver to Israel ( I’m presuming that’s what you need), we’d love you to come back and tell us how it went !

  8. Raphael

    Hi thanks for all the information above. A real great job. Now you seemed to have covered every model except one model that comes with the coffee grinder In the mq9 series.
    If I want to purchase the mq9087(x) or mq9087 which comes without the grinder and want to purchase the grinder separately they say that the grinder sold separately suits just the mq5 or mq7 series. They call that the mq40. Why can’t I make it work with the mq9 series keeping in mind that there is a model that the grinder is sold with it too.. here in Israel they call it the mq9078x no ice crusher there. And no small jar too just the 35ml jar..

    • admin

      Thanks Raphael, there are certainly more models ( but in a confusing way) in some regions that I didn’t include. Reason being that they didn’t seem to be recognised that much by most mainstream suppliers currently selling Braun. However you’re right about the MQ9078x and THANK-YOU ! It looks like a new model in your region only. I’ll continue my answer on your next comment if that’s ok, and I’ll have to investigate more thoroughly and then update my page too. Thanks again.

  9. Sher

    The mq40 ice blender is NOT compatible with the mq9087x as the connecting part of mq5 and 7 series are wavy, whereas mq9 series has a straight edge. Please rectify your post to prevent confusion of others reading your review!

    • admin

      Hi Sher, first of all thank-you so much for taking the time to write. We love that! Secondly, are you in Australia? If so, we are just starting ( today coincidentally ) to add information for our Australian audience because it seems to be growing fast! We have updated the post above to reflect what is available in Australia, because it looks like they don’t sell an ice crushing jug attachment in either the MQ7 or the MQ9 series in Australia – they only seem to have it in the 3 series – namely the MQ3045. In my text I was careful to cover the specifics for the U.K. and the U.S. but in the Pros section I didn’t… so I’m guessing that’s where you picked the info up. I had so many conversations with Braun, on the sales side, and also the technical side in 2018 to get that information about the MQ40 compatibility, so I could be really sure of it when writing. However, your extra info on the wavy vs straight edge has me…well a bit on edge if I’m honest ! I will be getting in touch with them again, and again, and in different countries again…to be sure that it is only Australia that is the exception… or NOT!
      Coincidentally I was thinking on waking this morning also that I want to write a fuller piece on all the Braun offerings in the three regions of the U.S.,U.K.,and Australia. As I have said in this post, and also in the top 10 hand blenders post, Braun have made it so so confusing by having different offerings everywhere… similar but different. We want to clear that up for everyone. Thanks again for your input. We’d love you to join in as an email subscriber and /or facebook community and know you more. We love to have people like you involved!
      Sorry for the long answer, we have put a note in the post about your comment, and watch this space for any more updated info. from Braun.

    • admin

      Update: I have only just had a reply yesterday, to my email to Braun support in the UK to start with ( this route is a different one to the online texting or offline technical support call I made last year). So watch this space as we are now have started a conversation about this so we get the full picture 🙂


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We're hospitality professionals that have sold up the businesses, gave up the big possessions, and simplified life... but we didn´t give up the good stuff - family, friends, and food & drink.

We've been the demanding customer, and the daily hands-on high end restaurant and boutique hotel ownerWe understand food, drink, hospitality, and real customer satisfaction.

So we want to help you find the right tools to cook better, save time, and be able to make restaurant quality food and drinks at home.

There are too many choices thrown at the home cook. We believe that everyone should be able to choose the equipment they really need, not what someone else wants them to buy !

And… so much information online is biassed or confusing.

So we'll cut through it and get the genuine detail to you. Then you can make better choices that suit you.

Join us here for any freebies and our story as we travel.

Our daily mantra is to eat well, cook better, live more.

We want the same for you!


Affiliate disclosure

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