An in-depth review of the Masha 2x ( 2 blades)

a.k.a. the Rotor cone vegetable masher (1 blade)

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Our top choice for the fluffiest, smoothest mashed potatoes, purées, baby food, hummus, guacamole, dips, creams, cakes, soups and more ! 


“Unprocess your food”

Made by Dash, who have a very modern approach to small kitchen appliances. We love their strap line ‘unprocess your food’. Their ethos is to help people prepare whole unprocessed foods with speed, ease and convenience.

Masha Immersion Hand Blender 3-in-1 Set Multi Tool

sage all in one hand blender

for purées, soups, sauces, baby food, cakes, and desserts


A great baby food maker, and the best hand held blender for both young mums and seniors. A perfect kitchen appliance for seniors that need something lightweight, powerful and stable, and that simply does the smoothing / puréeing job well.  It’s balanced weight makes it easier to use if you have small, elderly or arthritic hands.  So it’s not a struggle either for busy mums juggling both the baby and jobs to be done. As babe grows up, this makes it a nice tool for kids that want to get involved in the kitchen too ( supervised of course!).   It’s plastic blades make it safe and not scary !  


Simply brilliant for the vegetable masher cone makes the best mashed potatoes and puréed veg. for baby, great side dishes for dinner, hummus and guacamole for snacks or cocktail time, or beef up your lunch (literally… think Lebanese Hamshuka… spiced minced meat on hummus!).

For breakfasts,  desserts or sweet snacks and smoothies, afternoon tea cakes, the aerator attachment is perfect.  Make light and fluffy creamy desserts like lemon posset, meringues, or simple whipped cream in a matter of seconds.


This is how the Masha is described on Amazon UK…

This is how it is described on Amazon US…click through for details

…and here is the Australian description for the same product – click through for suppliers and live price deals. 


It’s actually such a simple product that there is little to say, especially from the main manufacturer’s information. So we have gathered what the world says about this and summarised it below for you. 

power / speed

160 Watt ( although some sources say 200W, most say 160W and so does the manufacturer! )

Dash say 10 seconds to process potatoes



12  inches (30.5cm) LONG, 3.5 inches ( 8.9 cm) DIAMETER. So sources say its 12.5inches / 32cm… whats in a few cm anyway!



BPA free … definitely.


electric or cordless

electric only… for sure! 


cable / cord length

48 inches / 122 cm



By all accounts, anything between 1 lb and  1.95 lb (885g) so we are assuming the heavier weight is the boxed one. Light in any case don’t you think !


1 yr limited



There appear to be two models, the Masha 2x in the UK and US which has two cone attachments for veg and batter, and the Rotor Cone vegetable edition in Australia, which seems to just have the main vegetable cone included. 

How the masha 2x works

It acts a bit like an electric potato ricer

It pushes, or extrudes the potatoes or vegetables through the cone holes, rather like a sieve. 

Masha isn’t exclusively for mashed potatoes. In fact, you can use the Masha for all sorts of vegetables, as well as for mixing just about any batter, for preparing guacamole and even for making up baby foods. 

So why do you need a special attachment to purée potatoes ?

At least for starchy foods you definitely do need this ! A cutting or blending action that you get with most hand (immersion) blenders disturbs the starch grains. By using an extrusion process (i.e. pushing the food through the cone holes) you keep the starch grains intact. So, what we’re saying is that the potato is crushed so that the starch grains remain intact. Over cooking or aggressive blending breaks up the starch and gives you that glue like product… you know what we mean, those sticky gluey -like gooey mashed potatoes that most of us don’t like !


User comments and tips specific to the Masha blender


If you like to leave the skin on your potatoes, make sure to rinse your stick straight after use. Otherwise the skin can get dried and stuck in the cone holes.


The Masha smooths gravy out quite nicely. You could also do the same on boiled onions or tomatoes ( without skins on ).


Don’t worry about blending hot foods ( because it has plastic blades) . It works just fine.  Obviously like most blenders ( except the Bamix blenders ) you should have taken the pan off the hob first. 


It’s a simple push and hold operation, like a lot of blenders. It’s really fast though so you don’t have to hold the button in for long. 


For best results mixing and mashing vegetables (e.g. cauliflower, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash, broccoli),  make sure they are cooked till they are nice and soft first.


It also works really well for mashing baby food like chicken, and vegetables. Just had a thought that if you want easy rice cooking to go with such dishes, check out our favourite microwave rice and pasta cooker on our own foodie wishlist page.

5 more added benefits of the masha

( The 5th one makes it so tempting, and it’s why we want to add this special hand blender to our own collection ! )

1. One touch , one button operation

The one button is a nice touch, and easy to reach, high up on the thinnest part of the handle. So easy for small hands.


2. Comfortable handle

The non-slip ergonomic handle, along with the balanced weight stick makes it comfortable to hold, and puts less strain on your wrist.


3. Simple assembly and disassembly

For cleaning, just press the cone release buttons on the sides of the motor unit (i.e. on the stick, just below the Masha logo! )
Re-attach it by turning it clockwise until it locks into place again on the motor unit area of the stick.


4. BPA free plastic blades

Good to know, and the plastic parts also mean no worries when it comes to using it in non stick pots.


5. Did we say PLASTIC BLADES !

At last we have a blender we can safely take on a flight in our hand luggage only.

What’s in the box ?

sage all in one hand blender


1. The motor part

i.e. the stick itself of course !

+ 2 attachments itemised below for mixing and mashing.

Note: The cones force all ingredients through the outer mesh, leaving no lumps, making perfect mashed potatoes, veggie mashes, baby food, salsas, guacamole, devilled eggs, hummus, dips, batters and even soufflé batter in mere seconds.


2. Masher attachment

for the light, fluffiest mash ( this is the one that comes with the “rotor cone vegetable masher”). Use smooth blade for pureeing, mashing, and turning solids to creamier textures like the guacamole or black bean patties.


3. Batter attachment

for the smoothest batter. Use the more serrated batter cone for blending/mixing/combining doughs or batters. Yorkshire pudding, cakes, pancakes etc.


4. Masha by Dash Recipe book

A comprehensive picture booklet with recipes for Apricot Jam, applesauce, black-bean patties, brioche potatoes, guacamole, garlic mashed cauliflower, mashed cilantro-lime cassava, sweet potato pie crust and filling, mashed sweet potatoes, and perfect mashed potatoes or course, Italian-style greek yoghurt mashed potatoes, wholewheat pancakes, whipped cream, clean banana nut bread ! 


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Affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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