Easy home-made decoration idea

with a simple, 3 ingredient salt dough recipe


Hang them around the house, on nails or from string.

Personalise your child’s bedroom door.

home made salt dough Christmas decoration food gift

Pop them on the Christmas tree, or other tree type decorations such as spray coloured witch hazel twigs.


In our new simple life, we saved a shoe box of decorations to make our tree special, whatever it is, and where ever we are.

Since we got married, we either bought or made a symbolic decoration each year.   These salt dough ones that our daughter made with her French aupair were so special. This one said “Noel” ( the French word for Christmas ), and another three in different shapes and colours had each of our names engraved.  Thanks Perrine for the special idea.

Note: We saved all the ones that survived the cats licking that is ! Cats love the salt so if you have animals… be sure to hang them high so they don’t get tempted.

Salt dough recipe... 3 ingredients... salt, flour, water

1 part ( say a cup) water, 1 part salt, 1 part flour (simple all purpose plain flour )





1. Mix the salt and flour in a big mixing bowl

2. Add the water. little by little, while mixing… add more flour if its too wet, and more water if it’s too dry.

3. Now you have dough !…form it into a ball, roll it around to knead it

4. Now squish, flatten, and shape.

5. Be sure to make a hole for the ribbon to go through, and use a toothpick to write your message,

6. Bake in a hot oven  ( 200degreeC ) and pull out when it starts to go golden. You don’t want it to get overbaked and brittle.

7. Place on a cooling rack ( careful they will be HOT! )

8. Paint and decorate when dry.

9. Add ribbon and hang on the tree.


Happy Christmas everyone.

Have a cosy one.

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