How to blanche whole brown almonds

to make white almonds

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Why do we want white almonds ?


  1. for a sweeter taste ( the skins can be a little tanic)
  2. because a recipe calls for white or slivered almonds and you can’t figure out why they are more expensive to buy than the brown ones
  3. because you want to make almond flour, milk or sweets… without the brown bits.
rescue a burned dinner

Learn how to make them in 5 easy steps

1. Throw them in boiling water for a minute...

rescue a burned dinner

It only takes a minute (literally)…2 minutes and the nuts will be too soft.

The most common way we see almonds is the brown skinned ones, after they have been shelled. White almonds seem to be a more exclusive, more expensive product, and we only ever seem to buy these when a recipe calls for it ! 

2. peel by hand

squeeze the nuts and the skins will slip off, revealing the white almond inside

3. keep them contained !

best done in a contained area like the sink…guarding them carefully in your hands because when you squeeze the skin to reveal the white part, it can pop out and disappear across the kitchen !

4. Now let them dry off, ready to use in your next recipe.

rescue a burned dinner

5. Discard the skins

rescue a burned dinner

The skin is mostly good for you, and also a little bad! ( see our post on “all about almonds” in the ingredients section). I tried to eat them on their own, or pulverise them to use, but it wasn’t worth it. The taste of the skin wasn’t good on its own. It was too bitter.

Read more about ALMONDS on our ingredients page.


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