Our why


The passions and beliefs that drive us.


What we love to do.

  • Help people discover what they need, and inspire them onto a path,
  • little by little,
  • to create their own more authentic and sustainable life.
  • From there, anything is possible. 

What we want  fromCooktoChef to do

( * busy cooks, unconfident cooks, and wanna be chefs )

  • Share tools, tips, and techniques… from our foodie journey to *yours,
  • to help you find what you need,
  • one tip, one tool, one inspirational story, one ingredient, one dish, one in depth review at a time,
  • to create your own more authentic and sustainable life.
  • So that you too, can eat well, cook better and live more.

Our personal beliefs

We believe in making people feel as special as they really are.

We believe we that simplicity and freedom are the greatest luxuries in life.

We believe in just jumping in and living life, and not just planning it.

We believe in quietly voting with our feet.

We believe in having fun and relaxing into life.

We believe in bending to fit, and go along the ride together.

We believe in doing different. We follow the rules, but like to break the norms. 

We like to tweak. We believe in kaizen, chouia chouia, little by little, step by step, even jump by jump !

We believe in emotional intelligence, in kindness, and connecting heart to heart.

We believe there is a reason, a purpose, and a beauty, in everything and everyone.

We believe in things that are well thought through, then we can take calculated risks. 

We believe in being aware of the consequences, for everyone, even at our own expense.

We believe in playing with the contrasts, so that we may see better, the magic in between. 

We believe your passion will never leave you, it’s just a matter of clearing the way to see it and allow it to shine.

We believe in waking up the world, encouraging people to seize the moment, follow their passion in whatever way they can. One person at a time. 

Our business beliefs

First. We believe that the core undertaking of a business, is in being able to control and deliver what you promise – to a great level. On top of operational excellence, authentic passion (the fairy dust !) can then deliver the extra-ordinary, memorable, genuine magic.

We believe in delivering, at every level.

We believe in being consistent, and complete.

We believe in paying great attention to the detail.

We believe in delivering a genuine message, clearly to the customer.

We believe in being owner aware, customer care, and operational excellence.

We believe that the authentic passion of most business owner’s is sadly not being delivered clearly, and consistently to the customer.

We believe that the passion is only the driving force, but the business that cares has to deliver it solidly.

We believe that owners start with a passion, but the dream, the focus and the attention to detail drifts.

We believe that between the giving and the taking, the bulk of the experience is preset, but the magic happens in the middle.

Within the boundaries of the business, we believe in trying to tailor a unique experience to each customer.


WHAT WE BELIEVE in when dealing with CUSTOMERS 

We believe in fairness, equality, sincerity.

We believe the customer should not be misled.

We believe everyone should get to feel special.

We believe in premium, not elitism; Inclusion not exclusion.

We believe that every guest is worthy of the best experience.

We believe that everyone is deserving of the best, in a style that suits their needs.

We believe that experiences are to be savoured first… and shared only to inspire, not to show off.



We believe in a light touch.

We believe in the warm & friendly, cool & chic.

We believe in solid frameworks, with freedom for movement.

We believe in ambiance, using natural materials and elements.

We believe in opening all the senses to experience life as it could be lived.

We believe in barefoot 5 star… exploring equally the rustic, the homely, and the high end.

We believe in a framework, with freedom; being playful, with purpose; style without attitude.

We believe in style without attitude (bring everything down to a human personal connecting level).

We believe that completeness is not enough, so we like to wrap it up in a personally connecting ribbon.

We believe that between the giving and the taking, the bulk of the experience is preset, but the magic happens in the middle.


Join us.

What are we doing, and how is it working out? Come on the living and learning journey with us, and receive the benefits of us sharing everything we care about as we go along.

here we are... from cook to chef

Aoibheann and Paul xx