tips about the food choices we make to help us eat well

In this section , we write about ingredients we love to use, and the ones we are curious about, in good ways or bad ! We’ll de-mystify them, and show little tips we find on how to use get the most out of them.

We like to understand all the food in our recipes, to know what fuel, we are putting into our bodies, and what effect it can have on us. We’ve been so spoilt ( and spoiled !)  with the choices of foods on this planet – from the natural to the wholly manufactured or processed. 

We prefer natural and unprocessed personally, and like to cook everything from scratch… as much as we can.

Aoibheann loves the raw, and the real food, the herbs and spices. Paul loves the rich and fine.

Put us together and we love the rustic, flavoursome, local, and the sophisticated fusion food, from texture to colour to flavour.

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Ingredients posts.

Free, foraged food education.

Free, foraged food education.

Teeny, tiny local passion fruit. Hand picked… foraged off a nearby street, gave us a wee treat ! But what a surprise. Now we know what size of passion fruits are the best, and are learning more about urban foraging.

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How to make the best chocolate

How to make the best chocolate

Raw chocolate (cacao, cocoa) – probably the most nutrient dense ingredient on the planet. Find out what it is, where to get it, and how to get a free mini cookbook so you can start creating your own pure chocolate heaven.

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