Foraged local passion fruit

tiny, yellow, ripe and delicious

Last updated Apr 27, 2021 at 11:29AM | Published on Feb 11, 2020

hand picked tiny juicy passion fruits

Paul came home with a pocket full of these wee babes! Tiny passion fruit but still so full of fruit and so ?tasty.

I’ve found no matter what size we pick these ( from teeny to giant) they all have ripe fruit inside and the larger they get the more pith you get, so you don’t gain that much extra fruit.

Urban foraging.

Yes, it’s a thing. And now we’ve started, we’re on the lookout for more – we just got a few limes and a lovely guava to try. But be careful where you pick from, and be prepared to be able to pick and carry things home. I once meat a girl that foraged prickly pears without realising what they were … eek !!! We’ll write more about this but for now, we’ve found this really expert article on mashable for you on how to begin. 

Foraged foods we´ve come across

I´m going to save the links I find here, for me, and for you, so we can share this foraging love ! I´m not an expert but like most people, it´s never too late to learn.

Ramps a.k.a. wild leeks, maple ( @bairdfarm, N.America)

Recipe for ramps caesar salad (@oakhillpgh, Pittsburgh, USA )
Foraged ramps, shredded iceberg, cucumber, brown butter+ old bay croutons, egg, Grana padano. boiled egg.

Wild asparagus

Wild garlic (@hungrywales, UK)
wild garlic pesto, scones ( Nigel Slater recipe)

True Morels / true Morchella (@fascinatedbyfungi)

Blue Quandong (@melbournebushfood) – Australia

nettle… tea, soup, cocktails , beer @wildfoodstory
( @nettlefest 2May 3, 2021)

spring morel fungi foraging @tivolimushrooms

young green pine cones cooked in rum caramel ! @chefjoebartlett


wild rocket – london

sloe …. gin

pine needle… tea

dandelion … salad @juliedaniluk. pesto recipe  @learningherbs







magnolia petals

pheasant´s back mushroom @victoriabluebird Virginia usa

lady´s smock / cuckoo flower, ground ivy, nettle beer  @jo._.clark

gorse & magnolia, flowering currant – wild sodas – @chefjoebartlett


lilac @gathervictoria

Rosemary etc

others… @joel_gazdar, @ediblevanisle @wild.wanderers.apothecary


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