Black Pug day !

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Am I being too cynical ?

I’m getting a little tired of being told how to shop everyday.  White Monday, Green Tuesday and now Orange Wednesday and Purple Thursday !  What has Black Friday started ? But if they had called it Black Pug day… I might just shop every day ! ( just think, if you had a cute black pug, you wouldn’t wait till someone told you to buy it a treat. ) I digress…


I’m meant to be helping you in the kitchen right ?


I love doing the research for you, so I’ve been checking all the bargains for you this past week.

I love that we have devoted all our time to sharing all that, and the cooking, and eating too.  I love sharing our whole new life with you ( yes Paul is working away on the technical side too).

The part we don’t love , and we’re finding the most difficult to do, is the selling part ! Yet it’s mean’t to sustain our simple living – that’s the point of digital publishing. We also don’t like hype and pressurised sales ourselves. We don’t like being steered into buying a particular product on a particular day. We didn’t want that for you either. So maybe that’s why I have been finding this week so difficult.


I’m going to be straight with you.

I didn’t think I’d actually find great bargains. I put myself on many email lists, and I went through the listings on Amazon. I was finding lots of price cuts,  but not things I wanted to buy. The products being pushed to the front were not appealing to me.

So I dug a little deeper.  I looked into the brands and products we know best, the things we like to use or recommend. 


I like finding the hidden gems…

I’ve found 6 in the UK so far, and I’ll update as I find more in the UK or US. I’m so pleased with what I found so far…I’m no longer cynical ! I hope you like the groundwork I’ve done. They’re at the bottom of the page.

Pug knows my favourite deal.

a sharing pizza

Love a pug any day.

Do keep coming back to this pug page and see what I find for you in kitchen appliance and essentials deals.

Or go through now on any of our links and find your own special deals.

 Thanks in advance for sharing the pug love, and a special thanks to Charles ?? on Unsplash for the image.



Best UK & US BRAUN deal


The MQ 9 series is the latest and best of the Braun hand-blenders. Check out which one is on offer !

Best UK Morphy Richards Deal

I want one of these, and I hadn’t realised how cheap they can be ! I’ve cooked with this in October, and have a great recipe to share with you. Just haven’t had a chance to write the post yet.

Best UK KitchenAid deal


In fact, it looks like there may be a discount across the whole range, but we know this machine – we have it ourselves. So we know what an incredible bargain price this is !

Best UK & European KENWOOD deal


Gee, I’ve just updated my in-depth review of the Kenwood HDP406 page last week. It was still our winner for best value mid-range hand blender. If you need one of these this price slash is amazing so now is really the time to get it !

Best UK Nespresso machine deal

This is already one of our top 3 favourites, so I’m chuffed also that it’s got an extra special discount for Black Friday on Amazon !

BEST UK Joseph Joseph essentials deal

I love this brand, for it’s design and functionality. If you just want to get a kitchen essential, or treat someone else to something ever so useful  ( I want one of these too ! ) then this is a brilliant deal.

Best DE ‘LONGHI deal

This bean-to-cup espresso machine is now at a cracking price.  Many suppliers are competing on Amazon so the price has driven right down  !!!


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