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Last updated Nov 23, 2020 at 3:58PM | Published on Mar 19, 2020

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I wanted to share our own story a little…


I’ve been using these useful phrases all my life, from the littlest to the biggest things I’ve had to face.


“Everything for a reason”

( that’s a tough one, and better not to focus on that !),


“Everything will be ok”

( no matter what the everything becomes) ,


“Every cloud has a silver lining”

( and it really does… that’s my favourite ! )

It’s all about TRUST and TIMING… isn’t everything !

Letting go and trusting was what we had to do in some pretty horrible episodes of life, but my Dad, who is the wisest man I know, said. “Just remember that anything that brings such a major shift, will also have a silver lining”.

So as I learned that I couldn’t control everything, I had to do my best, be myself, and let go… and on one occasion there was nothing left but to do that.  I trusted in God /  the Universe / in myself, and knew that things would unfold naturally and for the best, if I could just allow it, and the silver lining would come.

And it came.

The biggest surprise was that it came from inside me.  I’m hoping the world will change too, and we can all see a silver lining to this horrible pandemic.


And everything will be ok, whatever that new everything is.

I hope these phrases can help you through this Covid-19 virus pandemic, and in the many ways it may be affecting you all.  Everyone has their issues (big and small ) to get through in life, and I never like to share our own. I prefer to re-enforce the good stuff, and I’m hoping for the silver lining that will come to each and every one of you when this is over.



Yes, we’re in lockdown now and already getting those big brother moments. Last night we lay in bed and looked at each other – “Day 5” .

For the first 12 weeks of this year, we were already effectively isolating because I was so ill. But I have to tell you that after I got through the worst of the pneumonia, I actually enjoyed the isolation and having few distractions. I had to simply, and mindfully, focus on living, and enjoying one thing at a time. I would consider my food even more, and enjoy creating, and eating it mindfully. I would enjoy choosing different books to read, I could listen more.. and have a more meaningful conversation, and do some gentle exercise. (Poor Paul, he had to get through all these months looking after me !)

There were no deadlines apart from surviving and getting myself well. In this new enforced isolation for Covid-19, it feels the same.  It’s giving us the opportunity to re-balance again. I hope it does the same for you.


From here, we watch on TV how the different countries are dealing with this, and the reactions of the people. I hesitated in sharing this earlier because I know I think differently to a lot of people  – and most of all I never want to upset anyone.

I’m the deep one, as I write this, Paul is on the other sofa laughing at today’s facebook memes and funny stories. We all have our own way of surviving 😉


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