Make the most of your Monday

black fryday for black friday

Now I’ve set the bar – I better live up to it !

Move more

Ok so far I’ve had a good stretch. No Physio appointments today but my shoulder has been playing up. Oh those bones are so connected and they’re telling me from knee to hip to shoulder now. So I’ve started moving early today. 

Later… Salsa lesson. Let’s see if I can make it 3 things. Oh, the power of 3 !

Make something

So far, I’ve made a nice concoction for breakfast – oats, ginger, cinnamon, that nice local honey I got from the mountains here, and a good dose of ground flaxseed. I realised I hadn’t been taking the flax ( linseed ) and the old body needs it, so went and found them on my ‘jar shelf’.  I would normally soak them overnight but hey… deep joy – instead,  I could use my Bamix hand blender to pulverise them in seconds.

I know thats not a big ‘MAKE’  so I’m going to have to report in as the day goes on. Got any ideas ? I’ll edit as the day goes… now i’m being watched !

Matter to someone

Truth be told, I didn’t have the best weekend. Too much couch potato and computer work. I left it too late to get the balance right and it had a knock on effect. It’s great that we have such a fluid lifestyle – we can work anytime, all the time, or not at all.  However, the more we find we are living our best life here, the more upsetting it can be when we allow ourselves to be knocked off balance. I had a few interactions this last week that just didn’t feel true, or that just disturbed my sensitive mind ! The good part is that we see it immediately though, and have to do something about it.

There’s a burning man event coming up here in January. We must sign up ! One of their policies, ‘Immediacy’ , comes to mind now. So let’s start with mattering to ourselves, then it’s easier to immediately matter to someone close. Then let it spread, to a friend, and also maybe to a stranger. Let’s see what good deed might crop up today. Not sure I will report back on this to you though, as it wouldn’t feel right to ‘show it’ off.

Let’s just count them as the day goes… 1, 

So far, so good. Hope you can find a way to matter to yourself and to other people today. Go for it.

What are you going to do to motivate your Monday? 

Do share in the comments !


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