Living the magic… 

when night meets day


Last updated May 29, 2020 at 5:06PM | Published on Mar 19, 2020

golden milk without coconut oil

Look at that aura round the moon !

The beauty and the benefit of waking in the night

You know what I’m talking about.. the 3am  / 4am thoughts time.

Well sometimes it’s good to just get up and reap the benefits and see the beauty, feel the moment !

Walk on the grass… even nicer if it’s wet !
Bare the soles of your feet to the heat of the earth.
Hear the sweet songs of birds all around and above.

And with tingles in your soles and a smile in your soul, you can’t help looking up.. and it always delights.
Ahhhhhh… a perfect moment of the brightness of night.

Now the odd 5am clubber is
up and about ! The bins need collecting and someone’s starting a car.
It’s all moving on, and it’s changing to day , with distractions returning to take it away.

But hang on for a moment to the ringing in your ears, of the silence and sounds, and your space, all around.

I hope you get to enjoy this too, next time you wake !


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