Take some time off and live more.

We took some time off and took advantage of free salsa dancing lessons offered by the Bohemia Suites in Gran Canaria. And found a new way to serve pizza, at the pool bar.

Last updated Nov 24, 2020 at 8:30AM | Published on Nov 11, 2019

When we relax, we see so much more.

Had we taken time off to go for lunch at this time, we would have discovered the free dancing lesson. Either way, the lesson was… take some time off and you will be rewarded !

a sharing pizza

Amazing looking pizza rolls and sharing pizza at the Bohemia Suites pool bar.  Does this dish they have a name? and why oh why is it always about food first with us !

salsa dancing lesson

Thank-you Sara and Hektor

You are the most fabulous and fun teachers. We’ll be back ! 

( Good luck in the competitions, you’re a gorgeous inspiring pair. )

Thanks for the treat today Bohemia suites.

Thanks for the great food, the cocktails, pool bar experience, and… salsa ( salsa lesson to be more precise !) Didn’t expect the audience from the diners around the pool but it’s good to move about a bit, have a laugh, and throw off the inhibitions. .

pizza rolls

You've inspired us to research charcoal ovens and grills !

I wish we had their gorgeous Bohemia suites pizza oven. In fact there’s also an oven at the Vital suites pool bar restaurant that would be much more practical for us – a Josper no less. We have our eye on that when we win the lottery !

In the mean-time, we must investigate the best, affordable option. We’ll let you know when it’s done.

UPDATE: It’s done. Click here for the result.

Leave us a comment if you’re interested in making your own pizza too.


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