Take some time off and live more.

We took some time off and took advantage of free salsa dancing lessons offered by the Bohemia Suites ( on a Monday at 4pm). But, the pool bar food caught our eye first ! 

Last updated Mar 9, 2020 at 6:33PM | Published on Nov 11, 2019

a sharing pizza

Amazing looking pizza rolls and sharing pizza at the Bohemia Suites pool bar.  Does this dish they have a name? and why oh why is it always about food first with us !

Thanks for the treat today Bohemia suites.

Thanks for the great food, the cocktails, pool bar experience, and… salsa ( salsa lesson to be more precise !) Didn’t expect the audience from the diners around the pool but it’s good to move about a bit, have a laugh, and throw off the inhibitions. .

pizza rolls

We must investigate charcoal ovens and grills !

I wish we had their gorgeous Bohemia suites pizza oven. In fact there’s also an oven at the Vital suites pool bar restaurant that would be much more practical for us – a Josper no less. We have our eye on that when we win the lottery !

Leave us a comment if you’re interested in making your own pizza too.

salsa dancing lesson

Thank-you Sara and Hektor

You are the most fabulous and fun teachers. We’ll be back ! 

( Good luck in the competitions, you’re a gorgeous inspiring pair. )


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