Simplicity delivers !

From sophisticated Surrey, to simplifying everything. We made the choice to move to a simple life. Now we can afford a luxury of living that never seemed to be so available before. What a richness we have found.

Last updated Mar 9, 2020 at 6:33PM | Published on Nov 18, 2019

Simple living at its best.

We deliberately don’t have a car. Then hire one for a week and get soooo excited .
Fill the boot at the supermarket. Go exploring places. And try to still work and keep the balance.

Yesterday we visited the ancient island Guayadeque Cave houses. Stunning landscape like something from a Wild West movie !

See all the cave pictures on Instagram. Showing the more sophisticated and all very different cave houses… making up a wee ‘town’. Cave homes you can hardly spot, and thriving small holdings. Even little bee hives (white dots on the mountain side).

cave house with simply built pizza oven

The cave houses are all different and most well hidden.

cave house with simply built pizza oven

We love this one with the simply built ( obviously well used ) pizza oven.

cave house with simply built pizza oven

There’s even a cave restaurant. Not busy though !

almonds in the canary islands

Sad to see yet burnt almond trees. They just about survived the big fires we had a few months ago.

pizza rolls

We choose living more

We nearly ruined it by trying to do too much. Tried to fit an IKEA visit in and then fell into a traffic jam on the way home. Caught ourselves just in time, and decided not to over rush .

So we made a choice to miss some shopping and our salsa lesson. We chose not to fall into an old pattern. A pattern maybe you all know well too – being super efficient and rushing around to fit in as much as possible in a given ‘time’ !

What’s that whole time thing about anyway. We decided to choose being happier in that moment, enjoyed the journey home, and kept our appreciation for the day.


local honey

Happy days

We brought the honey home too !


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