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Last updated May 6, 2020 at 12:57PM | Published on Oct 6, 2019

pumpkin 999

Yup. That’s our aim !

It’s been our everyday mantra for decades.  But in our simple life, we no longer have our coffee grinder to give that smell… it’s not exactly nomadic life friendly ! 

Still we’re consciously living every moment in other ways.

 How to get that fresh coffee smell


Our Nespresso machine is pretty amazing, and you do get a gentle coffee aroma, but we don’t get that smack of a smell from grinding the coffee beans ourselves.

If you’re using a filter or a manual espresso machine you need to have freshly ground beans. You can get a similar ‘hit’ of coffee bean aroma when you open a vacuumed bag of coffee. ( The first opening is the best ! )

See which machine we couldn’t let go of, so had to leave behind in the UK… for now.

And, after many months of research see which other coffee machines we have had, loved and sold. You’ll find them among some of the best machines we recommend


Our best buy recommendation


Our current favourite is the Sage ( Or Breville if you are in America ) Barista Touch
semi-automatic bean to cup espresso making machine. Perfect if you want to look like a Barista, but also can get your coffee quickly,  and  the most difficult parts are taken care of by this very clever coffee machine. It’s also very well priced. Find out all the other reasons we love it in our in-depth review here.



pumpkin 999

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