Who likes to eat sunflowers – literally !

I love to eat sunflower seeds, but what are these little critters getting out of the sunflower?

Last updated Nov 23, 2020 at 6:33PM | Published on Nov 27, 2019

a sharing pizza

Food for everyone

What’s all this about? We’ve grown our first sunflowers here in the island but they’ve become home to these insects. They look like Clocks I think ( wood clocks) . But could they be our leaf eaters!! Now stuck on the ? sunflower. Tell me if you know… in the comments below. 

Eating or sleeping ?

Every morning I like to go say good morning to the morning , get my bare feet in the grass. Something I’ve always done ( but a little restricted in the UK with weather sometimes!) And I find these little critters. Are they eating? I can see the pollen is disturbed . Or just sleeping… is it just a snuggly bed?

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