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You’ve probably heard of ‘golden milk’ – a warming healthy drink with made with coconut oil, spices and nut milk. I love that one at night, instead of a hot chocolate sometimes. But I find this one is more refreshing for the mornings.

I had the idea to make my freshly squeezed orange juice more ‘golden’ one day too. Truth be told, it was a hangover kind of day and I wondered if it would help! And it did. I found it filling and balancing and didn’t have the usual ‘morning after’ carb craving either. 

I love it so much that I did the blend and started drinking before I thought to take a picture for you … sorry for the messy glass !

 Tools, Tips & Techniques




You definitely need a good hand blender here. ( do you have a good one ?)  It’s simple and fast, and easy to clean as you go.

Whisk blade attachment for the Bamix Hand BlenderI used my Bamix swissline hand blender with the whisk blade ( the one with the holes in it ). Unlike other blender whisk attachments that look like proper hand whisks –  this blade is actually quite tiny ! This means I can blend straight into my glass tumbler !



spice storage: I keep plenty of spices in old jam jars.I love the colours . I keep them on a shelf in the utility room at eye level. So it’s easy to see when I need to replace them, or when I’m getting too much or too little of them in my diet ! Much better than been hidden in a drawer like I used to do. How do you keep yours ?

pepper & ginger: don’t leave these out. They are necessary to draw out the goodness from the Turmeric ( especially the pepper). That’s also the job of the coconut oil in the golden milk recipe – the fats are the best thing to pull the goodness out for you, pepper too. Use a strong ground pepper, not a cracked one. I use the white pepper i get in Marrakech, Morocco – it’s so strong I have to hold my nose so I don’t sneeze when I open the jar ! 




mise en place: Use freshly squeezed orange juice, I think with the bits you get in that, it makes it easier for the spices to hang on to something.

blending: I like to be quick and save on the washing up too, so i pick the widest and tallest tumbler I have.

The blade goes almost to the bottom but the power of the Bamix means the vortex draws everything up from the bottom of the glass too. It’s not easy to mix spice powders into juice but the Bamix is so powerful that the vortex the blender creates just mixes it in seconds.

Start with the spices and add a little orange juice and blend. Then add more to fill the glass to about 70% max. Tilt the glass a little and draw the blender up and down a little too – not too far so it doesn’t splash turmeric & orange over the top ! The whisk disk gives you a nice froth on top !

serving suggestion: Blend and drink – no extra serving necessary !



It’s so healthy BUT…

I couldn’t begin to list all the reported benefits of Turmeric or rather, its main component Curcumin. I tend to use it for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

It also seems to fill me up ( maybe that’s why they say it’s good for weight loss !)

My juice helped with my hangover ( but that could have been the ginger I added too). It’s a huge topic TURMERIC  / CURCUMIN and I don’t profess to be any expert – I just love spices, research, and use them all the time.

The biggest BUT I want to give you is to do your own research too the benefits of Turmeric can hugely depend on how it’s taken. in a tablet supplement, as the root or as powder. Also what it’s mixed with. So you may not want it to have no effect, or you may not want it to have a negative effect if you are already on other medication. You see, it might change how other medications you use are metabolized in your body, so always always check with a health professional if you take other medication.


How is it best aborbed…

It’s fat soluble rather than water soluble so it’s not easy to mix it with water, or get it into your bloodstream. This is why I love my Bamix blender – it mixes and emulsifies things so powerfully.

Essentially there are 3 ways to get the most out of Turmeric. With a little ghee or coconut oil, with piperine ( the pungent part of pepper) , or with heat. That’s why the golden milk is probably the most powerful Turmeric drink to take. With the juice, I find the Bamix and pepper combo do the trick for me.

I’ve also read that turmeric  / curcumin is almost insoluble in water at acidic and neutral pH, but is soluble in alkali. Fresh orange juice becomes alkaline during the digestive process right ! So maybe that’s why it also works so well. If you’re a health professional reading this and know the answer – please leave a comment below, or sign up at the bottom of the page and let me know !


Servings : 1     Prep Time : 1 min.  | Blending  Time :  20 secs   |   Difficulty : 1/5 if you have a Bamix !



3/4 glass of fresh orange juice

our local supermarket has a machine where we can make our own


1 teaspoon turmeric powder

powder better than root here, I think it’s more concentrated…and wont get stuck in your teeth !


1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

I like to have a teaspoon of cinnamon in a day to regulate blood sugars


1/2 to 1 teaspoon ginger powder

Amount depends on your taste for ginger. I love ginger and can take a lot more in the juice. In my golden milk I use max 1/2 teaspoon.


1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper

depends on your taste for the spice, but the more the better I feel



1.   Put a little orange juice in a glass or mason jar that works with your blender ( see technique above).
2.  Blend / whisk to emulsify
3.  Add more juice and blend again , carefully ( see techniques)
4. Enjoy – and don’t forget to take off any yellow stains around your mouth after !


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