Worry less and Wish more

… and everything will be ok !

Last updated Mar 31, 2020 at 10:33AM | Published on Mar 31, 2020

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I put this up as a wee reminder to ourselves too because I noticed that since the Covid19 started, I also started to worry some times when lying in bed at night, (where most worries like to surface) .

Why I wonder. After all, we gave up so much to live like this, and had to learn a long time ago ( working for ourselves ) that you can’t control or guarantee anything… especially money or health. So the lockdown here hasn’t changed life much for us.
So this is just a mental change… and these 3 lines help remind me how to get back on top.

There’s no point in worrying- it makes you feel bad and doesn’t change anything… apart from a lack of sleep.
So I like to change the worries into wishes. It turns it into a positive and makes me relax and smile instead ? … and it inspires me with work too.
But you can’t just wish and do nothing . So I like to think… just work hard and change the worries to wishes and everything suddenly seems inspired and rosy!
Last tip, when we wish for something. We like to add ‘or something better’ after the wish… just to leave things more fun and open ! ???What works for you ???

#livemoreworryless❤️ #livemorewithless


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