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We’re trying to conquer all that mis-information all over the place that just leads to frustration and confusion. So, you’ll find a lot of genuine and complete detail here as we pull together all the kitchen information and foodie experiences we can muster on each blog topic.

As our life and work is all one big passion, you might also find some speedy, spontaneous ‘just want to share a personal thought’ types of posts interspersed here too. There we go again, full of contrasts. We hope you get a lot out of these. Let us know at [email protected] if we missed anything, or need to stand corrected!

Cooking with Sous Vide, Times and temperatures
A guide to the basics of sous vide cooking times and temperatures for all the most popular sous vide foods, plus top tips from chefs.
Sous Vide machine buying guide
An answer to all those questions we had when we were choosing our own sous vide machine ! The factors you need to consider and why they matter.
A foodie’s wish list
What we like, and we think you will love...see the latest on our foodie wish list here !
20 reasons why we’re obsessed with Sous Vide
Sous Vide simplifies professional cooking... levelling the playing field between cooks and chefs. It goes even further than that. It can simplify your kitchen, your life... and more !
Sous Vide FAQs
Here are all the silly, (and frequently asked), questions about sous vide. Answered here by our in house expert !
Raw chocolate
Raw chocolate (cacao, cocoa) - probably the most nutrient dense ingredient on the planet. Find out what it is, where to get it, and how to get a free mini cookbook so you can start creating your own pure chocolate heaven.
How to fix burnt rice : the smell, the taste, the burnt pan.
Agh, you got distracted and now look… the rice has boiled over & burned. We’ve all done it. (Well I have… don’t tell Paul !) So, I know all the hacks to save your dinner, and maybe even improve the taste of it. (HINT: don’t throw it out ).
What exactly is a hand blender anyway ?
START HERE: Hand blender, Immersion Blender, Stick Blender, Handheld blender. A short definition, the history, how it works, and how do they all differ from one another.
10 reasons why everyone should own a hand blender
Tell the people...You heard it here!!! Instant, healthy, easy, no waste food AND save money at the same time. 10 good reasons why you should have one of these magic wands!
Detailed buying guide
This detailed guide shows you how to decide which hand blender is right for you. It gives a checklist of the main criteria to look at, including power, speeds, quality, design, use, price, functionality.
Hand blender FAQs
Enough of the hand blender tests and trials. Here are all the silly, (and frequently asked), questions about hand blenders. Answered here by our in house expert !
Best hand blenders to buy – 2019 update !
Winning hand blender brands & models ( from 2016, 2017, and 2018 UK and world-wide hand blender tests, reviews, and to meet specific needs ).
In depth review of Bamix SwissLine hand blender
Small, power-packed, and in a league of its own. The Bamix SwissLine gets our ´best commercial hand blender' award.
In-depth review of Bamix Gastro 350 hand blender
UK Chefs Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver love Bamix. The Bamix Gastro 350 is an equal winner for our ´best commercial hand blender´ award 2018.
Best Bamix blender to buy
The complete low down on the Bamix range. We'll tell you which model would we would buy today, and why?
Bamix accessories and attachments
Small and perfectly formed, easy to assemble and clean, and designed to the same high standards as the Bamix professional range.
In-depth review of Kenwood Triblade HDP406WH hand blender
The best Hand Blender 2018, for home cooks. The Kenwood Triblade Blender - the HDP406WH. In depth review.
In-depth review of Russell Hobbs 22241 hand blender
Our ´best basic hand blender´ award goes to the Russell Hobbs 22241 hand blender. A perfect, affordable gift for university students, pensioners, start-up cooks.
In-depth review of Braun MultiQuick 9 series (MQ9087X) hand blender
Voted in our top three hand held food processors in 2018 in the UK. More than a hand blender, an all in one kitchen appliance. Built with families in mind.
In-depth review of Sage Control Grip All In One hand blender
Designed by Heston Blumengthal for foodies, to produce restaurant quality food. Could this hand blender really be a Jack AND Master of all trades!
Cuisinart vs KitchenAid
cuisinart vs kitchenaid - competitor kitchen gadget companies. Let's compare their hand blender offerings and see the most popular in the U.K. and the U.S.
Coloured hand blenders – red, white, or pink ?
or a mint green, a baby blue, an anthracite grey... or how about a gold plated one. The choices are endless.
Choosing a cordless hand blender
Is the KitchenAid Artisan cordless hand blender the only choice of cordless blender in the UK?
Celebrity hand blenders
Celebrities and top chefs love their kitchen gadgets. They are happy to blend along with the rest of us. So which hand blender brands do they like?
How to clean a hand blender
Which parts can be washed by hand, or dishwasher. Maintenance tips to keep your hand blender as good as new.
How to use a hand blender
7 tips on how to use a hand blender... all the jobs your hand blender can do... and over 20 yummy foods it can make for you.
La Pavoni Coffee Machine
It's Italian of course we love it !!! the beautiful manual lever operation. the steam is always immediately available.
Dusting Wand
perfect for sprinkling surfaces for rolling dough, for evenly flouring baking pans. great for precise dusting on buns and cakes... cinnamon, icing sugar, cocoa
Make it personal !
perfect for a wedding or anniversary present for a couple (The 5th anniversary is traditionally wood!) or just treat yourself..great to personalise a cheese board with your own thoughts.
Great deal !
A bargain price for the stylish Kmix sister to the Kenwood HDP406WH. If you like KitchenAid, you'll love this.
Stay Fresh Bag
We love this because... it does what it says. keeps bananas fresh for much longer... up to 2 weeks! & you can store them in the fridge
Breakfast… healthy green smoothie
A glass of green foodie goodness in a breakfast smoothie. Bulk it up and make it a breakfast bowl.
Lunch… exotic pumpkin soup
An easy, healthy and filling soup recipe. More importantly you get all your goodness in a bowl, or take it to go in a flask. Lunch... sorted!
Simple fresh salsa, made in seconds
Simple and fresh. Use a hand blender to whizz this up.
Healthy snack – easy, corny, cheesy !
A healthy light lunch, side salad or snack based on corn and feta, nuts, fruits and a kick of chilli.
Hearty autumn soup – pumpkin and chorizo
Roasted pumpkin, hand blended with chickpeas & chorizo to make a delicious Autumn bowl.

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