The journey

We still believe completely in the Michelle Obama quote at the end of this page.

We just wanted to help, by giving people a chance to make some money, save some, cook better, declutter, and even help food poverty.

But 15,000 new visitors to the blog every month were not tempted, and I spent a lot of December and January researching and connecting with many groups of people. But people are not needing it, or not ready for it, at the moment. Or, more importantly, people were not inspired to act.   

So I took it as far as I could, but there was a lot of talk and little actual action from users. It´s also not a good time in general with the global pandemic. So many people have enormous stress, different priorities, and other stuff they already have on their plate. The world is in a sad state right now. 

It had felt complete with 10% profits going to food poverty projects and the implementation of slow cooker donations. However, in turn, my inspiration dwindled when it became impossible to even get an address from charities to actually deliver slow cookers.

We all need to feel happy in order to inspire or be inspired. So, it´s not for this moment, and we´ll park it for now.


In our new simplified life, we´ve swapped money for time, but the marketplace required both too much time and money every day, and we have many ideas to explore. This one was really interesting and we´ve learned so much. Thank-you for the opportunity.

In the spirit of life´s too short, which is why we´re living the way we are, we make decisions easier. Now it´s time to be brave and let go – for now. 

The unexpected gift.

The 3 elements of looking ahead to those we need to follow, reaching back for those behind us, and walking alongside our peers helped us include the charity element to make this project complete.  But in the end, the real inspiration was that it also opened my eyes to the emerging ethical, more  circular economy.

Let´s see what this seed will sow in our future.

Paul and Aoibheann xx

Buy and sell kitchenware you don´t need.

What is kitchenware ?

Small kitchen tools, utensils, appliances, gadgets, dishes, implements, cookware, bakeware… also, anything used in the storage, preservation, preparation, serving, cooking, baking, presentation and consumption of food and drink… indoors or outdoors.

supporting the circular economy from cook to chef

Ever heard of the circular economy ?

Making the most of what we have, reducing waste, and helping each other. Buy new when you need to of course, but recycle when you can. 

This is the place where you can declutter, make money, save money, cook better, help someone get fed.

We´ll give 10% of our marketplace profits to community initiatives that tackle food poverty.  What better incentive to buy or sell something, knowing you’ve already helped put a good hearty home cooked meal on the table for someone that needs it.

? Sell here just to help us all out, but you prefer to buy new elsewhere. You can see my own favourite new fromcooktochef finds here.

? Buy here to save money, or sell here just to make money.

?If you don´t have anything to buy or sell right now you might still want to buy something to send as a gift to someone else who needs it. You can even buy the most basic slow cooker to support a food poverty project.

Let’s complete the circle from cook to chef to cook to beyond.

( Thanks to pixabay for the picture.)

“We should always have three friends in our lives – one who walks ahead who we look up to and follow; one who walks beside us, who is with us every step of our journey; and then, one who we reach back for and bring along after we’ve cleared the way.”


You can be the seller, passing your tools on down the line.

We’ll be alongside you all, helping where we can.

You can be the buyer,  given the chance to buy for less.

It’s not only more convenient to shop online, anywhere, anytime that suits you. It’s also nice to know we’re all helping each other out.

Paul and Aoibheann