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Marrkech, Atlas mountains, Essaouria, Fez, Sahara desert

What can I say, we spent over 10 years of our life with our boutique hotel and spa, and restaurant gastro mk. We learned so much about the food and culture, and the other offerings for tourists. What an adventure – I’d say the most interesting and developing one of both our lives. ( Be aware that it will open with a new owner, under the same name, and whilst the website still hasn’t changed, we have no control over it, even if our names are all over it. We also have no idea what the new offering will be – exciting ! ) At maison mk and gastro mk, we went further than anyone else to provide a barefoot 5 star experience. Relaxed luxury was what we provided, and to really do that well it meant we very unrelaxed behind the scenes so that we could stay on top of every detail, every possible moment. Both creativity and technology helped us provide something very different to the rest. We understood the products and services worth sharing with our guests so they could get the full Marrakech and Moroccan experience. So, we know it all very well behind the scenes and can’t wait to share the very best with you.