Our favourite fennel seed marinade and dip.

It’s Burrata time, so yay… we can have one of our favourite recipes from our Otto Lenghi Simple book… again.

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easy fennel seed recipe

Simple food idea


 The dish is based on a burrata with basil leaves… nothing new there. It’s what accompanies the cheese that makes this our favourite ! So whilst the burrata is special, we’ve also had it with buffalo mozzarella and it’s just as good :)

So what else is in it. Some sweet, red, chargrilled grapes in a wondrously delicious fennel seed dressing.


 Break the salad up into parts, and you’ll find lots of ways to use them.

We’ve had just the grapes and still it’s yummy.

and then… I dipped some sourdough bread in the leftover marinade and was in 7th heaven !

Now I make the marinade on it’s own and add a little more olive oil to have just as a dip. It’s perfect to serve with your bread basket at a BBQ… especially if it’s fish on the BBQ.

easy dips, marinades and toppings

the simple recipe

1 teaspoon fennel seeds ( toasted and lightly crushed)
2tablespoons good sherry vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 garlic clove crush or purée
1.5 teaspoon soft brown sugar ( next time I want to try a stevia substitute or agave syrup)
0.25 teaspoon good salt flakes
A decent amount of black pepper .

Mix it all up and use to marinade the grapes.. or just dunk your bread in.

It’s my favourite new dip for Paul’s sourdough bread. I just keep adding olive oil to make it last longer !

Simple recipe book by Ottolenghi


The Otto Lenghi Simple recipe book. A daughter to daddy gift to Paul.

Paul puts it on the top of the top shelf, but it’s never too high to reach when it’s full of such delicious recipes ! goes nicely in our canary coloured Canarian home. Funny, another of our favourite dishes in here is the corn crusted chicken casserole, yum… and another yellow delight.

Click on the buttons below to see it on Amazon. We’re also now affiliated with Bol in the Netherlands ( for Netherlands and Belgium delivery ), so check out both buttons there. By the way, the links take you to the English version but I’ve seen versions in the native languages too so just click through to see them. It’s a gorgeous hard back gift with a yellow book mark ribbon.


red grape salad

Perfect for a buffet or party finger food. 

Our grapes are super sweet here and huge ! Just thread about 4 on a little skewer – or 2 if you get these extra huge ones like the one above !

We used the fancy sticks we use in cocktails. Marinate the grapes in the fennel mix overnight if you can. The recipe says to do it up to 4 hours… we’ve even done it for 30mins and it’s nice too.

Serving Idea

We have two skewers per person for a lunch dish.  They’d be great on a buffet, or as party finger food too. 


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Affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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