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Last updated Mar 21, 2019 at 10:14AM | Published on Sep 19, 2018

Easy Tomato Salsa Dip

Use this salsa as a great dip for aperitif time! And why not try adding any leftovers to pre-cooked pasta, some fresh tomatoes and crunchy sugar snap peas. Makes a nice healthy cold salad. Did you know your pasta will be even healthier for you if its re-cook. That’s an altogether different blog post!


in your store cupboard: good to make this when you have a coriander plant on the windowsill

mise en place: always try to have pre-roasted garlic bulb in the fridge, otherwise use minced!

serving suggestion: serve with pitta bread or salty pretzels, crisps, crisp bread or tacos

Servings : 2      |       Prep Time : 5 mins       |      Cooking  Time : 0 mins       |     Difficulty : 1/5

Essential Ingredients

  • A tablespoon of chopped onions.. red or white
  • ½ minced garlic clove.. or if you are like Paul.. a pre-roasted garlic clove!
  • Handful of coriander leaves
  • Finely chopped fresh chilli ( jalapeño best) or ¼ teaspoon dried flakes… start small!
  • To taste. Squeeze of lime juice ( lemon will do), dollop of olive oil, salt, and pepper
  • Finally add about 4 tomatoes, roughly chopped


 Step 1

add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, tomatoes on top

Step 2

blend to the consistency that you like… it´s a simple as that.


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